Spotted: Material Lust

Material Lust is formed by a duo which define themselves as artists masquerading as designers. Lauren Larson and Christian Lopez Swafford – both raised as artists by their mother – met each other on Parsons School of Design. Working from New York City, they create conversations around their admittedly ominous aesthetic and identity in a movement they have coined ‘Oppressionism’. They combine heavy-handed theatrics, high design and its exploitation of uncomfortable and often pornographic imagery. An extraordinary vision if you ask me, but I really like their designs which are made of black, brass and metal. Also quite trending because of the play with geometrics. Enjoy this slightly different designer duo!

Larson earned the award for Outstanding Design Achievement during her stay at Parsons School of Design. She got featured in The New York Times and and is Creative Director of Material Lust. Swafford is the founder of Material Lust and his current work reconciles the lyricism of European and Amerindian traditional cultures with the pragmatism of the Information Age – which he got from his fathers background as an American Software Engineer. Both designers are artistically defined at an early age and use both of their experiences in the field of design for Material Lust. Awesome skill set, wouldn’t you say!  Enjoy their work which kinda sparks my dark side 😉



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Modern man cave

It’s almost weekend which means time to celebrate and go out. Or on the other hand, stay at home in your man cave. In America and Australia the man cave is very popular, but in The Netherlands you see it more often. A space where the man of the house can enjoy his hobbies or alcoholic beverages. Whether it’s in a basement, shed or spare room, as long as it’s equipped with a television, comfortable seating and a mini bar it’s good enough. So while the woman is baking cupcakes, the man can enjoy his beverages with his friends (stereotypical speaking…). So here’s my interpretation of the modern man cave where not only comfortable seating is equipped, but also modern lightning, rock and roll and an industrial touch.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n my eyes most of the man caves come very ‘old English pub’ or very industrial. When it comes to the single man it mostly is called a bachelor pad – which I personally adore! More luxury and less clutter. Most of the Dutch homes that I visited contained a computer room and a hobby room (mostly for women). So let’s get masculine and give the man more space than just a little shed filled with tools, and get inspired by the following interior decoration specially for men, to decorate your own modern man cave!




// Classified Moto Café Table & Original lamp with spring coverClassified Moto
The guys behind Classified Moto started with custom made motorcycles and toyed around with some custom made lamps.
What started with a whim in their garage, turned in a worldwide hit. The lamp is made of vintage parts of 70’s and 80’s Japanese motorcycles.


Shell-Stool-bronze-JakePhipps// Wall lamp Jeeves & Shell Stool by Jake PhippsJake Phipps

My personal fav is Jeeves because of it’s authentic bowler hat. Jake Phipps add that little British design which I adore: a different angle on furniture designs. Phipps works for huge clients like Google, Tommy Hilfiger, Harvey Nichols and Philippe Starck. An eye-catcher for the true gentleman!


// Cars filmography by Calm The Ham –  Calm The Ham
A little bit more vintage with this awesome print of all different movie cars from 1929 to the modern day!
Iconic cars like the “1963 Cadillac series 62 Convertible” from Scarface, “1955 Ford Lincoln Futura Concept Car” from Batman and my personal favourite: “1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500” from Gone In 60 Seconds.


// The Rockstar whisky bar by Buster + PunchBuster and Punch
Again an UK-based brand – gotta love it! Buster + Punch are for those who want to live with conviction.
I’ll write more on these fellows later! This Rockstar whisky and cocktail bar is finished in American Black walnut and covered with Rockstar Black Leather.


// Keats sofa by Jimmie Martin –  Jimmie Martin
When it comes to Jimmie Martin I’m always in. These guys know how to turn furniture into unique pieces, sometimes even with graffiti.
For every modern man cave owner, a lovely refurnished Chesterfield

Hope you got inspired for a man cave. I don’t want to exclude women, I guess if you are into industrial design and home interiors you would love some of the products above.

Enjoy your weekend!!


Designer Spotlight: Ontwerpduo

Ontwerpduo is the first designer duo to be featured in the designer spotlight. Dutch Designers Tineke Beunder & Nathan Wierink design impossible things before breakfast. They translate fairy tale ideas into functional designs and surprise the world with them. Enjoy and get inspired by the beautiful world of Ontwerpduo!

The collaboration and chemistry between Beunder and Wierink, both graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, made them an established name in Dutch Design. Tineke never lost her inner child. She likes to imagine things different from what they are and fantasizes about new functions for them. A talent I adore! Wierink, with his technical eye and ‘laboratory’ skills, turn those ideas in reality.

