When it comes to small spaces and interior I’m always interested to see how the owner decorated the place. My own apartment is a bit bigger with it’s 55 square meters, still small but I respect those with less space! For instance this 37 square meters studio apartment from Sweden, which looks a lot bigger due to the colors, interior decoration and the floor plan. What I like most about this apartment is the mix of styles. Overall it’s minimalistic with lots of black and white (love!), but there’s also an industrial and Nordic vibe. Although the interior looks a bit cold, the rooms feel cozy and playful.

In my opinion the warmest spot in the apartment is the kitchen because of the wooden cabinets, but also because of the brick wall which shows it’s character. I hope you like this small spaced apartment as much as I do. Welcome inside a 37 square meter minimal apartment filled with natural light and a mix of different styles!


I fell in love with this apartment due to this single photo. All the black-and-white decoration, what’s not the love right? The neon light bar with ‘Bonjour’, the different patterns and graphics on the cushions, the wooden stick which is there for no reason 😉



Something is missing here… I would personally hang some pictures or flyers on the netting or maybe even small plants or flowers in tubes. Great DIY though!








Would you move in this minimal apartment?

Photography by Stadshem