Dark luxury with black and brass

If there’s one color combination I never thought I would love, it’s the combination of black and gold (brass). My kitchen is partly black and gold and I ‘hated’ it when I moved in, but now I even decorated it with a golden Singing Bird by Pols Potten. So today I share my love for this color combination which I define as ‘Dark Luxury’. This color combination is something I relate to the old Pharaohs and Cleopatra. Recently examples are found by great creators like Daft Punk in the music world and Studio Job in interior design.

Enjoy black and brass in style, fashion, music videos, interior and exterior.




















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Happy Thursday !

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Last weekend finds #2

Last weekend was full of relaxing, watching movies and meeting friends. I also kept on drawing, each day a new direction or with a special friend in mind. I love drawing and it keeps my creativity flowing. In this post I share my drawings of last week and the things that caught my eye. All drawings will be posted here and if you really like one, let me know! The one with the most ‘likes’ will be transformed into a poster you can download later on the blog. Enjoy my last weekend finds!


// Robin with what I value the most drawing


// The flight to infinite freedom drawing


// Friday Friends Fun drawing


// Iggy Azalea drawing


// Old school brass luggage car at the Hilton Hotel
Would love this for my bedroom. Nice details at the entrance with these copper mosaic tiles


// Moroccan table settings at Zenza


// New flowers for the dinner table in previous weekend wine bottles

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Fancy Friday: Triangle Cushions

It’s all about graphic prints nowadays. Geometric pointy shapes in soft colors decorate many couches and are featured in various look books of all the famous brands. On this Fancy Friday I highlight a selection of triangle cushions from brands like Bloomingville, Ferm Living and Snurk. As a designer I’m fond of geometric prints and this selection of cushions show a variety of different patterns – from subtle to fully covered cushions.  Fall in love with triangles and shop your personal favorite! Fancy Friday!

Triangles have never been as hot as they are now in interior design. Triangle cushions add new dimensions to your couch, bed or outside on your garden furniture. The combination of sharp edged triangles and the soft colors create an awesome contrast. My personal favorite is the minty cushion by Bloomingville, where triangles are arranged in a subtle path over the cushion. Dutch brand ‘Snurk’ even added a bevel of triangle shapes that give a 3D-effect. The twin sisters of Dutch brand LileSadi are so in love with triangles that they even covered their website with soft triangles.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!


1. Black mini triangle cushion by Ferm Living  | 2. Geogami cushion by Snurk  |  3. Minty triangle cushion by Bloomingville – personal fav! |  4. Farrow S by FEST via LevaLeva  |  5. Triangle cushion by House Doctor  |  6. Soft Triangles cushion by LileSadi

Head image: Sengeteppe Remix by Ferm Living.

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Rainbow Shades Cloudy Grey No.2 by Julien Renault

The Rainbow Shades lamps are created after a research with kids during a workshop at la Villa Noailles, the Rainbow Shades are unique and made in a limited production in Julien Renault’s workshop. Characterized by a material experience, the chromatics possibilities are endless. Through the production method each shade is unique in color composition. As soft as marble, the Rainbow Shades are made with reinforced synthetic plaster.

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Fancy Friday: Extraordinary Vases

Flowers, each week new flowers. I just love flowers, mostly the different ’tropical’ ones which don’t look that common. Or thistles, which are not that much of a flower – but I like them! I don’t like roses but I appreciate tulips. Besides the right flowers, I love extraordinary vases because together with the right flower it’s almost a piece of art. I recently bought a partly concrete partly ceramic vase of House Doctor for my new blue bedroom. I also own a vase in the shape of a cactus and one looking like a reversed lightbulb. On this Fancy Friday I selected a list of extraordinary vases I would love to add to my home for the perfect still life. I added one flower pot of Madam Stoltz from the Spring 2014 collection: Geometrics, in which I would love to add several flowers. My personal favorite: the paper vase by Pepe Heykoop.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday it’s time for flowers to celebrate LABEL1114′ 1st birthday! I selected the latest vases with extraordinary shapes, like the Golden Gun vase by Bloomingville and the Bestow vase by Areaware. Although I don’t like violence, this design vase gives guns a whole new dimension. SUCK UK surprised me earlier with their combined gun vase, which you can see in my post on The Black Apartment by Cindy Gallop. These selected vases are true eye catchers and in monochromic colors and different materials.

My own extraordinary vases are the House Doctor concrete vase and the cactus shaped vase – approach with caution! But I would love to add the Paper Vase by Pepe Heykoop to my collection.

Enjoy my top 5 of extraordinary vases and get inspired by a different approach on home decoration!


[ 1 ] Golden gun vase by Bloomingville // [ 2 ] Paper vase by Pepe Heykoop – my personal fav! // [ 3 ] Closely Seperated vase by Muuto  [ 4 ]  Hand Hooks Bestow vase by Areaware // [ 5 ] White Geometric pot by Madam Stoltz

More inspiration for vases, flowers and creating the right still life can be found on Impressive Flowers Still life by Chinnoe & Vlemmix.


