Once a year it’s tradition to visit Maastricht. We stay at my best friends parents and hit the city for shopping, drinks, dancing and deep conversations – a weekend I cherish! With on my left Bram, the crazy ex-local, world traveller in progress and soulmate. And on my right Denise, the ‘verbal’ trainer, world explorer and partner-in-creative-crime. With these two on my side there are plenty of ingredients for a fun weekend! And don’t you agree that “life is better when you’re laughing”? Although I’m not a huge fan of soccer matches (jup not even World Cup), with the right people on your side even reading manuals will entertain you! Packed with a water gun we laughed so loud, tears were flowing down our cheeks 🙂

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]uckily designers agree! In this Monday Mood I share some of my favourites which popped up while pinning. Let’s kick off with my most favourite photographer David Lachapelle always intrigues me and get a smile on my face. His celeb portraits are hilarious and extravagant! And if you have a little fashion sense and like to spot new trends, you couldn’t have missed the new collection by Moschino by the great Jeremy Scott! Last shows he sent models, dressed like employees of McDonalds, down the catwalk! Scott got an eye for fun and I like the combination of skinny models dressed in fast food! And last but not least the limited edition Landrover by Studio Job! It even sticks out it’s tongue 😛


Elton John by David Lachapelle | Quote | Landrover by Studio Job | Moschino ’14

Have you already laughed today? 🙂