I recently featured the Ferm Living AW14 collection where some pieces really grabbed my eye. These specific pieces are actually a collaboration with Scandinavian designer Søren Rose. After going through his portfolio I totally fell in love with this man and his creations. So I couldn’t stop myself to put this great designer in the Designer Spotlight. Here’s why…

Søren Rose started his career at several now successful companies as Creative Director, which taught him a lot about niches, branding and running a business. After all this wonderful experience and know how, he decided to turn the tables and to fully dedicate himself to starting a design agency. He launched his studio with the MILK table, which instantly got him fame with both clients and the press. Packed with all the experience and full sketchbooks he jumped in this – I quote – “awesome industry”.


Photography by Kristian Holm

Rose now runs a branch in Copenhagen and New York – not the least places if you ask me – with his skilled team within architecture, product design and manufacturing. And as a designer I loved to read that his organization is flat, so if the junior designer has the best idea, that’s what they go with! Very rare. Anyways, that’s a more personal note.


Don’t you just love the natural and sturdy look of the Reflect Kitchen…


I love the different stitches of this bed spread fabric by Søren Rose Studio!

What I most like about his work is the sophisticated look and little masculine feel. As a pin-a-holic I daily absorb lots of interior and product design. And when I spot Scandinavian design I often feel bored. It’s simple, which I like, but often quite soft and feminine. But when I look at his work I see a Scandinavian, modern and industrial mix I really like. Same for the different interior projects. The amazing styling with the designer toys finishes it all!


Photography by Thomas Loof


Photography by John Bendtsen

To me Søren Rose is an inspiring example of a designer, an artist and most important an entrepreneur. I know that is has been 3 months since my latest Designer Spotlight, but for this theme I’m quite picky…
I really like to explore more designers like Rose, the ones that distinct from the crowd.

What do you think of Søren Rose Studio?

Photography By sorenrose.com, unless mentioned differently.