Wow the year passed so fast and here we are at week 11, 14th of March: Label1114 is officially 1 year rocking it online! Blogging is fun, creative and educational. After a year of blogging I can recommend it to everyone with the idea of starting a blog: Do it! Last year I’ve learned a lot and got a better feeling with the direction of my blog, but also with defining my own interior style. During some Designer spotlights I got a lot gratefulness and lovely reactions, I got inspired by some young designers and met inspirational fellow bloggers. I met lovely people, enjoyed the newest collections of my favorite brands – and also discovered some new interesting brands. Time for a recap of the last year with some fun, facts and goals.

LABEL1114 has to be inspiring and fun. I like eye-catching and daring design but also high quality and ‘personal’. LABEL1114 is my personal brand and I want it to act just like me. When I started blogging I had to find a way to write it the right way. I can drown in design: I want to know the idea and vision behind it, what materials, the story of the designer, and during the little research my creative mind starts to work and pops ideas which need to be structured. Being creative feels gifted, but it’s also very exhausting. Research on one subject can lead to 4 different blog posts – and narrowing things down is always a challenge! And as a signature I like to share my thoughts on a design or an association, because LABEL1114 is a personal journey written from my vision on the interior design world. And I’m so glad that I started this journey because it brings me lots of joy 🙂


I started blogging in Dutch but the facts showed me visitors from all over the world, which didn’t ‘stay’ that long. That was some positive feedback, so after discussions with fellow bloggers I started to write in English to reach even more readers. Besides comments and reactions, facts give me the feedback I need to sometimes change course. So here are some facts from the last year*.

11.225 visitors
8.687 unique visitors
21.593 page views

1) The Netherlands 78%
2) Belgium 8%
3) United States 4%

Top read posts

[ 1 ] DIY kattenbak kast (Dutch) (translate to: cat litter box closet)
I wrote this one out of curiosity after my parents adopted a cat. Where to put that ugly and smelly cat litter box? I found the solution and so do others now on label1114 through their Google search 😉

[ 2 ] IKEA limited chalet collection
I love IKEA and their chalet collection opened my eyes to a style I didn’t related to IKEA – but these guys keep surprising me!

[ 3 ] Category page of home tours
Hopefully I can show some more soon. I like finding the identity of the owners back in interior items.


What to expect next year? With a background in graphic design and passion for creating, one of my dreams is to create a small collection of interior accessories. Also I want to explore more interior. So ideas are always welcome and last but not least I force myself to share more of my home and ideas.


Guest bloggers wanted
Last year friend, motivator and fellow blogger Jantine of Bleaq wrote the first guest post which I truly loved! I’m still making up my mind choosing the right art for my bedroom. But if you own a blog and want a guest post on label1114 I encourage you to contact me – I won’t bite and I’m open to all suggestions.

I’m off to celebrate this first year with my best friend which helps me a lot in and around my home. I’m gifted with a creative mind and 2 left hands, so when it comes to electricity works and other technical tricks he’s my hero.

Cheers to this 1st birthday of LABEL1114. Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend!

XO Johan


*[ Based on Google Analytics from 14-03-2013 / 13-03-2014 ]

Header image “The Rocking Chicken Ride, Fantasy Collection Lladró” by Jaime Hayon