Archipelago: more than a store

Besides visiting Stedelijk last weekend, I planned a visit to the store I mentioned earlier on the blog. Although I love Rotterdam and can’t imagine myself living somewhere else, I enjoy walking along the canals in Amsterdam – especially with the sunny weather! Happy people everywhere, from sitting on the stairs in front of their homes to enjoying drinks on boats. I followed the canal on the side of Prinsengracht, where the only store is located which sells the lovely brand Mineheart, in The Netherlands – I featured last week. But after a quick look at the website, the store surprised me! I’m known for my many adorations and even Swedish antiques and post war vintage furniture intrigues me.

Frame Store; where fashion meets design

Monumental residence Felix Mertis in Amsterdam is given a new life: Frame Store. Frame Magazine is translated in an actual retail store where fashion meets design. i29 Architects created a 3D-experience of Frame’s vision on interior, product design, fashion and architecture. The Frame Store’s space will host numerous events and even exhibitions organized by both Frame Publishers and FOAM Photography Museum Amsterdam.

Interior design in Amsterdam

Yesterday I visited Amsterdam with a good friend. We both have the same taste when it comes to interior, design and lifestyle. So we had to visit the HAY store, I had planned months ago. Following the route we both liked we visited HAY and MOOOI particular and some small shops on Haarlemmerstraat and Westerstraat.