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Mijn appartement in Rotterdam, Planten inspiratie

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Art

Afgelopen weekend stond in het teken van Urban Jungle Bloggers. Allereerst vond ik de nieuwe vtwonen blogazine op mijn deurmat, waar ik met enkele Urban Jungle Bloggers mijn liefde voor groen deel (p. 130 om precies te zijn). Mijn liefde voor planten blijft groeien en ik ben klaar voor een nieuw seizoen Urban Jungle Bloggers. Het derde seizoen alweer!

Het thema van deze maand is Plants & Art. Een prachtige combinatie als je het mij vraagt, want sommige planten zijn al een kunstwerk om naar te kijken! Voor dit thema heb ik meteen het natuurgetrouwe schilderij boven mijn bank gepakt. Dit fantastische schilderij liet ik vorig jaar maken door kunstenaar Rick van den Berg. Zijn werken zijn natuurgetrouw en ik had slechts 2 wensen die hij prachtig heeft verwerkt: Blue Jays (vogels) en natuur. Bijzondere soort vetplanten en een gedetailleerde orchidee, die zich prima laten combineren met mijn ‘levendige’ groen.


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Mijn appartement in Rotterdam, Planten inspiratie

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plant Gang

When I received this months Urban Jungle Bloggers topic I instantly thought about a green dinner with my plants. A couple of months ago I started focussing on eating more natural and clean. So from now on I blend some delicious green smoothies and enjoy all the beauty from Mother nature on my plate. For this blogpost I cooked some healthy spinach soup* with coco milk – the spots are on purpose :).

I had dinner in my own urban jungle and I think I’m gonna do this more often – rearranging decoration is nothing new for me. Too bad the rest of the room looks a bit ‘empty’, well I can always add more plants! Anyways, let’s have dinner with the gang!



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Planten inspiratie

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Offer a Plant to a Friend

In the past few weeks two friends got their own place, so it’s time for gifts! This theme for the Urban Jungle Bloggers completely suits: I’m offering a plant to a friend. This gift is for my dear friend Tiffany, who just moved into her little ‘penthouse’ in Rotterdam. Her style can be defined as rustic modern with a strong touch of individuality. Tiff (who prefers to leave the ‘any’) is a very strong person who always takes care of her self.

The only thing she can’t take care of are plants (note: these are her own words). But I’m quite stubborn (and so is she!) and I want to share my love for plants. After a search I found THE plant for Tiff: an air plant. The Tillandsia is probably the strongest plant in the world due to it’s independence. Because it got no need of soil I had to get creative! I created an industrial hanger.


An imperfect piece of jewelry for the wall. A brass linker with the numbers ’22’ on it, which fits her age 😉 And to hang it all, a natural cord which refers to the beach which she’s very fond of. I had to use my molded hand to ‘offer it’ on an unusual way 😉

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Mijn appartement in Rotterdam, Planten inspiratie

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Coffee

When I received this months Urban Jungle Bloggers theme I was hooked! Plants & Coffee… what is not to love! When I was this little red head my grand ma taught me to drink coffee. I had my own cup at her place and drank it with milk and sugar. Nowadays I like it black when I’m at home, sometimes with milk and sugar and when I’m out I prefer a cappuccino. And sometimes I go crazy at Starbucks with different flavors. Let’s just say it: I love coffee!

And I love plants. My house is getting more green by the bit! Even my desk at work is getting a botanic touch. A couple of fresh new leafs are enough for a cozy feeling and some extra oxygen!

For this Urban Jungle Bloggers-theme I captured my Saturday morning ritual. I love waking up with sun beams entering my living room, enlighten my plants. With my first cup of coffee I like to write down ideas and sketch my thoughts. Enjoying my little ‘sacred’ moment of waking up. Today I like to share that little ritual with you all!



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Mijn appartement in Rotterdam, Planten inspiratie

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Cosy and Green Bedroom

It’s been a while since I’ve joined my fellow Urban Jungle Bloggers, I’m sorry my green family! When I got the newsletter with this months theme, I got inspired to add some green to my bedroom. For months it felt like something was missing in my bedroom. After repainting my bedroom into a blue oasis, the real problem was decorating my cupboard. But now I found out what I was missing: some greens!

So today I took some time to photograph my surroundings. It’s getting much colder outside, so after a breakfast at Picknick (a great pure food spot in Rotterdam), I locked myself up in my bedroom. I love the new view from my bed. From now on the Singing Bird and the Tallow candle by Ontwerpduo are accompanied by Sansevieria and Ficus on my cupboard.




The Rhipsalis next to my bed was already part of the bedroom. Rhipsalis offers a calming effect, so a great succulent for the bedroom! It all started with some cuttings…


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Mijn appartement in Rotterdam, Planten inspiratie

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Green balcony

It’s getting more sunny by the day – well at least it does in Rotterdam. I reprogrammed my biorhythm to get home earlier in the evening to enjoy the last sunlight and have diner on my balcony. Just the motivation I needed to start and create my own little urban jungle. Earlier I shared my new balcony ideas, but for now I just added some more green to create a more colorful balcony. While visiting Igor’s blog (Happy Interior blog) I saw this awesome monthly Urban Jungle Bloggers theme from happy bloggers all around the world. This month I join the fun with the theme  “Show your green balcony” . Enjoy the first look of my Urban Jungle in progress with bright yellows, fresh greens and warm wood.

Living in the centre of Rotterdam automatically creates an urban vibe when it comes to creating your own little garden with the space you’ve got. Although I love the color of concrete, the wooden flooring by IKEA creates a more warm look. The little bistro set is cozy but not enough for having more than just one friend over. That’s the reason I made new plans for my green balcony. The bright yellow cushion by H&M Home adds a little Caribbean touch and inspired me for a healthy snack from yoghurt and pineapple. Birds in the city are rare, besides pigeons and seagulls, so I adopted another Pols Potten singing bird :). All together I really love my urban green balcony. I just can’t wait to realize my ideas and finish it all together for summer. Hope you like it to!


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