Have you felt the power of the outsides lately? Well I did last weekend while I stayed at my best friends house in the upper north of Holland called “Friesland”. The road towards turned the land more green and wide open. More water, animals and trees. What I most liked was the sound of birds in the morning and evening. That’s the only thing I miss while living in the city. If you are always planning parties, movies and get-togethers you sometimes forget how important it is to be alone (or together) with nature itself. So that’s what I did this weekend – besides partying 😉 I even got a tan.

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]nfortunately I didn’t see these Blue-throated bee-eaters, but the little Dutch sparrows. Creating a garden that looks and act like nature is a great first step. Maybe even add more green on the inside with some hanging jelly planters, like the ones from Angus & Celeste. Take a moment of your time in nature by turning off your computer and go outside – even if it rains.


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Have a great new week!