Willy Wonka would be jealous on the interior of Cafe Wedel by Polish design studio ‘Lesinka Concept’. Bold pieces of furniture, gold finishes, lamps and glittering surfaces decorated with pastel colored furniture. The natural accents of wood, stone and brass were added for their durability and timelessness. A treat to the eye for both chocolate lovers and interior fans. Although these images are rendered by Lesinka Concept, it looks like a cafe I would visit. I can’t imagine people who dislike chocolate, although I have met a few *in shock*. The materials which are trending now, like marble is perfectly shaped in a bench top frame which looks expensive, but in a modern way And, literally, on top of it all a chocolate ‘dripping’ ceiling. I just had to share this awesome concept store of the famous Polish confectionary company ‘E. Wedel’. Enjoy and let this morning feel like you’ve won the golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory!

Cafe Wedel is the first store I ‘know’ which totally fits the image of a full experience store! What I most like is the huge contrast and the eye for detail. Although ‘Jeeves’ by Jake Philipps don’t relate to chocolate when it comes to lamps, it fits the contrast of brass with dark fine colors. Also a lovely detail in the restroom with the chocolate bucket. A store I would definitely visit if I get the chance!

Enjoy some chocolate wonderland with Cafe Wedel by Lesinka Concept!








 All images courtesy of lesinska concept