A touch of calm… blue

While the idea for redecorating my bedroom started around November last year, this weekend I finally found the time to actually do it. I was tired of the retro wallpaper and the beige colors. The wallpaper flew right towards me every evening before hitting dreamland… so it was time for a change. Something new, something calm.. something blue! Blue is one of my favorite colors – and with me lots of others because blue is the number 1 favorite color of all people. Maybe it’s because I love swimming, water, my sign is water (scorpio) or maybe because I love the night…

Anyway, I wanted a calm color for more peace but not gray – like my living room. At the home depot store I bought Histor paint – a brand I came familiar with while winning the design competition by Histor and Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. I also already placed my cupboard in my new blue bedroom. Unfortunately I don’t have high res photos of my new bedroom color, because it’s not completely finished yet. I mis-measured my wall .. oops. So I hope to share it with you next week!

For now I’ll share some inspiration from my Pinterest “COLOR // BLUE” board I collected. For example I love the Japanese blue porcelain bowls, the porcelain plates you can mount to your wall (I would love that in my bedroom) and I recently spotted the Porcelain Wallpaper by Studio Ditte. During the Meet The Bloggers day Tricia Guild of Designers Guild, was there to talk about color and promote her new book “Colour Deconstructed”. I bought a copy and spotted the dip dye blue wallpaper. Her book features lots of blue tones. And last but not least, the famous Danish brand Ferm Living introduced inked blue accessories for their SS 14 collection.



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Layered contrasts in a contemporary pied-à-terre

Ramy Fischler transformed an art deco apartment into a contemporary pied-à-terre with his experimental and creative nature. When I first saw this project I knew I had to share it with you! Fischler adds another dimension to gradients in the living, lacquered plaster and Baroque-era paintings. He printed several mirrors and other surfaces and created spectacular curtains made of lacquered plaster in the hall and walk-in-closet. He also designed a whole line of bespoke furniture, including living room sofas and table, sleeping beds and a foldable secretary desk and closet from framed Dutch silk-screens on wood. This extreme creative designer knows how to transform the right materials to make it look unique and personal. Enjoy his work!

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]esigners like Ramy Fischler are inspirational to me. He shows the possibilities in interior design. In his vision interior design should promote concepts such as creativity, experimentation and craftsmanship which is the reason why he likes to treat each and every project he undertakes as an opportunity to collaborate with other experts and try out new things. That vision inspires me and hopefully it inspires you to. So today a shout out to the amazing designer Ramy Fischler. Get inspired by the layered contrasts in a contemporary pied-à-terre!



// Smokey bronzed mirrors in the dining room


// The curtains were hand-drawn by Fischler and molded by a team of artisans


// Look how two different floor finishes create layered contrasts


// The folding secretary desk is one of my favorite creative designs. But yeah, I got a thing for secret hidings 😉





Happy Monday!

Photos via Yatzer



No need for color with natural homes

Sometimes when I’m entering bold homes I feel attacked by colors, it is just to much for me. I feel more at home in natural homes, where the color palette is the same as nature. Here’s some inspiration which shows that natural homes own colors too. The color palette is the same as at my home, the only color in my home is my painted cupboard by Piet Hein Eek for Histor and a matched blue colored vase. Get inspired by blacks, browns, grey and bright whites. Interior inspiration which shows that natural homes are also warm and cozy!









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Best of 2013 & best wishes for 2014!

On March 14 I started blogging with LABEL1114 – and I’m glad I did! Blogging about interior makes me more than happy. I experienced a lot this year, gain new insights, learned more about blogging ‘the right way’ and most of all: met great inspirational fellow bloggers! Looking back at the past 10 months, I enjoy all of it and selected 10 highlights. Although I’m still figuring out my style, I’m happy I started this journey to write and share my passion for interior with others. So ‘flashback’ with me and enjoy the best of LABEL1114 of 2013!

Enjoy the best of 2013 in random order


// The Black Apartment of Cindy Gallop //


// Winnaar 101 karakters design competitie van Histor & Piet Hein Eek – Winner 101 characters design competition by Histor & Piet Hein Eek //

This surely was one of my most memorable moments of 2013! Joining the competition and starting of with this moodboard which gave me lots of fans!
Desiree of Vosgesparis liked it so much, she recommended me which got me on a winning spot. Thanks again Desiree! Read full story (in case you missed it).


