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11 jun


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Little white apartment

11 juni 2014 | By | No Comments

What do you think of this little white apartment in Taiwan? All white doesn’t mean boring, Z-Axis Design adds pops of colours to keep the space filled with personality. Like the black storage unit above and below, where a blue popping corner cabinet is added. Balance is created by a matching lounge chair in the same room. With the right tricks you can easily make a small apartment a place to live.

I’m personally fan of the tricks they used to create a personal space. I would love to spend a whole day in this bedroom to recharge myself and feel zen. Enjoy and get inspired by this small but large-looking white apartment!



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09 jun


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Monday Mood: Breakfast in bed

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It’s Pentecost which means extra long weekend! To me that means spending more time in bed, having all essentials within arm reach and starting the day with new ideas… Yesterday I read something about giving others your time, which is a precious gift. Not only to others but also to yourself. Holiday’s like this give you that opportunity for luxury which you don’t get during the week – well at least I don’t. Tomorrow after my big bed breakfast, I’m gonna grab my shades, a book and a nice cup of coffee for some me-time outside.

Hope you planned a great day for yourself too! Enjoy this second Monday Mood; Breakfast in bed!


Breakfast | Bedroom | Essentials | Light bulbs

Don’t you just love the raw grey and the warm browns?

06 jun


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Fancy Friday: Garden wanna-haves

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Every garden needs some eye-catchers and these wanna-haves all got their own unique style. For this Fancy Friday I had this color combination in my mind, only instead of the color blue like I shared on Monday, I chose a concrete grey to accompany the ‘ginger’ copper. It was hard to find my own personal favorite of these 5 garden wanna-haves, but I found one that actually fits the image in my head. I’ve placed it on my wishlist “home with a garden”. In the meantime I would place it in my home as an art object or even in my bathroom – for a walk-in shower. Jup, I’m referring to the Seletti Aquart garden shower. With a concrete foot and copper on top this is exactly the combination I had in mind.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]aybe it’s the sun, an overdose vitamin D or just the positive vibe I’m in, but I’m enjoying being outside. Even the rainy days, which are great for the landscaped field in front of my home. Earlier this year I shared my summer vibes with some balcony inspiration and my own balcony. Together with friend and stylist Stefanie I teamed up for a garden mood board called “dazzling summer nights“. Anyways, you get the point: I love the outside and I’m happy with my small and cozy balcony (and huge garden imagination).

Enjoy this garden wanna-haves for todays Fancy Friday!


[ 1 ] Fire bowl “Rust” by Esschert // [ 2 ] Urban Garden by Larix // [ 3 ] Vimo lamps by Lucide  // [ 4 ] Aquart garden shower by Seletti // [ 5 ] Lounge chair 1956 by Mal

What’s your personal favorite?

Voor de Nederlandse lezers: Benieuwd waar je deze leuke Vaderdag cadeaus kan scoren? Ik heb alles gevonden op
Fijn weekend!! 🙂

All product photos via
Portrait photo via styling by David Harrison

04 jun


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Inspire and revive at Chateau de la Resle

4 juni 2014 | By | No Comments

This year I’m traveling to the south of France to have a yoga retreat but after seeing this lovely inspirational and luxury retreat more up north, I’m not sure I made the right choice! Chateau de la Resle don’t only offer a mix of luxury comfort and personal attention, it’s also the origin of an innovative new design label. Johan Bouman and Pieter Franssens created an atmosphere in the heart of Burgundy and invited talented Dutch Designers, from whom they purchased work in the past, to create unique products exclusively for their ‘Chateau de la Resle’ label. Bouman and Franssens followed their passion and wouldn’t mind sharing it. They not only created a little ‘design heaven on earth’, but also give you the opportunity to bring a little of that feeling back home with you.

Come along and get inspired by the amazing maven of art, French chateau style, spacious suites and Dutch Design!





