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03 Sep



Diary of an outlaw: my yoga retreat

3 september 2014 | By | 9 Comments

Last week I took a yoga retreat in the south of France. I got inspired by a story in Yoga Magazine and could definitely use some new experiences and time off. It’s actually the first retreat I’ve ever done and probably not the last! By train I travelled to a lovely mansion in “the middle of nowhere” – well, except for the English neighbors and some crickets. And man did I love it! The authentic house got 3 floors, an amazing view, swimming pool, lovely outdoor spaces and a complete magical feeling! Here’s a little peak into my photographic diary…

So there I was, in the middle of nowhere, meeting 12 new people who are more into yoga than me. ¬†I actually had 1 yoga class more than 2 years ago. I’m blessed to call them my ‘friends’ now ūüôā and I add two more; the yoga teacher Govinda Kai and his partner Leeah! I had a blast because I not only made friends, but I also got a new love! Yep, yoga it is…



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01 Sep


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Monday Mood: Blissful

1 september 2014 | By | No Comments

Na een heerlijke¬†retraite¬†in Zuid-Frankrijk, ben ik weer thuis in Rotterdam. Wat heb ik genoten van het beste cadeau dat ik mezelf kon geven dit jaar! Vorige week zondag vertrok ik met de trein richting een klein plaatsje vlakbij Angouleme, Juignac. Ik voel me diep¬†gelukkig door de ervaringen, emoties, meditaties, nieuwe vrienden, yoga practices en de magische omgeving! Blissful to the max! Het is dan ook vreemd om de ochtend alleen te beginnen, zonder melodie√ęn uit een harmonium met een brandend haard vuurtje¬†omringt door een groep fantastische mensen met stomende mokken thee.

Woensdag deel ik meer van deze fantastische ervaring, voor nu in deze Monday Mood; have a blissful week!


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After a lovely retreat in the South of France, I’m back home in Rotterdam. Man did I enjoy this lovely yoga retreat, the best gift I could give myself this year! Last week I headed towards a small place near Angouleme by train, called Juignac. I’m so blissful for all the experiences, emotions, meditations, new friends, yoga practices and the magical environment! Blissful to the max. So you probably get it that it’s quite weird to start the morning all by myself, without the melodies from the harmonium, the warm fireplace surrounded by a group of fantastic people with steaming mugs of tea. I’ll keep it short today and tell you more about it on Wednesday, along with photos. For now on this Monday Mood; have a blissful week!¬†

25 Aug


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Monday Mood: Meditation and peace

25 augustus 2014 | By | No Comments

Onlangs heb ik me verdiept in meditatie en yoga en dat bevalt me wel.¬†Meditatie is de puurste vorm om in contact te komen met je gevoel, je ziel. Soms zijn er weleens gevoelens die je niet kan plaatsen waar zelfs Google het antwoord niet op weet! Gelukkig maar eigenlijk, anders is het ook niet zo avontuurlijk. Ik ben een persoon van drukte, veel mensen om me heen. Veel ruis met zoveel mogelijk kanalen open, want stilte… tja dat is eng. Door meditatie ben ik erachter gekomen dat het helemaal niet eng is, het is alleen dat je helemaal op jezelf bent. Geen nieuwslezer die tegen je praat, geen overvolle Twitter feed met informatie, geen vrienden die hun dag met je delen via Whatsapp of een radio DJ die een oproep doet aan alle mensen om het volgende nummer af te maken… Nope. Alleen jij.

Ik ben blij met mijn interesse in yoga en meditatie, net zoals opruimen: verruimt het mijn geest. Het is alsof je – digitaal – je ‘taakbeheer’ opent en alle programma’s abrupt stopt. Even puur wat tijd voor jezelf, even geen gedachten. En ik kan het je aanraden! Als creatieveling lijkt het alsof je gedachten non stop vermenigvuldigen. Het ene idee na het andere. Het is fijn als je aan een project werkt, maar soms is het fijn om gewoon even niks te denken en alleen te voelen. Weg met het alle kennis, even gevoel. En gevoel kan je – vanuit mijn visie – niet programmeren, gevoel is geen emoji (ondanks dat ik ze te vaak gebruik…). Gevoel is persoonlijk en daarvoor moet je soms even terug naar jezelf.

