Ramy Fischler transformed an art deco apartment into a contemporary pied-à-terre with his experimental and creative nature. When I first saw this project I knew I had to share it with you! Fischler adds another dimension to gradients in the living, lacquered plaster and Baroque-era paintings. He printed several mirrors and other surfaces and created spectacular curtains made of lacquered plaster in the hall and walk-in-closet. He also designed a whole line of bespoke furniture, including living room sofas and table, sleeping beds and a foldable secretary desk and closet from framed Dutch silk-screens on wood. This extreme creative designer knows how to transform the right materials to make it look unique and personal. Enjoy his work!

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]esigners like Ramy Fischler are inspirational to me. He shows the possibilities in interior design. In his vision interior design should promote concepts such as creativity, experimentation and craftsmanship which is the reason why he likes to treat each and every project he undertakes as an opportunity to collaborate with other experts and try out new things. That vision inspires me and hopefully it inspires you to. So today a shout out to the amazing designer Ramy Fischler. Get inspired by the layered contrasts in a contemporary pied-à-terre!



// Smokey bronzed mirrors in the dining room


// The curtains were hand-drawn by Fischler and molded by a team of artisans


// Look how two different floor finishes create layered contrasts


// The folding secretary desk is one of my favorite creative designs. But yeah, I got a thing for secret hidings 😉





Happy Monday!

Photos via Yatzer