Last week I took a yoga retreat in the south of France. I got inspired by a story in Yoga Magazine and could definitely use some new experiences and time off. It’s actually the first retreat I’ve ever done and probably not the last! By train I travelled to a lovely mansion in “the middle of nowhere” – well, except for the English neighbors and some crickets. And man did I love it! The authentic house got 3 floors, an amazing view, swimming pool, lovely outdoor spaces and a complete magical feeling! Here’s a little peak into my photographic diary…

So there I was, in the middle of nowhere, meeting 12 new people who are more into yoga than me.  I actually had 1 yoga class more than 2 years ago. I’m blessed to call them my ‘friends’ now 🙂 and I add two more; the yoga teacher Govinda Kai and his partner Leeah! I had a blast because I not only made friends, but I also got a new love! Yep, yoga it is…



Two of my big examples having yoga Mysore in the upper hallway

This yoga retreat is the best present I could give myself this year! I learned some fundamentals of Ashtanga yoga, which is dynamic and heavy! But also enjoyed chanting and got more in touch with my feelings again. There was so much space for personal interpretation and lots of spiritual wisdom. And besides yoga practice and meditation, I’ve enjoyed the spare time. I swam after probably 3 years and visited a little village called Aubeterre.



All the other time I stayed at the mansion, which is lovely and full of character. All rooms have a different touch and is as beautiful on the outside, as it is inside. Every morning we chanted in a little common living room, with a lightened up fireplace. Sharing the couch and floor with all others. A warm room with an eye catching kelim rug, a red couch an antique secretary and some leathered poufs. We practiced yoga in the hallways which is beautiful from all corners of your eyes – from the tiled and wooden floors, up to the chandeliers on the ceiling.




This seating can be found on the attic where lots of beams separate different rooms


Great little details from up to the floor



The evening made the whole place even more like paradise! 

Ooh and the food!! Jolien is a great cook and served us vegetarian all week (I’m normally a meat person but I might be persuaded…). All dishes tasted so pure and the variety was huge! I had to take some photos of the starters because they looked so good. So here they are (thanks again Jolien and Chaja).



I’ve had such a great adventure mixed with an overload of loving and caring, lots of laughter and shared some inspiring personal journey’s. I wanna thank all the beautiful women I met and I gotta say it’s really weird to start the day alone now without all of you*! And the yoga adventures continues! This month I’m gonna attend different yoga classes to experience which type of yoga suits me best. I will definitely visit Amsterdam to meet a lot of my new friends 🙂 – maybe even Belgium, Berlin and Budapest (would ‘B’ fun).

If you ever consider a retreat I could definitely recommend this adventure! I’m thankful for all the profound new insights and totally enthusiastic about yoga!

Hope you enjoyed reading a piece of my diary. Have a magical new week!!


I love this portrait! Thanks again Viola! 

* Special thanks to all initiators of joy…
The Eternal smile; Renate
The wise and peaceful Belgian; Kristine
The Intense mother and example; Margriet
The verbal dancing Mexican; Veronica
The Hungarian comedian; Melinda
The small Yin hoola-hooper ; Anouk
The angry and giggly German; Kristina
The calm movie director; Viola
The beautiful Persian mother; Parvin
The spaced-out sister; Shireen
The verbal out-there yogi; Hileen
The intelligent manual; Annemieke
The peaceful beauty; Leeah
The lunatic singing monk; Govinda

Planning a retreat, have a look on

All photos by Johan Hazenbroek