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14 Mrt


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Fancy Friday: Extraordinary Vases

14 maart 2014 | By | One Comment

Flowers, each week new flowers. I just love flowers, mostly the different ‘tropical’ ones which don’t look that common. Or thistles, which are not that much of a flower – but I like them! I don’t like roses but I appreciate tulips. Besides the right flowers, I love extraordinary vases because together with the right flower it’s almost a piece of art. I recently bought a partly concrete partly ceramic vase of House Doctor for my new blue bedroom. I also own a vase in the shape of a cactus and one looking like a reversed lightbulb. On this Fancy Friday I selected a list of extraordinary vases I would love to add to my home for the perfect still life. I added one flower pot of Madam Stoltz from the Spring 2014 collection: Geometrics, in which I would love to add several flowers. My personal favorite: the paper vase by Pepe Heykoop.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday it’s time for flowers to celebrate LABEL1114′ 1st birthday! I selected the latest vases with extraordinary shapes, like the Golden Gun vase by Bloomingville and the Bestow vase by Areaware. Although I don’t like violence, this design vase gives guns a whole new dimension. SUCK UK surprised me earlier with their combined gun vase, which you can see in my post on The Black Apartment by Cindy Gallop. These selected vases are true eye catchers and in monochromic colors and different materials.

My own extraordinary vases are the House Doctor concrete vase and the cactus shaped vase – approach with caution! But I would love to add the Paper Vase by Pepe Heykoop to my collection.

Enjoy my top 5 of extraordinary vases and get inspired by a different approach on home decoration!


[ 1 ] Golden gun vase by Bloomingville // [ 2 ] Paper vase by Pepe Heykoop – my personal fav! // [ 3 ] Closely Seperated vase by Muuto  [ 4 ]  Hand Hooks Bestow vase by Areaware // [ 5 ] White Geometric pot by Madam Stoltz

More inspiration for vases, flowers and creating the right still life can be found on Impressive Flowers Still life by Chinnoe & Vlemmix.

13 Dec


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Fancy Friday: Coasters

13 december 2013 | By | No Comments

Looking forward to the Holidays one of the returning events is the family dinner. In stores I spotted several table settings with lovely plates, glasses, decoration elements, napkin rings, cutlery – all organized with a theme. But one essential element is a bit forgotten: coasters. Where else can you place that hot good-looking dish? On this Friday the 13th, I selected 7 unusual yet highly designed coasters from different well known brands. My personal favorite is the Trivet by Vipp, which looks just like the old cooking pits in a modern new way.

With these coasters you make your dishes look even more pretty!



[ 1 ] Coaster made of cork balls by Ferm Living // [ 2 ] Coaster Trivet by Vipp – my personal fav! // [ 3 ] Coaster Stretch by Joseph Joseph  [ 4 ]  Coaster Rainbow by Normann Copenhagen // [ 5 ] Hotman by Cool Gadgets // [ 6 ] Propellor by Menu //
[ 7 ] Moon by Fine Little Day

De kerstdagen komen eraan en elk jaar weer kijk ik uit naar het familie diner. Gezellig met warmte aan tafel. Winkelketens pikken dit ook op en versieren op verschillende manieren tafels, alles onder 1 thema. Waar enkel minder aandacht aan wordt besteed – en wel essentieel is – is de plaatsing van warme pannen en gerechten. Ruben Kuiken speelt met zijn design voor Renault hier op in, maar zolang deze nog niet ontwikkelt is, moeten we het doen met de ouderwetse onderzetters.

Gelukkig zijn er genoeg designers die hier wel aan gedacht hebben en onderzetters in een nieuw jasje hebben gestoken. Mijn persoonlijke favoriet: Trivet van Vipp.

De onderzetters zijn eenvoudig online te bestellen bij Gosto en Fonq, of bij de Bijenkorf.

18 Okt


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Fancy Friday: Woonbeurs 2013 favorites

18 oktober 2013 | By | One Comment

I just didn’t know where to start.. so here it goes! This Fancy Friday contains findings from my first Woonbeurs visit for LABEL1114. So this time I share my favorites with you all – instead of keeping them all to myself. Let’s kick off my new theme ‘Fancy Friday’ with a web shop that really caught my eye!

This first “Fancy Friday” I start with the stand and products of a web shop that surprised me with their collection on the Woonbeurs 2013: StudioDeWinkel. StudioDeWinkel is a web shop with a unique selection of items by (mostly Dutch) artists and designers. Here are my favorites… Enjoy!


Photo by Johan Hazenbroek, LABEL1114

I really fancy the porcelain dolls which are a bit odd but funny! Although porcelain dolls normally freak me out (the one dressed up and often used in horror movies), these by Lammers&Lammers are on my wish list. The dolls send out something poetic and play with sayings like ‘an open heart’ and ‘an open mind’. ‘Open Mind’ (right) is my personal favorite. I sure can’t wait to add this ‘vase’ to my collection and create a new still life !

But the Lammers&Lammers collection is just a small piece of their collection.

Below two other items that instantly caught my eye online…


Projectname: Cottage Town – Design: Ontwerpduo – Photos by Lisa Klappe


The Mr Fahrenheit Candleholder by Merel Bekking is on top of my StudioDeWinkel wish list

Images via StudioDeWinkel

This is the first part of my Woonbeurs 2013 favorites.