Kortom, begin de week even dichtbij jezelf. Adem in… adem uit…


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Holiday! Finally! Last week I took some¬†mentally time off, but now it’s my time to have two weeks off. Peace for body and mind! Mostly my mind! I put some time into meditation and yoga and I like it! Meditation is the purest way – in my eyes – to contact your inner self. Sometimes there are questions that not even Google can’t answer… Luckily because it’s a bigger adventure to discover who you really are than simply find out through the internet. I normally love chaos around me, especially when I’m home alone – all devices are on. Through meditation I found out that silence isn’t as scary as I thought it was. It’s pure quality time with just you! No full equipped Twitter feed, no notifications of your friends who are dying to know that you did today.. just you!¬†

I’m glad I found meditation and yoga. It’s like therapy and cleaning the house: it clears your head. Some people do that by running, I found mine in yoga and meditation. It’s like a ‘force quit’ and shut down all data running through your mind. Just you and your feeling, no thought, just flow along with your feelings.¬†

In short.. start this week with a close-up. Breath in… breath out…¬†

11 Aug



Monday Mood: Lucky to have a soulmate

11 augustus 2014 | By | 3 Comments

Afgelopen weekend was weer heerlijk intens. Wat is het toch mooi om warme vrienden¬†om je heen te hebben die je – soms confronterend – door en door kennen! Dit weekend was voor mij zo’n weekend. Het weekend waar alles zo soepel lijkt te gaan dat je af en toe checkt of je niet droomt. Ik denk dat je in zeker zin een soulmate kan vinden in iedere vriend die je door en door kent. Daarom begin ik deze week dan ook intens met de warmte van afgelopen weekend. Een persoonlijke post, met een klein interieur randje* ūüôā

Het begon donderdagavond toen mijn beste vriend en soulmate Bram kwam logeren. D√© vriend die me altijd te hulp schiet bij klusjes als mijn 2 linkerhanden het weer eens moeten ontgelden ūüėČ Samen bezochten we de verjaardag van vriendin Tiff – waar hij wederom een lamp monteerden. Hij was de enige die de rest niet kende, maar dat was binnen enkele seconden wel anders. Wellicht herken je het wel, zo’n verjaardag waar je inspirerende mensen ontmoet en de tijd vliegt (opeens was het half 3 ’s nachts…) Zaterdag schoof Denise aan, de verbaal sterke en reislustige¬†gekke vriendin, waarmee we onlangs in¬†Maastricht dansten op Andr√© Rieu. En gisteren bezochten we samen de slotvoorstelling van Sister Act in Scheveningen. Proost op het hebben van een soulmate!


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14 Jul


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Monday Mood: Music is my therapy

14 juli 2014 | By | One Comment

Music has always been very important for me. Besides the lack of talent for playing any instrument, I love singing (in the shower) and there’s no day passing by without listening or dancing to music. Music to me is like therapy. “Sometimes music is the only thing that gets your mind off of everything else”. Even my iPod Shuffle is engraved with “Dr. Music”… ūüôā Luckily lots of people agree and get inspired by it, like Man Ray who photographed a woman with violin details on her back in 1924. Or Delighfull, who created lamps in the shape of trumpets. I got inspired by music last weekend to create this Monday Mood.


Botti lamp | Le violin d’Ingres | Violins | Quote

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast weekend I travelled to Maastricht to experience the musical world of Andr√© Rieu. It was his 10th anniversary concert and my best friend wanted to share his experience with me. So I joined him, his family and friends at ‘Vrijthof’ in Maastricht. After an arranged dinner, the show started with Andr√© Rieu and his orchestra arriving on Italian ‘tuktuks’. The stage was decorated in a Venetian style, with a replica of the San Marco Square! I loved the whole show in more than just one way! Besides the talented musical performance there was a great ambiance around it. Solidarity, decor, great music, what else do you need? Music actually does bring people together.

