Happy Blue Monday

Brighten up you day and embrace Blue Monday with the 'Embrace' sofa by Jaime Hayon...

3D-Printed architecture

Artists like our own Dutch Iris van Herpen made 3D-printing hot. In Holland printed jewelry is the most popular way to use this innovative technique due to a research done by ABN AMRO. With my interest for innovative design, I follow a lot around 3D-printing...

Guest post: Ten artists who will give your interior a natural vibe

The first guest post goes to friend, fellow blogger and THE one who ‘seduced’ me to start my own blog: Jantine of Bleaq.com. In 2012 she founded Bleaq and I follow her ever since. Bleaq – I quote – ‘collects visual inspiration focussing on the melancholic, bleak side of traditional art, illustration, design and photography’. Besides blogging we have a lot in common. During our study some called her ‘my evil twin’, because of her love for the art she now shares on her blog. So let’s kick off  with the first guest post. Again thanks Jantine for inspiring me and my readers!

When Johan asked me if I wanted to write a guest-post for Label 1114 I was a bit scared: I don’t know a lot about interior. But when he explained that he was interested in art that could add a little something to a modern-black-and-white-Label-1114-approved interior (he didn’t say it like that of course, but you’ll get my point) I was immediately excited! I really like what art can do with your home, for me art makes a house a home.

Next to my work as a designer I have an art blog called ‘Bleaq’. Three times a week I share the work of artists I love, hopefully getting their work known and loved by my readers. The style and techniques of the featured artists is quite varied – from sculptures to illustration, and from paintings to photography – but the art usually has a dark, melancholic side. Since the beginning of Bleaq to today I featured hundreds of artists, which I had to shrink down to just a few to share with you today.

To shrink the pool of artists a bit I decided to have some rules for this list. One: you should be able to purchase the works displayed immediately. All the works are available at Society6, a great webshop where you can buy prints, apparel and gadgets from thousands of artists from all over the world. The second rule is more a theme than a rule: nature. Lately I’ve been very inspired by several ‘Cabin in the woods’-boards on Pinterest: images from beautiful homes situated in dense pine forests. Living in Rotterdam the fresh air of nature seems a bit far away sometimes, that’s why I decided on a natural theme.

So let’s get going: ten artists who will give your interior a natural vibe, without having to water any plants 😉 Enjoy!



Fancy Friday: Coasters

Looking forward to the Holidays one of the returning events is the family dinner. In stores I spotted several table settings with lovely plates, glasses, decoration elements, napkin rings, cutlery - all organized with a theme. But one essential element is a bit forgotten: coasters....

Bell Lamp by Marcel Wanders

Bell Lamp Design by Marcel Wanders for Dutch label MOOOI. The bell represents a very early and essential form of communication, generating a welcoming ring that brings people together for festivities and congregations. Seen at the MOOOI Gallery during my visit in Amsterdam. Loved the huge version...

Ruben Kuiken voor Renault

Zes jonge, talentvolle designers strijden tegen elkaar voor de eerste Renault Design Award. Ze gaan de uitdaging aan om een lifestyleproduct te ontwerpen volgens de designstrategie van Laurens van den Acker, hoofd-design van Renault. Ruben Kuiken van Kuikendesign is een van die jonge ontwerpers die...

Royal Trunk, craftsmanship and luxury from Italy

The story of Royal Trunk started at the international Salone Del Mobile, where two friends showed some of their concepts. In just one week the now founders of Royal Trunk collected so many orders, they couldn’t keep up with, so it was time to turn...

Creative liquor storage – Happy weekend!

It's almost weekend which means it's time to chill down, go out, visiting bars and toast with your friends on life. If you are going to enjoy the nightlife in any city and - like me - enjoy the interior of bars you would notice...

Designer Spotlight: Bertjan Pot

During my visit at the MOOOI gallery in Amsterdam the lightning by Bertjan Pot blinded me. Pot is well known for his Random Light he designed in 1999, right after graduating from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. His designs show his love of material and technique. One thing I admire this designer for, is his interest to push the boundaries of industrial production. As a true MOOOI fan I couldn’t resist putting this Dutch designer in the designer spotlight.

Bertjan Pot’s work is in my eyes phenomenal and his passion for textiles and furniture inspire me. He is interested in the way interior products relate to their users and likes how small elements grow in something bigger, something beautiful. Studio Bertjan Pot works with manufacturers such as Gelderland, Montis and MOOOI.

Here are my personal favorites of designer Bertjan Pot. Enjoy and ‘enlighten’ your week!


Designer Spotlight: Lee Broom

In this third designer spotlight the UK-based designer Lee Broom. Broom recently opened his first store during the London Design Festival. The ‘Electra House’ presents the complete range of lightning and furniture in unexpected ways. Broom started out in theatre school, which adds his feeling for drama in his designs. I couldn’t keep his designs all for myself, so on this Thursday – from London with love – designer Lee Broom.

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]room’s vision on design started on the age of 17, when he won a fashion design competition, which led to a meet with Vivienne Westwood. Working at Vivienne Westwood created his passion for British manufacturing. That process is now part of his philosophy. Combined with his sense of drama and fashion know-how got him to design over 40 retail, restaurant and bar interiors. He won more than 20 awards including the ELLE Decoration British Design Awards of 2012 for his Crystal Bulb – which is one of my personal favorites.

The fact that he first researches the manufacturing techniques makes him in my eyes a great designer with a booming skill pack. But enough with words enjoy the visuals of his work!