Related with the colorful post I published Wednesday, this beach club is exclusive with a twist. If you normally go for the exclusive and glamourous look, you play with a whole different color palette! Black, silver, gold or white are the colors that pops my mind if you are talking about glamourous. I was intrigued by the choice of Oldfield Knott Architects who realized this amazing enterprise! Graphical heads as side tables, neon lights around the chic cabanas and sparkling aqua pools. You can sip and dip anytime you want. The style from outside can be found on the inside as well, where graphic heads are swapped with edgy chairs.

I personally find Matisse amazing! It’s like a picture perfect, the whole branding is complete. The cushions are covered with the ‘M’ of the logos typography, a young tone of voice on the web site and exclusivity with a twist. Count me in!

If I lived near Scarborough, Australia, I would definitely know where to go for a sip of colorful glamour! Wanna know what I like most? Scroll down…








… this! The beauty of the the evening, where all the lights show a spectrum of colors which enlighten the space 🙂


Ready, set… weekend!! Have a great one readers & friends!

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