With Hank you easily turn yourself into 007 at just any party… Exactly, this fashionable gadget gives your suit a big plus. Hank is the pocket square with a pocket! The pocket square, originally born in the USA got redeveloped to a modern ‘man’ in the United Kingdom. Masterfully tailored from silk and cotton with room for your essentials. The pocket got space for your glasses, cash, cards or your telephone – fashion meets function! I never had the ambition to be a true gentleman in a suit, but this fashion accessory is a game-changer! And coming from the UK… well that says enough, right!

It’s not the first innovation based on the pocket square, earlier I wrote on a different pocket square design. A whole different one, but it’s clear that the market needs more innovation for that good ‘old handkerchief. With different patterns, colours and textiles, Hank is there for the Outlaw, the Chief, The Weekender, the Havemeyer and the Selvager! Load up, put it in your pocket and look sharp!

Next time you receive an invitation with your name on it plus one, you should really consider one of these!






// The Outlaw is definitely my personal fav! It’s authentic botanical pattern on blue works best for me!



[quote]You can count on Hank to have your back, in your front pocket…[/quote]


With Hank looking good was never this functional!

PS: Don’t you just love the story, hand-drawn illustrations and branding of Hank?

Images and more via meethank.com