Yesterday I visited Amsterdam with a good friend. We both have the same taste when it comes to interior, design and lifestyle. So we had to visit the HAY store, I had planned months ago. Following the route we both liked we visited HAY and MOOOI particular and some small shops on Haarlemmerstraat and Westerstraat.

Although Amsterdam is always very crowded due to all the tourists, there was a lot to do last weekend. The new Dille & Kamille shop opened and Kloe Kardashian visited the Bijenkorf for her and Kim’s new collection. Besides enjoying sightseeing and design window-shopping, we kept the humor rate high and of course enjoyed some drinks. A lovely day full of inspiration. So enjoy a little share of our favorites of interior design in Amsterdam.

Goal of the day was visiting HAY store Amsterdam. I earlier wrote about the store and shared some photos by Bintihome, but now I got the time to experience it on my own. What I didn’t know is that the HAY store got a little shop-in-shop with food & drinks. I’ve always been a huge fan of these combinations! So that was a huge plus and surprise! After putting lots of HAY products on my huge if-I-was-a-rich-guy-list, we left the Danish design store.




Inspired by some street art we got to visit the MOOOI gallery on Westerstraat. The gallery looks awesome, inspirational and fun! Designs of Lorenza Bozzoli, Bertjan Pot, Studio Job, Joost van Bleiswijk and of course the great magician of design himself: Marcel Wanders. The gallery offers books, living room settings, a huge presentation rooms and the walls are decorated with huge photographs by Levi van Veluw.









We finished in the Haarlemmerstraat where &Klevering is situated. A small shop full of brands like Ferm Living, Norman Copenhagen, By Nord and &Klevering’s own collection. Although I like all these brands, the shop is in my eyes to small to cover it all. There’s not enough attention for all designs. Our hunger for design was fulfilled, but our body was ready for some drinks to still the thirst. So we ended the day with cocktails at Dvars, which also is a treat to the eye. An international luxury cocktail bar with lovely seatings, waitresses and music and can be found on the Reguliersdwars straat.

If you are as interested in interior and design like us, visit for a complete route and pick out your favorite shops! This site is created by blogger and proud Amsterdam citizen Desiree of Vosgesparis, so always up to date with the latest news!

I hope you like our favorites of interior design in Amsterdam!


Photography by Johan Hazenbroek, label1114 & Wesley Jongloed of Vectr