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29 Jan



Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Coffee

29 januari 2015 | By | 6 Comments

When I received this months Urban Jungle Bloggers theme I was hooked! Plants & Coffee… what is not to love! When I was this little red head my grand ma taught me to drink coffee. I had my own cup at her place and drank it with milk and sugar. Nowadays I like it black when I’m at home, sometimes with milk and sugar and when I’m out I prefer a cappuccino. And sometimes I go crazy at Starbucks with different flavors. Let’s just say it: I love coffee!

And I love plants. My house is getting more green by the bit! Even my desk at work is getting a botanic touch. A couple of fresh new leafs are enough for a cozy feeling and some extra oxygen!

For this Urban Jungle Bloggers-theme I captured my Saturday morning ritual. I love waking up with sun beams entering my living room, enlighten my plants. With my first cup of coffee I like to write down ideas and sketch my thoughts. Enjoying my little ‘sacred’ moment of waking up. Today I like to share that little ritual with you all!






Don’t you just love that little cactus? It looks a bit like good old Mickey Mouse. I got it at the First or Second Store by April & May at the latest Bloggerslunch!

This is my fourth Urban Jungle Bloggers post… Collect them all 😉

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Photography by Johan Hazenbroek, label1114


  1. Thank you for sharing your Saturday morning ritual with us, Johan! You were so lucky there was some beautiful sunshine this weekend, it makes all the difference when picture-taking. And your paddle cactus probably appreciated it as well 😉 Love his bunny ears!

    • Johan

      Thanks Judith! Those little beams of light indeed makes the difference. The cactus is quite the cartoonesk plant 🙂

  2. It’s so good to see so many plants and coffee lovers out there! We’ll have a tough time deciding on next month’s topic:-)

    • Johan

      Thank you Igor! I bet you do but I’m already soooo curious! Keep up the amazing job 🙂

  3. Mooi Johan, en wat doet jouw cactus het goed zeg!!

    • Johan

      Dankjewel Yzette! Ja mijn cactus konijn/ Micky Mouse is erg blij met zijn zonnetje en koffie gezelschap.

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