I finally found some time to visit the exhibition of Marcel Wanders at Stedelijk Amsterdam. I planned a trip before, but it was driven by a lot of enthusiasm in the openings weekend… which was a very very long row of people. I’m glad I visited ‘Pinned Up’ near the end of the expo, because it was really quite (maybe because of the lovely weather). Anyways, I loved the expo! I’ve always been a fan of Wanders’ magical designs. The exhibition space is well decorated with a black and white theme. My favorite theme – no doubt – was the dark with its extraordinary and daring designs.

If you’re in for a trip and you like wandering through a magically designed world, guided by inspiring quotes and decorated with eye-catchers for home and living, then you should definitely visit Pinned Up !





[quote]If poetry is about love and art is about love and theatre is about love and if opera is about love…Why do we think design is about…functionality?[/quote]



Pinned Up will end on the 15th of June 2014, so be quick if you love design!