This awesome apartment is from the king of men’s street style; Nick Wooster! This man is exactly the type I look up to and I’ve spotted him many times on The Sartorialist. Wooster was men’s fashion director at Bergdorfs and Neimans and now works as a free agent and fashion consultant in New York. He attends many fashion weeks, is an Internet Style Icon and a fashion role model. Not only his interior reflects his out-there identity, it’s an inspirational heaven for fashion lovers.

The fashion apartment, what I’m calling it, is situated in West Village and decorated with multiple closets, accessories and eye-catching decoration. Wooster’s whole apartment breaths fashion and although his style doesn’t completely fit mine, I really adore his place – also I wouldn’t mind having a drink with the man 🙂 A grateful man with an unique style, ‘swagger’ and a pulled together interior; what’s not to love !

Have a look and get inspired by Nick Wooster’s identity which is partly captured in his fashion apartment!



“I really can’t describe my interior design aesthetic—it’s exactly the same as getting dressed. It starts with a respect for history, understanding some basic rules, then breaking them, or at least disrespecting them somewhat. And you can never go wrong with grey.” – Nick Wooster




// “There are no stories behind my tattoos… I just like the way they look



// “Three staples every man should own: a grey flannel suit, black and brown brogues and a brown 1” alligator belt with a sterling plaque buckle.”






I wouldn’t completely trade wardrobes, although I would definitely trade some shoes and sunglasses! Swag’ on!

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Photos and story via The Coveteur