Easter is coming up. Coming weekend lots of kids will explore parks, gardens or homes in the search for Easter eggs. Twigs are getting sold out on the flower stand around the corner, bunnies will pop up decorated with hay and we will all (yes even I) express our art on some hard boiled eggs before breakfast. Decorating the home asks for some creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to fit your own style in Easter decorating. So while  surfing the internet I found this lovely Easter decoration inspiration which fits my style and acts a bit ‘off road’. And with off road I mean no purple, pink or yellow. Enjoy this different approach on Easter decoration, which in my eyes is even a little masculine 😉

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ina Holst of Stylizimo is a stylist I adore. Her eye for detail and love for minimal, white and soft contrast is what inspires me. Although her Easter decoration is a bit soft she did inspire me to chose for natural instead of pastel colors. I love the dip dyed easter eggs and the dotted bronze ones. The cut out Easter bunnies for napkin decoration finished with a stroke of hay – all together a maximal effect. Ferm Living is one of the first brands I got to know. Their collection is awesome, but their creative team even more! The painted Easter eggs black with a matching pattern to their latest collection. Same with cut-out marble eggs to decorate the twigs – it all fit the Ferm Living signature… I’m getting happier by the minute because of all the creativity! Well that said, scroll and see for yourself!

Enjoy this Easter decoration inspiration with a twist and ‘hop’ on!


// Easy DIY idea to cut out bunnies from brass colored paper




All above photos by the wonderful Nina Holst





Photography by Ferm Living


And in case you really want to shine with your art skills, and you have a steady hand, take egg painting to a next level like the example above! (photo via)

Happy Easter all!