I’ve always been a fan of street art. Ever since great names like Bansky and Lastplak, graffiti is in my eyes a tool to create awesome paintings. Rotterdam is full of it and next to my home there’s a wall ‘legalized’ for graffiti artists. Build in layers and painted by days this piece of art has drawn my attention. The graphical shapes and the meaning intrigues me. I see a ‘rapper’ and some cats, with one particular known from Alice in Wonderland: Cheshire. Magical colors that inspired me today. So let me share my urban color inspiration and some HAY – which also combines these colors in their collection.

One of the street artist Eelco van den Berg created this awesome wall art. His work is amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of his prints! Enjoy my inspired street art color swatches! Wanna visit the wall? Visit Rotterdam, Minimall and look around the corner next to the new build-up of the ‘Luchtsingel‘. One of my ’talents’ as a designer is my vision to connect colors, shapes and other not out-of-the-box projects. The colors used in this graffiti art looked slightly familiar. And then I figured out that HAY used the exact color hues in their collection. Perfect match!

Enjoy the connection between street art and HAY!


Blue & Red Cushion Dot // About A Chair // Bella

Hopefully my visit to the Amsterdam HAY Store this weekend will inspire me with lots of other color hues!

Photos by Johan Hazenbroek