AeroBull by Jarre

This awesome speaker/ iPhone dock is in the shape of – maybe my future pet – French Bulldog. But not that an ordinary one… no a really cool one with shades! AeroBull by Jarre features a 5.25 inch subwoofer, equipped with an iPhone/iPod dock and Bluetooth for wireless streaming. Available in 5 colors: glossy red, glossy white, glossy silver, glossy gold an matt black. My personal favorite: matt black.

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No.19 industrielamp van Olaf Weller voor Het Lichtlab

Als er één lamp zijn opmars heeft gemaakt het afgelopen jaar is het de industrielamp. De No.19 Industrielamp is geïnspireerd op de populaire grote industrielampen, enkel uitgevoerd in een abstracte vorm waardoor deze lamp zich onderscheid. Door enkel het frame te tonen in de vorm van de bekende industrielamp, oogt deze lamp ruimer maar geeft het toch de karakteristieke en industriële look-and-feel. Jong talent Olaf Weller is de designer van de No.19 industrielamp en ontwierp deze voor Het Lichtlab – die veelal lichtontwerpen creëert met een simplistische vorm. De No.19 Industrielamp bestaat uit 15 onderdelen – al zou je er 19 verwachten 😉 – gesneden met een laserstraal uit MDF. Deze techniek geeft de lamp zijn karakteristieke zwarte randen. Een duurzaam proces want alle onderdelen komen uit slechts 1 MDF plaat. Ook worden er geen bevestigingsmiddelen of lijm gebruikt waardoor het frame van deze lamp ‘puur natuur’ is en aansluit bij de visie van Weller om producten te maken die mensenlevens verrijkt en de aarde zo min mogelijk verarmt.

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]oor de abstracte vorm van de lampenkap heeft ook de authentieke gloeilamp een prominente rol het ontwerp. Je kan het een ode aan Thomas Edison noemen. De No.19 Industrielamp is een bijzondere opvolging op de vintage koplamp hanglamp van Het Lichtlab, die zij in april 2013 introduceerde. Beide hanglampen zijn echte eye-catchers voor bijvoorbeeld boven de eettafel.

Kortom ben je op zoek zijn naar een unieke en open industriële lamp, dan is de No.19 Industrielamp van Olaf Weller de verlichting die je zoekt!






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Spotted: Copenhagen by Vifa

Sound in a perfect shape, that’s Copenhagen by Danish speaker manufacturer Vifa! Vifa created a versatile, durable and iconic object for the home – connecting with its owner’s lifestyle. Authentic sound from the inside and a light Nordic design on the outside, where the matte polished aluminium frame is finished with a special-woven textile cover by Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles: Kvadrat. Even the intuitive user experience is simplified with a Scandinavian touch. I’m personally a huge fan of all Danish brands and music so looking at the Copenhagen is like love at first sight 🙂 Pure enjoyment in every detail and portable! Easy to replace and even hipster to carry on your shoulder!

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]openhagen is awesome and well designed! The design approach is based on years of research into user preferences, connecting to people’s values and creating everyday benefits. Vifa collaborated with Danish innovation and design consultancy ‘Design People’. Their team of researchers, psychologists and designers teamed up with the skilled Vifa team and have taken Copenhagen all the way through the music listener’s journey. They’ve putted dreams and desires into realization. Even the specific app and website got a Scandinavian touch, which finish the whole Vifa experience!

Copenhagen is only available for iOs (for now).

Cheers to Vifa, the Danish brand which pleases both ears and eyes!








 // Personalize your experience and chose one of the six selected colors. Each color has its own vibrant character, energetic, elegant or understated. Choose the one which you desire the most!


Enjoy your weekend!

Photos by Vifa

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Pocketmen: for the new dandy

Innovative, modern, brass, stainless steel and geometric shapes. The Pocketmen is a pure form of artistic jewelry. Juliette de Graaf created this high-tech pocket-square for the modern gentleman and new dandy. The contemporary alternative to the stylish pocket-square is available in many shapes, both stainless steel and brass. And to finish it all; it comes in a luxury gift box. So here’s a shout out to all the modern men which crave for something new to fit with their suit: Pocketmen, a high-tech pocket accessory to rock at special occasions or at work!

While visiting her stand on Swan Market, Juliette told me something I agree with: “For women there’s a lot on accessories, but for men it’s very limited”, and that’s the exact reason she decided to design the Pocketmen. In and around her family there are a lot men wearing suits, but besides cufflinks and different handkerchiefs matching with the tie, the options to accessorize are limited. She changed that and not only for the youngsters:  Juliette’s 92-year old father in law is rocking it!

I surely can’t wait for summer to wear my jackets to work, combined with my favorite t-shirts and get myself a nice Pocketmen!



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