What I like most about Ontwerpduo is their will to make the impossible feasible! That’s what makes them a great designer duo! The photography settings, in which they present their work, make me love them even more – intriguing and inspiring.

Step into the world of Ontwerpduo!



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3D-Printed architecture

Artists like our own Dutch Iris van Herpen made 3D-printing hot. In Holland printed jewelry is the most popular way to use this innovative technique due to a research done by ABN AMRO. With my interest for innovative design, I follow a lot around 3D-printing and found out about the Digital Grotesque project done by Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger. These two guys bring 3D-printing to an even higher level. Computational Architects they call themselves and I agree. Digital Grotesque is the first 3D-printed room! Enjoy this huge baroque looking sculpture and some of my favorite 3D-printed objects!

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ansmeyer and Dillenburger used algorithms to create a form that appears at the same time, synthetic and organic. A balance between the expected and unexpected. Earlier they created an architectural project with 3D-printed subdivided columns called ‘A new order‘. Effectively, the architect designs a process that produces a column, instead of designing a column directly. This process can be run over and over with different parameters to create endless permutations of columns. Awesome wouldn’t you say? The column algorithm could be designed by HR Giger, if you look close how much the style of different textures in the columns are combined. Get inspired by the printed architecture which can be interpreted in the eye of the beholder.










// Digital Grotesque by Michael Hansmeyer & Benjamin Dillenbuger



// A new order by Michael Hansmeyer

I hope you are as amazed as I am. Following you see some of my favorite 3D-printed interior objects found on 3D-platform Shapeways. Starting with two of my favorite fashion designs by Iris van Herpen.


// Escapism by Iris van Herpen


// Wired Life Stag by Dotsan –



// Dawg & Birdy by Dora (Domikraskin) –


// Clip on vase by Aleksandar –
I like this functional design which was created to clip on the IKEA Pokal glass and easily create a vase

Hopefully there would be some nice new and innovative designs like the Digital Grotesque project. I’ll definitely share some if I find any!

Have a nice day!

More home deco and 3D-printed accessories can be found on shapeways.
Interested in the process of the Digital Grotesque and A New Order, go to 


Guest post: Ten artists who will give your interior a natural vibe

The first guest post goes to friend, fellow blogger and THE one who ‘seduced’ me to start my own blog: Jantine of In 2012 she founded Bleaq and I follow her ever since. Bleaq – I quote – ‘collects visual inspiration focussing on the melancholic, bleak side of traditional art, illustration, design and photography’. Besides blogging we have a lot in common. During our study some called her ‘my evil twin’, because of her love for the art she now shares on her blog. So let’s kick off  with the first guest post. Again thanks Jantine for inspiring me and my readers!

When Johan asked me if I wanted to write a guest-post for Label 1114 I was a bit scared: I don’t know a lot about interior. But when he explained that he was interested in art that could add a little something to a modern-black-and-white-Label-1114-approved interior (he didn’t say it like that of course, but you’ll get my point) I was immediately excited! I really like what art can do with your home, for me art makes a house a home.

Next to my work as a designer I have an art blog called ‘Bleaq’. Three times a week I share the work of artists I love, hopefully getting their work known and loved by my readers. The style and techniques of the featured artists is quite varied – from sculptures to illustration, and from paintings to photography – but the art usually has a dark, melancholic side. Since the beginning of Bleaq to today I featured hundreds of artists, which I had to shrink down to just a few to share with you today.

To shrink the pool of artists a bit I decided to have some rules for this list. One: you should be able to purchase the works displayed immediately. All the works are available at Society6, a great webshop where you can buy prints, apparel and gadgets from thousands of artists from all over the world. The second rule is more a theme than a rule: nature. Lately I’ve been very inspired by several ‘Cabin in the woods’-boards on Pinterest: images from beautiful homes situated in dense pine forests. Living in Rotterdam the fresh air of nature seems a bit far away sometimes, that’s why I decided on a natural theme.

So let’s get going: ten artists who will give your interior a natural vibe, without having to water any plants 😉 Enjoy!



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Fancy Friday: Coasters

Looking forward to the Holidays one of the returning events is the family dinner. In stores I spotted several table settings with lovely plates, glasses, decoration elements, napkin rings, cutlery – all organized with a theme. But one essential element is a bit forgotten: coasters. Where else can you place that hot good-looking dish? On this Friday the 13th, I selected 7 unusual yet highly designed coasters from different well known brands. My personal favorite is the Trivet by Vipp, which looks just like the old cooking pits in a modern new way.