// Interview with friend and interior stylist Stefanie Broekers of Detailz Styling //


// Binnenkijken bij Agnes, Jordi en JJ – The house of Agnes, Jordi and JJ //


// Christmas trends of 2013 //


// Interview with Boris Klimek //


// Baroque ‘n’ Roll with Jimmie Martin //


// DIY: Kattenbak kast – DIY cat litter box //


// Binnenkijken bij Marcel & Michel – The House of Marcel & Michel //


// Interior design in Amsterdam – visiting HAY and MOOOI //

I hope you enjoyed this flashback. I wish you all the best for 2014 and I’ll be back to inspire you with more! Keep following me 🙂





Inspired by The Streets

Today I spotted the combination of yellow and blue on the streets. Color consultant Fabienne Bruyninckx spoke about these colors, which are symbolism for optimism and resourcing, during the Piet Hein Eek day. Apparently my mind is now more aware of all the different color combinations around me. This bright yellow even made the dirty trashcan look optimistic! Take a look at the bright side of life! Get inspired by the streets.

I tried putting some color to my neutral home, and these colors are the only ones I tried (so far) – another link for me. For the Histor & Piet Hein Eek challenge I even painted my cupboard partly ‘resourcing’… I hope the beauty of these inspired you to look with a different eye on daily objects 🙂 So today is not only inspiring, also a bit teaching (for those who didn’t knew it).

Enjoy my ‘inspired by the streets’ color swatches and some of HK Living products, which match perfectly!


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Viktor & Rolf’s boutique in Paris

Avant Garde fashion visionaries Viktor & Rolf opened the doors of their Paris flagship store. A slightly different store if you ask me, but what else can we expect from these famed Dutch designer duo, which inspires and surprise their fans over and over on the catwalk! Come and take a sneak peak into their grayish ‘cuddly’ store…

[dropcap]V[/dropcap]iktor & Rolf’s new store houses a selection of label’s collection, from women’s ready to wear to handbags, shoes, eyewear, leather goods and a various other accessories as well as a selection of menswear pieces. The vast selection will be accompanied with limited edition products from Viktor & Rolf’s well-known apparel and fragrance designs.




The massive 7000 square feed space presents the true sentiment of Viktor & Rolf through the design of Pierre Beucler and Jean-Christophe Poggioli of Architecture & Associés – who also designed stores for Christian Dior, Comme des Garçons and Musée du Louvre. If you wonder, like me what the interior is made of… well guess what, it’s completely covered in grey felt!




[quote]“We have always considered Paris to be our fashion home and are therefore very proud to open a flagship store, a proper place of our own. With the avant-garde design of neo-classically inspired ghost architecture, executed in all grey felt, a new code of the house is introduced, the point of reference for future expansion” – Viktor & Rolf[/quote]



Images via Designscene



Black Holiday Party

Time for another collage with some Christmas inspiration! I gotta stick to black & gold when it comes to Holiday decoration!

The combination of black and gold create a feeling of luxury while the funny deers and a star made of black Christmas trees, add a funny and playful touch to it. Together it creates a pack of inspiration for a different Christmas approach.

Enjoy my Black Holiday Party ideas!

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Merry Black Christmas

Christmas is coming to town! Stores are inspiring with their lovely window decorations and artistic impressions. When it comes to Christmas I love the simple and easy decorations. Earlier I featured some DIY Christmas balls, which I spray painted black and decorated with gold and metal studs. This year I definitely go for black! So luckily there are some fellow Pin-a-holics which agree with me that Black Christmas, is the new White Christmas 🙂 Enjoy my collected inspiration for Black Christmas!

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]lthough I’m gonna celebrate Christmas at my parents cabin in the woods, I surely will decorate – and hopefully show you some of that later – my home. Minimal and Black. I’m even still considering buying a tree this year… But I gotta love this black decoration for Christmas. So enjoy! And stay up to date with my latest pins on

Get inspired with my interpretation of a Black Winter Wonderland


// Lovely DIY idea: spray paint deer toys //


Have you seen my DIY Christmas Rock ’n Roll balls?

