As a follow up on Ontwerpduo, I proudly present the first designer trio in today’s Designer Spotlight! William Ravn, Julien De Smedt and Wouter Dons are the Swedish brand ‘Makers With Agendas’. They started a journey for change in design, because they care. I actually might have offended them by calling them designers, because they intentionally call themselves ‘Makers’ – this way they don’t limit to products and furniture. So no offense guys! Makers With Agendas, I love the hard-mouthed name, is born out of love for design.

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ll their products adhere to one simple question: Does it deserve to exist? Well in my eyes: hell yeah! What I like most about Makers With Agendas‘ is their vision. They are not only makers, but also dreamers. They ask the right questions and get annoyed by  the wrong answers. It sounds so logical, and for me familiar. Problem solvers with awesome creations! Their creations are pure and simple. Form meets function, the names describe their appearance or movement and they are easily to rearrange due to their flexibility.

Like ‘Accordion’, which easily spreads out to create a stand for a table top. Or Swing, the revisited single handed tray. There’s one design which really inspired me. Not only the design, which is simplistic, but the idea behind it. T.4.2. (Tea for two) is a tribute to conversation where both cups embrace the teapot. Go and see for yourself! Love it as much as I do!


Do you know that search for your keys which takes hours of your precious time… ? Well so did William, Julien and Wouter before they created Butterfly, the dual coat hook that keep your keys and wallet right where you need them. Problem solved!


Meet ‘Stilt’, the multifunctional artwork support that doubles up as a shelf! I like artwork, but drilling holes in the wall is not my talent. Stilt would fit in easily, not only because of the double function; it makes sure the artwork get’s all the attention 🙂


[quote]“At Makers With Agendas we’re trying to work with themes and problems rather than just entertain ourselves with a cool design.”[/quote]


I can’t wait for more work of these guys… Great work MWA!

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