With these coasters you make your dishes look even more pretty!



[ 1 ] Coaster made of cork balls by Ferm Living // [ 2 ] Coaster Trivet by Vipp – my personal fav! // [ 3 ] Coaster Stretch by Joseph Joseph  [ 4 ]  Coaster Rainbow by Normann Copenhagen // [ 5 ] Hotman by Cool Gadgets // [ 6 ] Propellor by Menu //
[ 7 ] Moon by Fine Little Day

De kerstdagen komen eraan en elk jaar weer kijk ik uit naar het familie diner. Gezellig met warmte aan tafel. Winkelketens pikken dit ook op en versieren op verschillende manieren tafels, alles onder 1 thema. Waar enkel minder aandacht aan wordt besteed – en wel essentieel is – is de plaatsing van warme pannen en gerechten. Ruben Kuiken speelt met zijn design voor Renault hier op in, maar zolang deze nog niet ontwikkelt is, moeten we het doen met de ouderwetse onderzetters.

Gelukkig zijn er genoeg designers die hier wel aan gedacht hebben en onderzetters in een nieuw jasje hebben gestoken. Mijn persoonlijke favoriet: Trivet van Vipp.

De onderzetters zijn eenvoudig online te bestellen bij Gosto en Fonq, of bij de Bijenkorf.


Bell Lamp by Marcel Wanders

Bell Lamp
Design by Marcel Wanders for Dutch label MOOOI.

The bell represents a very early and essential form of communication, generating a welcoming ring that brings people together for festivities and congregations. Seen at the MOOOI Gallery during my visit in Amsterdam. Loved the huge version by entering the showroom.

Available in different colours and two dimensions. This transparent & gold edition is my personal favorite.


Ruben Kuiken voor Renault

Zes jonge, talentvolle designers strijden tegen elkaar voor de eerste Renault Design Award. Ze gaan de uitdaging aan om een lifestyleproduct te ontwerpen volgens de designstrategie van Laurens van den Acker, hoofd-design van Renault. Ruben Kuiken van Kuikendesign is een van die jonge ontwerpers die een tafel heeft ontworpen gebaseerd op de levensfase ‘Play’. Zijn tafel brengt het gezin weer bij elkaar. Een multifunctionele tafel die bij de concept car Twin’Z past. Laat je inspireren door zijn ontwerpproces en laat je stem horen!

[dropcap]V[/dropcap]an den Acker heeft een strategie, in de vorm van een margriet, geïnspireerd op de de mens. Alle concept-cars staan voor een levensfase van de mens. Zes levensfases, zes concept-cars. Love, Explore, Family, Work, Play en Wisdom. “Hierbij kijk ik niet alleen naar het uiterlijk, ik hecht ook waarde aan intelligentie en efficiëntie. Onze auto’s zijn beauty’s met brains”, aldus Laurens.


De verbeelding van de fase PLAY wordt weergeven in twee concept-cars: de moderne en artistieke Twin’Z, de stadsauto. En Twin’Run, zijn supersnelle tweelingbroertje en een eerbetoon aan de Renault 5 Turbo en Clio V6.

De tafel van Ruben Kuiken sprak mij meteen aan door de functionaliteit van de tafel en met name het doel! Geïnspireerd door zijn opa, die ingenieur was, houdt Ruben Kuiken zich al heel zijn leven bezig met het ontwerpen van producten. Samen met zijn compagnon startte hij een ontwerpbureau op: Kuiken Design. In opdracht ontwikkelen zij industriële producten en brengt hij vanuit zijn eigen label ook interieur design producten op de markt. Ruben ontwerp naar eigen zeggen met zijn hart en ontwikkelt met zijn kennis.

[quote]’PLAY’ is plezier hebben. Mijn tafel brengt het gezin dan ook weer bij elkaar. [/quote]

Hieronder een deel van het ontwerpproces. Omdat ik zelf altijd fan ben van de eigen interpretatie van de designer, hieronder het proces in Ruben’s eigen woorden.


“Mijn analyse begint met het bestuderen van ‘play’. Wat gebeurt er in deze levensfase, wat beweegt je op zo’n moment in je leven en wat verwacht je van deze beleving? Ik ben gaan zoeken naar woorden en belevingen die bij mij te binnen schoten bij deze levensfase: plezier hebben, jezelf zijn maar ook samen zijn. Door de woorden op papier te schrijven ontstaat er een ‘octopus’ met inspiratie die ik tijdens het hele ontwerpproces ga gebruiken als onderlegger.”


