New art for my home has finally arrived! Sunday I picked up the one-of-a-kind painting for my living room wall. The piece, created by Rick van den Berg, was planned for my new blue bedroom, but I couldn’t help myself to give it a more prominent place. This way I enrich my living room even more, especially because it’s an unique piece of art made for me.

If you are a regular visitor of my blog you’ve probably noticed I got a thing for birds… and this artwork adds three more to my home. The beautiful Blue Jay’s guard ‘Mother Earth’ in the middle. If you look close you can count all the feathers, it’s that detailed!! A signature of Rick, who’s not only great at painting nature, but also creates realistic portraits. The abstract way of ‘protected nature’ in the heart of the painting adds an interesting layer, one that intrigues me. All together a composition I couldn’t imagine but one that instantly caught me.

Have a look for yourself!



Besides blue,one of my favorite colors, green and purple tones color the painting – creating a look of the universe. The purple and green colors motivate me for getting matching cushions for the couch – everything for the complete picture, right 😉 I can’t stop looking at it when I’m coming home, a true eye-catcher ! Thanks again Rick, for this amazing piece of art!

If you are looking for some unique art for the home, I can definitely recommend Rick! He got a great imagination and an eye for detail. Below you find some editorial and commissioned work I really like!


“Melting Point Of Time And Space” – 2014


“Oblivion” – 2013


 “VOGUE(L)”  &  “Isaac Newton” – 2014

Are you as enthusiastic as I am about Rick’s work?!

View more work by Rick on his Facebook page.