Flowers are pure, colorful and emotional. They are for romantic situations, emotional themes and also for cheerful settings in your home. This awesome still life series by CHINNOE & VLEMMIX touched me. Staged and styled perfectly in every detail. Flowers, that don’t need water, only attention. A beautiful way to decorate and show your love for the beauty of nature.

Personally I love flowers. Creating a bouquet and still life are therapeutic to me. I feel completely Zen doing it and enjoy each day seeing flowers evolve and show their heart eventually. Also it triggers my creativity to experiment with different flowers, materials and vases. The natural theme in my home make bold colored bouquets pop. It’s no surprise that the creative duo behind these series are even more passionate about flowers.

Rosan Chinnoe and Marc Vlemmix are partners and soul mates. They keep on challenging each other’s creativity and with this series of impressive flowers, you feel that passion. The sophisticated way of arranging the flowers and the subtle light create theatrical perfection. Their goal is to let you always experience the power of true beauty.

Enjoy the power of true beauty with the impressive flowers still life by CHINNOE | VLEMMIX


– Bloem van der Waarde –


– Bloem naar Mignon –


– Bloem en avocado –


Bloem naar Binoit


– Bloem in rood –


– Bloem –


– Bloem naar de Heem –


– Bloem naar Seghers –

I hoped you experienced the power of true beauty and feel inspired by your next flower still life!

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