Fancy Friday: Flamingo

Met het zomerse weer van afgelopen weken voelt het op mijn balkon bijna tropisch aan. Toen vriendin en mede blogger Lenneke (Freelensse) onlangs “je bent zelf een subtropisch zwemparadijs!” twitterde, moest ik uiteraard eerst hard lachen waarna ik droomde van een subtropisch zwemparadijs gevuld met palmbomen, kokosnoten en uiteraard; flamingo’s! Flamingo’s zijn hot, hip en happening! Voor deze Fancy Friday selecteerde ik vijf favoriete flamingo’s uit een selectie lifestyle en interieur accessoires. Geniet van het zonnetje, trek je mooiste korte broek aan, neem een glas fris, leun achterover en geniet van de tropische omgeving gevuld met die op-één-poot-leunende flamingo’s!

Fijn weekend allemaal en geniet van feestjes met vrienden, festivalletjes, het park of het strand 🙂


[ 1 ] Geo flamingo print by Three of the Possessed   [ 2 ]  Bulldog swim short by Orlebar Brown   [ 3 ] Sommarfint glas flamingo by IKEA   [ 4 ] Flamingo by &Klevering   [ 5 ] Flamingoes cushion luxury edition by Myrte

Mijn persoonlijk favoriet is de Geo Flamingo via Juniqe, een fantastische verzameling van kunstwerken en grafische plaatjes 🙂
Nu aan de slag om de hal het lang beloofde Blueberry Dream– kleurtje te geven!

This Fancy Friday is inspired by the tropical weather in the Netherlands. Friend and blogger tweeted something like “You are a sub tropical pool paradise” and after laughing out loud I started dreaming of being in a tropical pool paradise, surrounded by palm trees, coconuts and … flamingoes! Those crazy colored birds are hip, hot and happening in prints, accessories and fashion. Above a selection of my favs and my personal fav; the Geo Flamingo print by Three of the Possessed via Juniqe. I hope you enjoy the weather as much as I do! Have a great weekend full of sun, parks, friends, drinks and maybe even festivals!

I’m off to my big repaint project in the hallway!

Have a great weekend friends !


Crystalline by Niche Modern

Niche Modern has proven themselves as glass creators. Besides lighting they create special shaped vases and accessories for table tops. They did a special project for charity called H2O – which is one of my favorites considering partly blue color in the glass. They intentionally do things the hard way, because each piece is made by human hands and hand blown. Their craftsmanship is amazing! In this new series of lighting called Crystalline, Niche was inspired by the idea of crystal structure and all the layers it got. Crystallines pendants are sharp, edgy and graphical, which are very hard to produce in glass – but not impossible…

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or the release Niche added a new colors to the companies palette. So besides grey, amber and smoke, they now have chocolate, crimson, plum, sapphire (beautiful blue!) and crystal. “I think one of the most interesting things we can expect from architects, designers and homeowners is to mix-and-match pendants and combine them in ways we have never foreseen“, said by one of Niche’ designers. And I agree. All the pendants look great on their own, but they work well in clusters. Have a look for yourself below !








Where would you hang your Crystalline pendants?

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Maisonette by Simone Simonelli

Design objects that you can use both ways: what’s not to love! This basket and tray is part of the “Maisonnette” collection by Italian designer Simone Simonelli. He designed this collection for microliving that meets contemporary need for sharing functions in small spaces. The other two pieces are a stand with a mini wardrobe function, and a cart you can use as a table with storage space. All pieces are designed with a minimal vision, solid alder wood and an iron rod structure.


Simone Simonelli, an Italian designer with a clear an pure signature – one to keep track of!

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Spotted: Rebel Walls

It’s not only the name that grabs my attention, Rebel Walls pleases my curiosity for new wall decoration. Their well designed wallpapers create a whole different environment for your living. Make a room personal, out-there, raw, masculine or just graphic. Irene and Christopher, the rebels behind the brand, have ‘wallpaper’ blood running through their veins. Their rebel vision completes the whole picture. “When you wish something that do not yet exist, you create it yourself”.

The two know that the home is the center of the world. But besides creating something beautiful for our walls, they help people build their own homes by donating money – for each unique wallpaper created – to Habitat for Humanity. In their studio they let both our and their wallpapers grow and come to life. Rebel Walls is a true dedication and entrepreneurship if you ask me!

Here are some of my personal favorites.




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Overige, Wooninspiratie

Hand blown purity in The Woods

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you know that I’m a fan of craftsmanship. I featured multiple designers who work with the pure form of production and tradition. These hand blown decoration objects called ‘The woods’ are product of a collaboration between Stokke Austad and design studio Andreas Engesvik. I’m a huge fan of their work, although I didn’t know their name… 🙂 Luckily now I know. These transparent Woods figures fit the theme this week which I kicked off with yesterday’s Monday Mood: Go outside !


