Inspired by street art #3

While walking home I pass by this beautiful piece of street art almost every day. A praying woman with an alter ego… a dark image but a bit playful due to the chicken on top. The colors urban, bohemian, natural and african. I selected some color matching interior decoration pieces from great brands like Piet Hein Eek, HK Living and SNURK. The street art is by Brazilian artist Dante Horoiwa. For the very first time I found a matching fashion brand which I added to the small selection. Get inspired by street art from Rotterdam and add some natural tones to your living and closet!

Cryptic Duality is the name of this beautiful piece of street art, which reflects the buildings goal: provide special education for children often with an autistic spectrum. The mural was part of a Brazilian festival in Rotterdam, 2009. If you wanna visit the mural by Horoiwa, it’s 20 meters by 14 meters so you can’t miss it if you walk between the David Lloyd gym and the ‘Hofplein’ fountain. Three of the selected decoration accessories are by Dutch brands which I personally admire. Their focus on structure and material use are knowable signatures. Combining materials with an ‘earthy’ tone is both luxury as modern – a combination very popular in homes right now!

Enjoy this third edition of “inspired by street art”!



Giraffe door stopper by Züny //  Twirre cushion by Snurk // Particles poof by Gelderland // Overdyed rug by HK Living // Bread bowl by Piet Hein Eek


H&M Boho Luxe collection // Same colors and combinations in fashion as this interior selection

I hope you enjoyed this Inspired By post! Are you a fan of the bohemian and earthy mix in interior and fashion?

Photo by Johan Hazenbroek

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