What’s your color this year with Christmas?

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Inspired by Street Art

I’ve always been a fan of street art. Ever since great names like Bansky and Lastplak, graffiti is in my eyes a tool to create awesome paintings. Rotterdam is full of it and next to my home there’s a wall ‘legalized’ for graffiti artists. Build in layers and painted by days this piece of art has drawn my attention. The graphical shapes and the meaning intrigues me. I see a ‘rapper’ and some cats, with one particular known from Alice in Wonderland: Cheshire. Magical colors that inspired me today. So let me share my urban color inspiration and some HAY – which also combines these colors in their collection.

One of the street artist Eelco van den Berg created this awesome wall art. His work is amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of his prints! Enjoy my inspired street art color swatches! Wanna visit the wall? Visit Rotterdam, Minimall and look around the corner next to the new build-up of the ‘Luchtsingel‘. One of my ‘talents’ as a designer is my vision to connect colors, shapes and other not out-of-the-box projects. The colors used in this graffiti art looked slightly familiar. And then I figured out that HAY used the exact color hues in their collection. Perfect match!

Enjoy the connection between street art and HAY!


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Painting day at Piet Hein Eek with Histor 101 karakters

This weekend I took the train to Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven to paint my Histor 101 ‘karakters’ cupboard!! An amazing and inspiring day with lots of color inspiration, lovely new creative people and of course: Histor. Piet Hein Eek kicked off with an introduction and after that Histor explained the program of the day. We even got a presentation with the color trends for 2014-15 by color consultant Fabienne Bruyninckx – insights later on the blog. Marie Gon Vos inspired us with out-of-the-box paint examples and Piet Hein Eek took us on a tour through Piet Hein Eek Headquarters. The event was clearly organized and the Histor Paint Experts even created a start with all the cupboards – luckily otherwise I didn’t think I could finish it that day…

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]istor made sure there was plenty of paint, brushes, tape and help to paint the winning designs. I really enjoyed the tour and vision of Piet Hein Eek. His down to earth attitude made it even more fun. Surprisingly he designs from frustration and always creates products with the tools he got. A stubborn designer with a slightly different vision and a love for antiques and vintage. His shop feels like entering an old garage full of awesome designs and products. During lunch I met my fellow bloggers from Meet The Blogger, Patrick from Interiorator and Desiree from Vosgesparis – who tipped Histor about my design for the 101 characters competition, many thanks Desiree!

In between painting I got some time to shoot some photos to share with you. Enjoy!




Right photo by Patrick Kooiman ‘The Interiorator‘ – Focussed painting my cupboard 🙂







Dit weekend was het dan zo ver om mijn design voor de Piet Hein Eek voor Histor 101 karakters competitie te realiseren. Bij Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven gingen we zaterdag 9 november aan de slag. Een perfect georganiseerd evenement – mijn complimenten! Met inspiratie van kleur experts en natuurlijk Histor Perfect Finish verf! Leuke nieuwe mensen leren kennen, veel inspiratie opgedaan op kleurgebied. Kleurconsulente Fabienne Bruyninckx gaf een presentatie over de kleurentrends van 2014-15 (hierover later meer). Piet Hein Eek gaf ons in groepen een rondleiding door zijn inspiratieoord-winkel-werkplaats. Bijzondere man is het wel met zijn eigenwijze visie en drang om designs uit frustratie te maken, maar juist dat intrigeerde me! Een warm welkom, mooie creaties en een interessante gevulde woonwinkel. Marie Gon Vos inspireerde op verfgebied met methodes om illusies toe te voegen aan je interieur.

De verfexperts van Histor gaven advies en waren enorm behulpzaam, ze hadden zelfs een start gemaakt aan ieders cupboard! Een bijzonder leuke dag vol inspiratie om vol enthousiasme op terug te kijken en morgen is het dan zo ver … dan wordt mijn kastje thuisbezorgd! Kijk er nu al naar uit !

Images by Johan Hazenbroek