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06 Mei



Urban Jungle Bloggers: Offer a Plant to a Friend

6 mei 2015 | By | 6 Comments

In the past few weeks two friends got their own place, so it’s time for gifts! This theme for the Urban Jungle Bloggers completely suits: I’m offering a plant to a friend. This gift is for my dear friend Tiffany, who just moved into her little ‘penthouse’ in Rotterdam. Her style can be defined as rustic modern with a strong touch of individuality. Tiff (who prefers to leave the ‘any’) is a very strong person who always takes care of her self.

The only thing she can’t take care of are plants (note: these are her own words). But I’m quite stubborn (and so is she!) and I want to share my love for plants. After a search I found THE plant for Tiff: an air plant. The Tillandsia is probably the strongest plant in the world due to it’s independence. Because it got no need of soil I had to get creative! I created an industrial hanger.


An imperfect piece of jewelry for the wall. A brass linker with the numbers ’22’ on it, which fits her age 😉 And to hang it all, a natural cord which refers to the beach which she’s very fond of. I had to use my molded hand to ‘offer it’ on an unusual way 😉



When I first saw the Tillandsia I was immediately intrigued by it’s appearance, but also by the fact that it’s just growing without roots. But now I know why, these plants grow on trees and cacti in South and Central America. Their roots only serve as a way of attaching themselves. Of course it needs watering, but not directly. They are called air plant for a reason: moisture and food being crystallized by the leaves from the air. So to keep them growing – which is a slow process – you need to spray water over the plant twice a week. Awesome isn’t it?!

UJB-OfferAPlant-5 UJB-OfferAPlant-6

Yesterday I offered her the plant and she’s liked it (yay!). I can’t wait to see it in her home, hanging around. Note to myself: buy her a spray bottle and send the instructions 🙂

Now it’s time to figure out what I kind of green I can get for my other friend… Keep you posted!

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 Photography by Johan Hazenbroek, label1114


  1. Now that is a sweet idea and a pretty beautiful and unique gift. I bet she loved it!!

  2. Heel mooi geworden, Joh! 🙂

  3. Hahaaha handig dat je nu meteen je tweede kado voor Tiffany hebt 😉 Ben benieuwd naar wat je je andere vriend voor groen kadootje gaat geven!

  4. Super leuk idee! Ik was ze al eens eerder tegen gekomen op het internet. Deze leuke luchtplantjes zijn ook online te koop bij

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