Wow, here it goes my first DIY project I came up with last week. Christmas is coming which means that lots of stores present their new collection of Christmas decoration. De Bijenkorf decoration was amazing but the actual Christmas balls weren’t working for me, so What was missing. Inspired by the Absolut Vodka Rock edition I continued with a Rock & Roll Christmas theme. Enjoy this easy Christmas DIY. Rock it all the way!

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or this DIY I chose black, but with the gold and silver decoration any color will match (except yellow…). Note: this DIY needs some patience and let’s say I’m not.. but I finished it: HOORAY! So I bet you can do it too!

Whenever I have ideas I draw them so here is the draft it all started with.


All you need for these rockin’ DIY Christmas balls



  • Satin Ribbon (minimal 3mm)
  • Silver spikes (for the Dutchies; I bought this at Pipoos, really easy and not that expensive)
  • Studs. I prefer the one with spikes on the back, the little golden ones, didn’t work for me… but maybe that’s a patience-thing 🙂
    I bought the little silver studs online via studskopen. The bigger ones are from the Dutch DIY shop Pipoos.
  • Styrofoam balls, they have different sizes, I choose the size most likely to the typical Christmas balls.
  • Spray paint.

Let’s DIY!

First make sure you spray paint the styrofoam balls in a well ventilated space! I used a pencil to keep my hands clean, chop sticks work too. What I most liked about the after spray painting is the awesome texture. With black it almost looks like a leather… 😉 Ok Rock on! If you pinched them on a pencil it’s also easy to let them dry.

Second, the decoration. Now it’s time to find your inner peace and add the studs carefully. I created two different Christmas balls. One subtle, one more “wild” with the spikes.

Third; time to add the ribbon. You can use the hole which you created with the pencil. Tie a knot on the ribbon and add it by pinching it with a stud.

And last but not least, hang it wherever you want and enjoy it!


I hope this DIY is easy and understandable. Don’t forget it’s my first. But feedback is always appreciated 🙂

Enjoy your Rockin’ Christmas balls!