“Mijn idee was om de ontvangst van een smartphone (die erg geliefd is) te blokkeren d.m.v. een box. Hierdoor zullen mensen zich weer tot elkaar richten en weer gaan communiceren. De box die de ontvangst blokkeert zou ik willen verwerken in een eettafel, een plek in huis waar mensen samenkomen. Het idee heeft mij verder gebracht. Een tafel met verschillende units die naar wens te combineren zijn. Een box voor je spelkaarten, hobbyspullen en je mobiele telefoons. En wat dacht je van een unit die dient als een plantenbak of waar hete pannen op kunnen staan. Kortom, je kunt eindeloos combineren, let’s play.”

“Nu mijn schaalmodel gereed is, wordt mijn werk van de afgelopen weken zichtbaar. De tafel is op schaal gemaakt, op een zo realistisch mogelijke manier. Het eikenhouten blad vormt samen met het pastelgekleurde frame een goede basis voor het ontwerp. In het midden van het blad heb ik een inkeping gemaakt. Hier kunnen over de hele lengte van de tafel vijf units in worden geplaatst. Hierdoor ontstaat er niet alleen een multifunctionele tafel, maar ook een tafel die een gezelschap bij elkaar brengt. De allereerste unit is namelijk een unit, die het bereik van je mobiele telefoon blokkeert. Op deze manier wordt het weer gezellig rondom de tafel met familie en vrienden.”





Ik heb natuurlijk al gestemd! Maar jij kan Ruben ook helpen met zijn design voor Renault. Mocht ik de tafel zelf samenstellen dan ga ik voor een mat zwart tafelblad, bronzen of gouden onderzetters en metalen poten. Kortom, Ruben… ik ben fan!!

Stemmen kan via

Meer interieur design vind je op Kuiken Design.


Royal Trunk, craftsmanship and luxury from Italy

The story of Royal Trunk started at the international Salone Del Mobile, where two friends showed some of their concepts. In just one week the now founders of Royal Trunk collected so many orders, they couldn’t keep up with, so it was time to turn their ideas into actions. With their passion for design and entrepreneurship, they created Royal Trunk, an Italian brand in the luxury field. I was surprised when I spotted their handcrafted trunk.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen it comes to product design I’m always enthusiastic on the know-how behind it. Like these Trunks with a completely new purpose, strong details and luxury material use. After researching I found out that there are two young entrepreneurs behind this awesome concept and that made me even more eager to know more! Due to an earlier post on creative liquor storage, in which I mentioned Royal Trunk, I got in contact with CEO and head of design Mattia Scattarelli, who was so kind to answer some of my curious questions I would like to share with you !

Mattia Scattarelli and Guido Boem are two friends who’ve known each other for years. Their shared dream of starting up a new business in the luxury field finally came true when they founded Royal Trunk in 2009. Scattarelli and Beom studied in different fields, but their keen eye for design and luxury created the fundamentals of their brand. After graduation Boem worked as a marketing consultant for important design companies, and Scattarelli as a designer for a luxury interior firm.


The young entrepreneurs came up with the idea of creating something new in furnishing by reviving a really fascinating object. “That’s why we decided to turn steamer trunks into furnishing pieces”, Mattia Scattarelli explains. “Together with our customers we create something unique. In fact we give them the possibility to create the product with us”. The trunks are totally customizable by materials, finishing, claddings and structure. Which results in a unique trunk for every customer.

Royal Trunk

Royal Trunk produces both for private clients and retail groups, worldwide. All products are totally hand-made and produced by their best craftsmen in Italy. It takes up to 70 hours to create a trunk! Looking at all the different details inside like the iPad stand, speaker system and brass details on the outside.

Royal Trunk

Looking forward to what to come I end this article and mini interview with my final question: What’s the future mission for Royal Trunk?
“We would like to create a brand, connected to these values: craftsmanship, made in Italy and exclusivity. We turn to final customers (through retail with partner Lane Crawford), important brands (like Beretta Holding, Bentley Home and Fendi Group) and architectural firms (Celeste dell’anna)”, thus Mattia Scattarelli.

Many thanks for your time and inspiration, Mattia!

Royal Trunk

The Trunks are their core business, but the two creative founders are introducing a new section of accessories by using the same luxury materials such as leathers, fabrics and brass.

Can’t wait to see more of Royal Trunk an someday own my unique trunk !

I hope you enjoyed it!

Curious for more? Follow Royal Trunk on Facebook or Instagram (@royaltrunk).


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