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24 Jun


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4 Year Anniversary

24 juni 2014 | By | No Comments

Yesterday was the 4th anniversary of being a home owner! Yay! Four years ago I bought my beautiful 55 square metered apartment in the centre of Rotterdam. A place where I love to invite friends over for a good time and after wards play for Bed & Breakfast 😉 Sharing your pride and joy with the people you love is beautiful and energizing.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen I bought this place I planned on living here for 5-7 years, but with all the changes around I’m not certain anymore! Inspiring enterprises like “Station Hofplein”, less than a minute walk away. Rotterdam is creating urban landscapes to connect the old with the new and listens to its people. Even the New York Times ranked Rotterdam as a city to visit in 2014…Well you get it, I’m definitely not moving!

If it wasn’t for my ‘easily-bored’- personality, my home would have looked exactly the same (excluding little flower changes and cushions…)  Last year – credits to friends and family who helped – I changed the hallway, kitchen and my bedroom. The bedroom was the biggest change, not only for the room, but it’s huge part of this journey. Due to research, daring and more doing I finally choose to completely change it’s color from ‘safe’ to outspoken. And between you and me, it hasn’t even bored me yet!


The hallway, on the other hand, is on my todo list to repaint. The extreme choice from beige to blue opened up some ‘portals’ to try out more. So, to connect my living room (with it’s gray walls) with my bedroom, I want a grayish blue for the hallway. Also I want to cover up the heating in the hallway, because I never use it. Which will automatically create space for a little shelve to place some nice things on or even a huge mirror. As you might have read on the blog it’s not my only little project, the balcony is still ‘under construction’. I hope to share more soon!

On the wish list
From the start there’s one huge project on my wish list: a new kitchen! Although I made some minor changes, with a big effect, I can’t wait to ‘build’ my own! Thanks to the new flexible Metod formula of IKEA there are even more possibilities, which I can’t wait to explore! Below you find an indication of my ‘dream kitchen’.


1 | 2

And nevertheless some new flooring which I’m saving money for. It would be hard to say goodbye to this little puzzled floor…

Hopefully I can fulfill this dream some day!
Well that’s it for now! Happy 4th anniversary 😉

Dear readers and friends I hope to surprise you with some items of my wish en to do list next (and coming) year!


Header photo Tallow by Ontwerpduo

07 Mei



Finally some unique art for the home!

7 mei 2014 | By | 2 Comments

New art for my home has finally arrived! Sunday I picked up the one-of-a-kind painting for my living room wall. The piece, created by Rick van den Berg, was planned for my new blue bedroom, but I couldn’t help myself to give it a more prominent place. This way I enrich my living room even more, especially because it’s an unique piece of art made for me.

If you are a regular visitor of my blog you’ve probably noticed I got a thing for birds… and this artwork adds three more to my home. The beautiful Blue Jay’s guard ‘Mother Earth’ in the middle. If you look close you can count all the feathers, it’s that detailed!! A signature of Rick, who’s not only great at painting nature, but also creates realistic portraits. The abstract way of ‘protected nature’ in the heart of the painting adds an interesting layer, one that intrigues me. All together a composition I couldn’t imagine but one that instantly caught me.

Have a look for yourself!



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05 Apr


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Life at home

5 april 2014 | By | No Comments

Having breakfast at Saturday feels like luxury. On the weekdays it’s always in a hurry, without enjoying my home as much as I do now. I love it when the first real sun rays light up my home. I’m in love with my new side table by Leitmotiv, which creates more room for glasses and snacks while having friends over – and off course for decorating 🙂

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y day went a bit different. I was supposed to attend the Villa ArenA bloggers day by BlogToday. Meeting some of my favorite fellow bloggers, but sometimes you have to take a step back and listen to your body. So instead I took some more hours of sleep and recharged.

Now it’s time to enjoy the sun! Enjoy your weekend






24 Feb



My brand new blue bedroom

24 februari 2014 | By | 7 Comments

Although my blue bedroom isn’t completely finished yet, I would like to share it with you! The blue-colored walls are now on it for a week and I love it! I feel more calm going to bed – it’s more peaceful now that I’m surrounded by the color of air and water. Off course I couldn’t resist to buy some new decoration with a touch of blue :). The partly blue concrete vase by House Doctor was on top of my list. Next to that I bought a ceiling lamp by Dutch Design studio Zuiver. Fringe is different and something you wouldn’t combine with the rest, but that’s why I had to have it. It’s neo baroque and the anthracite grey fits within the color scheme I had in mind. There are still some little todo’s on my list, like painting the doors and frames silk white, getting louvre doors towards my bathroom and some art for the wall above my Piet Hein Eek cupboard. But for now, here’s a first look into my new bedroom!

My blue bedroom wall is painted Histor ‘Eigen’ and ‘Saffier’. They are slightly different but enough to create a subtle contrast. Raoul Dufy, a French Fauvist painter (1877-1953) who’s paintings mostly consisted of the color blue once quoted “Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones… it will always stay blue”. I like it because it equals my characteristics. Although my goals, taste and behavior changes like the weather, I’m always that weird ‘oddly’ people person. I can’t to finish my todo list and share the whole picture with you!




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11 Feb


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A touch of calm… blue

11 februari 2014 | By | One Comment

While the idea for redecorating my bedroom started around November last year, this weekend I finally found the time to actually do it. I was tired of the retro wallpaper and the beige colors. The wallpaper flew right towards me every evening before hitting dreamland… so it was time for a change. Something new, something calm.. something blue! Blue is one of my favorite colors – and with me lots of others because blue is the number 1 favorite color of all people. Maybe it’s because I love swimming, water, my sign is water (scorpio) or maybe because I love the night…

Anyway, I wanted a calm color for more peace but not gray – like my living room. At the home depot store I bought Histor paint – a brand I came familiar with while winning the design competition by Histor and Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. I also already placed my cupboard in my new blue bedroom. Unfortunately I don’t have high res photos of my new bedroom color, because it’s not completely finished yet. I mis-measured my wall .. oops. So I hope to share it with you next week!

For now I’ll share some inspiration from my Pinterest “COLOR // BLUE” board I collected. For example I love the Japanese blue porcelain bowls, the porcelain plates you can mount to your wall (I would love that in my bedroom) and I recently spotted the Porcelain Wallpaper by Studio Ditte. During the Meet The Bloggers day Tricia Guild of Designers Guild, was there to talk about color and promote her new book “Colour Deconstructed”. I bought a copy and spotted the dip dye blue wallpaper. Her book features lots of blue tones. And last but not least, the famous Danish brand Ferm Living introduced inked blue accessories for their SS 14 collection.



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