While I was searching for music videos from the 90’s last weekend I stumbled on some kind of pattern. You see, I was enjoying songs from the 90’s like Natalie Imbruglia with Torn where she is singing in her apartment which gets demounted during the music video. So I searched for all the music videos which I remembered featuring interiors.

Well here’s the pattern: all music videos which feature interiors by female singers are about love and relationships going wrong. Off course with some expectations. The only man who really loves his place – I guess to show all his ‘bling’ – is 50cent. Besides that it’s mostly women singing about hard relationships. Enjoy all different interior styles in the music videos which feature interiors I selected. And if you don’t like the song, just mute and watch. Let’s start with this ‘I’ve been wondering around the house all night’ by Bryan Adams and Melanie C.

Enjoy all my selected interiors in music videos!

When you’re gone by Bryan Adams & Melanie C – 1998
The house is connected with some kind of maze, but overall the home is very minimal, modern and white with some green accents and outspoken furniture and interior accessories.

Torn by Natalie Imbruglia – 1997
The set is decorated as a little industrial and basic cabin with some primary colored furniture and natural floors and walls.

Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson – 2004
This house is personally my favorite! An industrial loft with masculine decoration and a lot of blue. I would definitely move in – after a clean up off course! 🙂

4 In The Morning by Gwen Stefani – 2007
What else could you expect from Gwen Stefani besides some gold and glam. This house looks comfortable, yet natural, glamorous and luxurious.

Please Don’t Leave Me by P!nk – 2009
I’m a huge fan of P!nk so I had to share this one. I like the little Stephen King (golf club, clown (IT), axe) scenes in it. It could truly be her house with modern and classical accents. And off course the little eye catchers like the hand cuffs on the wall in the bedroom and the painted dog portraits. Her bedroom even got a little boudoir look-and-feel.

I end this little collection with a music video from a while a go in which colors are styled to match outfits. A music video where retro meets modern, minimal meets clean, futuristic meets moving furniture. It’s Say My Name by Destiny’s Child from the year 2000. A music video that start all orange and ends orange in a  mix with red, white and blue – exactly the Dutch flag. A little out-of-the-box ode to our King Willem Alexander.

Have a great week!

PS: If you want to add some music videos to the list with lovely interiors featured in music videos, feel free to comment below 😉