Besides visiting Stedelijk last weekend, I planned a visit to the store I mentioned earlier on the blog. Although I love Rotterdam and can’t imagine myself living somewhere else, I enjoy walking along the canals in Amsterdam – especially with the sunny weather! Happy people everywhere, from sitting on the stairs in front of their homes to enjoying drinks on boats. I followed the canal on the side of Prinsengracht, where the only store is located which sells the lovely brand Mineheart, in The Netherlands – I featured last week. But after a quick look at the website, the store surprised me! I’m known for my many adorations and even Swedish antiques and post war vintage furniture intrigues me.

What certainly surprised me was the hospitality of Güçlü, one of the owners of Archipelago. He offered me a cup of historical Italian coffee from Rome. The barista in the shop made me a cappuccino – as I sat down for a talk. I felt like a king when the coffee was presented in front of me. And off course the coffee was lovely. Güçlü spoke full of passion about the store Archipelago has become.



He showed me all the lovely pieces of the Mineheart collection, with a special mention to the restroom which even features the King Edison pendant lamp – which isn’t as large as I had in mind 🙂 Next to those special interior accessories, they sell Swedish antiques, Hollywood Regency Style, Oriental fragrances from Turkey, the ‘Sant Eustachio’ Italian coffee and ‘Mariage Frères’ tea from Paris.


Archipelago is more than a store: it’s an experience! If you are ever in neighborhood you should definitely visit it at Prinsengracht 827, Amsterdam! Off course I didn’t leave the shop empty handed, I had to have a great Magic Feather of Mineheart. This new fashioned ‘writing feather’ creates the illusion of a feather pinned to the wall. I decorated my hallway with it, as you might see below – I’ll try to make a more clear photo soon!


And last but not least I bought myself some quality Parisian tea. Güçlü offered me lots of scents, but I eventually chose ‘Casablanca’; mint and bergamot tea. It smells both fresh and spicy!!
I can recommend it to everyone who fancy tea!

Thanks again Güçlü for your hospitality!

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