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Fancy Friday: Wall Lighting

While planning my ‘Hallway project’, I’ve considered many options for the walls. Besides deciding the right color, I looked at the options for wall decoration and came up to wall lighting! Although I visit lots of interiors, there’s one thing they all have in common: no wall lighting. In most cases you find wall lighting in the garden, aside the front door or in community hallways.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o I did some digging and found different styles of wall lighting that would enrich your walls! My personal favorite is the neon lighting by Seletti, which gives you the opportunity to create your own. Ever since I saw this neon light sign in the home of my friend Patrick a.k.a. the Interiorator, I got inspired to get a similar or get my own neon lights. Seletti’s collections covers the whole alphabet and some special characters like the ampersand I fancy!

A second favorite is the Sticky lamp by Droog, which is more flexible due to it’s ‘sticky’ ability.  Enjoy them all in this weeks Fancy Friday!


[ 1 ] HK Living // [ 2 ] & neon by Seletti // [ 3 ] Sticky by Droog // [ 4 ] Copper wall lightning by Bloomingville // [ 5 ] Industrial lamp by Bloomingville

Do you already own a wall lamp? And if you could choose, which of the above would be on your wish list?

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Designer Spotlight, Wooninspiratie

Designer Spotlight: Makers With Agendas

As a follow up on Ontwerpduo, I proudly present the first designer trio in today’s Designer Spotlight! William Ravn, Julien De Smedt and Wouter Dons are the Swedish brand ‘Makers With Agendas’. They started a journey for change in design, because they care. I actually might have offended them by calling them designers, because they intentionally call themselves ‘Makers’ – this way they don’t limit to products and furniture. So no offense guys! Makers With Agendas, I love the hard-mouthed name, is born out of love for design.

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Fancy Friday: Garden wanna-haves

Every garden needs some eye-catchers and these wanna-haves all got their own unique style. For this Fancy Friday I had this color combination in my mind, only instead of the color blue like I shared on Monday, I chose a concrete grey to accompany the ‘ginger’ copper. It was hard to find my own personal favorite of these 5 garden wanna-haves, but I found one that actually fits the image in my head. I’ve placed it on my wishlist “home with a garden”. In the meantime I would place it in my home as an art object or even in my bathroom – for a walk-in shower. Jup, I’m referring to the Seletti Aquart garden shower. With a concrete foot and copper on top this is exactly the combination I had in mind.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]aybe it’s the sun, an overdose vitamin D or just the positive vibe I’m in, but I’m enjoying being outside. Even the rainy days, which are great for the landscaped field in front of my home. Earlier this year I shared my summer vibes with some balcony inspiration and my own balcony. Together with friend and stylist Stefanie I teamed up for a garden mood board called “dazzling summer nights“. Anyways, you get the point: I love the outside and I’m happy with my small and cozy balcony (and huge garden imagination).

Enjoy this garden wanna-haves for todays Fancy Friday!


[ 1 ] Fire bowl “Rust” by Esschert // [ 2 ] Urban Garden by Larix // [ 3 ] Vimo lamps by Lucide  // [ 4 ] Aquart garden shower by Seletti // [ 5 ] Lounge chair 1956 by Mal

What’s your personal favorite?

Voor de Nederlandse lezers: Benieuwd waar je deze leuke Vaderdag cadeaus kan scoren? Ik heb alles gevonden op
Fijn weekend!! 🙂

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Portrait photo via styling by David Harrison


For the love of design: Pinned Up by Marcel Wanders

I finally found some time to visit the exhibition of Marcel Wanders at Stedelijk Amsterdam. I planned a trip before, but it was driven by a lot of enthusiasm in the openings weekend… which was a very very long row of people. I’m glad I visited ‘Pinned Up’ near the end of the expo, because it was really quite (maybe because of the lovely weather). Anyways, I loved the expo! I’ve always been a fan of Wanders’ magical designs. The exhibition space is well decorated with a black and white theme. My favorite theme – no doubt – was the dark with its extraordinary and daring designs.

If you’re in for a trip and you like wandering through a magically designed world, guided by inspiring quotes and decorated with eye-catchers for home and living, then you should definitely visit Pinned Up !





[quote]If poetry is about love and art is about love and theatre is about love and if opera is about love…Why do we think design is about…functionality?[/quote]



Pinned Up will end on the 15th of June 2014, so be quick if you love design!


Vitaly: hand-crafted jewelry from Bali

Brands like Vitaly touche me. This story is more than inspiring, it shows that it sometimes takes a self-reflection and appreciation of nature to create something beautiful. I surely can’t wait to get my hands on a piece of Vitaly! Below you find some jewelry, mostly in matte black, wood and gold – my favorite colors. Another beautiful part of this jewelry is that all pieces are unisex – so good for both worlds!

I believe everything happens for a reason, whether it’s good or bad in the beginning. Vitaly’s story proves that. Founder Shane Vitaly Foran put his corporate job on hold due to a growing sense of a burn-out. During six weeks of pilgrimage through Indonesia he found Ubud, a small haven for artists where he spend three weeks in a state of introverted reflection. After dreaming of hand-crafted jewelry, Shane produced some simple designs with the help of some local craftsmen. After a huge enthusiasm through social media, Shane decided to take the risk of a lifetime. Truly inspiring! Along with close friend and business partner Jason Readman they invested their last pennies in their vision. Vitaly was born! A brand that embrace the lifestyle and personalities that have inspired it – from stage diving, fine art to body art.


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