I don’t consider myself a true classical music lover, but luckily Andr√© Rieu gives you more than just that. The man is a true entertainer and it takes lots of passion to get such a talented orchestra together which behave like a family. It was a joy ¬†to see so many people passionate about music. I’m not completely new with his musical repertoire. My grand ma used to be a huge fan and played his music very often. Ever since I was little I have been surrounded with music. At home I grew up with music. Unfortunately I can’t remember it, but both my parents played guitar centuries ago ūüėČ

Have a great new week all!


14 Mrt



Celebrating one year of LABEL1114

14 maart 2014 | By | 3 Comments

Wow the year passed so fast and here we are at week 11, 14th of March: Label1114 is officially 1 year rocking it online! Blogging is fun, creative and educational. After a year of blogging I can recommend it to everyone with the idea of starting a blog: Do it! Last year I’ve learned a lot and got a better feeling with the direction of my blog, but also with defining my own interior style. During some Designer spotlights I got a lot gratefulness and lovely reactions, I got inspired by some young designers and met inspirational fellow bloggers. I met lovely people, enjoyed the newest collections of my favorite brands – and also discovered some new interesting brands. Time for a recap of the last year with some fun, facts and goals.

LABEL1114 has to be inspiring and fun. I like eye-catching and daring design but also high quality and ‘personal’. LABEL1114 is my personal brand and I want it to act just like me. When I started blogging I had to find a way to write it the right way. I can drown in design: I want to know the idea and vision behind it, what materials, the story of the designer, and during the little research my creative mind starts to work and pops ideas which need to be structured. Being creative feels gifted, but it’s also very exhausting. Research on one subject can lead to 4 different blog posts – and narrowing things down is always a challenge! And as a signature I like to share my thoughts on a design or an association, because LABEL1114 is a personal journey written from my vision on the interior design world. And I’m so glad that I started this journey because it brings me lots of joy ūüôā


I started blogging in Dutch but the facts showed me visitors from all over the world, which didn’t ‘stay’ that long. That was some positive feedback, so after discussions with fellow bloggers I started to write in English to reach even more readers. Besides comments and reactions, facts give me the feedback I need to sometimes change course.¬†So here are some facts from the last year*.

11.225 visitors
8.687 unique visitors
21.593 page views

1) The Netherlands 78%
2) Belgium 8%
3) United States 4%

Top read posts

[ 1 ] DIY kattenbak kast (Dutch) (translate to: cat litter box closet)
I wrote this one out of curiosity after my parents adopted a cat. Where to put that ugly and smelly cat litter box? I found the solution and so do others now on label1114 through their Google search ūüėČ

[ 2 ] IKEA limited chalet collection
I love IKEA and their chalet collection opened my eyes to a style I didn’t related to IKEA – but these guys keep surprising me!

[ 3 ] Category page of home tours
Hopefully I can show some more soon. I like finding the identity of the owners back in interior items.


What to expect next year? With a background in graphic design and passion for creating, one of my dreams is to create a small collection of interior accessories. Also I want to explore more interior. So ideas are always welcome and last but not least I force myself to share more of my home and ideas.


Guest bloggers wanted
Last year friend, motivator and fellow blogger Jantine of Bleaq wrote the first guest post which I truly loved! I’m still making up my mind choosing the right art for my bedroom. But if you own a blog and want a guest post on label1114 I encourage you to contact me – I won’t bite and I’m open to all suggestions.

I’m off to celebrate this first year with my best friend which helps me a lot in and around my home. I’m gifted with a creative mind and 2 left hands, so when it comes to electricity works and other technical tricks he’s my hero.

Cheers to this 1st birthday of LABEL1114. Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend!

XO Johan


*[ Based on Google Analytics from 14-03-2013 / 13-03-2014 ]

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