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02 jun



Monday Mood: Ginger & Blue

2 juni 2014 | By | 2 Comments

June is here! Time for yet a new theme on the blog and this time it’s *drums*… MONDAY MOOD! I kick off with something personal about the two colors that rule my life: ginger & blue. I’ve always been a natural ginger, a redhead. I got bullied for it because I was different and most of the boys and girls were brunettes or blondes. Yes, I was that little one with freckles and red colored hair. Luckily I’m beyond that and proud of being a redhead. With this sunny weather it is a blessing to see the color of my hair turn almost copper! And that matches so good with blue!

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]lue is a color that started as my favorite color when I first got the chance to choose the interior of my ‘little boy’s room’. Both the carpeting and wallpaper were blue. Blue is calming and all of the sudden I got back to it last year while painting my bedroom blue. This color combination connects the earth with the air, water with the decks and the pier. Not only in interior design the combination is energizing, nature was already enriched with it due to the kingfisher.

Let’s celebrate this Sunny Monday like* we are on our decks in the Caribbean!


Interior | Florence Welch | Kingfisher | Kitchen

*If you are enjoying Monday on your deck in the Caribbean… you are one lucky bastard! 😉

28 mei



Fashion apartment of the king of men’s street style

28 mei 2014 | By | 2 Comments

This awesome apartment is from the king of men’s street style; Nick Wooster! This man is exactly the type I look up to and I’ve spotted him many times on The Sartorialist. Wooster was men’s fashion director at Bergdorfs and Neimans and now works as a free agent and fashion consultant in New York. He attends many fashion weeks, is an Internet Style Icon and a fashion role model. Not only his interior reflects his out-there identity, it’s an inspirational heaven for fashion lovers.

The fashion apartment, what I’m calling it, is situated in West Village and decorated with multiple closets, accessories and eye-catching decoration. Wooster’s whole apartment breaths fashion and although his style doesn’t completely fit mine, I really adore his place – also I wouldn’t mind having a drink with the man 🙂 A grateful man with an unique style, ‘swagger’ and a pulled together interior; what’s not to love !

Have a look and get inspired by Nick Wooster’s identity which is partly captured in his fashion apartment!



“I really can’t describe my interior design aesthetic—it’s exactly the same as getting dressed. It starts with a respect for history, understanding some basic rules, then breaking them, or at least disrespecting them somewhat. And you can never go wrong with grey.” – Nick Wooster


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27 mei



Greens in shops and cafés

27 mei 2014 | By | 2 Comments

While the April edition of Urban Jungle Bloggers was within reach, this May edition challenged me for a trip. Luckily I like trips and planned a visit to a new veggie place in Rotterdam. Together with my friend and ‘health guru’ I visited Arq – a little walk just outside the centre of Rotterdam. This cozy  place got a great philosophy with lots of bio and green food. Their mission: “super delicious food without meat or fish”. Well, that was something I had to try out! A perfect moment to spot some greens in cafés, shops or restaurants on our way. Although the food was delicious and really nutritive, there wasn’t that much green!

Last week I spotted lots of greens in shops and cafés, not in the shape of plants but in flowers. You can call it trending but if you walk into a random lunchroom of café in Rotterdam your table is decorated with different flowers in bottles, small vases or designer objects.

What I did spot was a lovely store called ‘Stek’ which means ‘place’ of ‘spot’, mostly if you refer to some meters on a land. Anyway, at this shop you can buy anything for your urban city garden – well at least that’s how they position themselves. So at the end I got a great shot for this months Urban Jungle Bloggers theme. Enjoy my little addition!



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23 mei


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Concrete and curiosa at The Line Hotel

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This new cultural outpost is build on a collaborative philosophy between chefs, bartenders, creatives and designers. The Line Hotel is located in a mid-century building in Los Angeles. Knibb Design re-imagined and restored the hotel’s interior. They even decorated some rooms with a couple of their own furniture pieces which finishes the whole picture. Raw concrete mixed with geometric boots, stained-wood panelling, blue patterns and textiles all togethers creates an urban environment. Knibb’s team created an inspiring place where even locals feel at home! Have a look for yourself, and tell me would you stay at The Line Hotel with your next visit in LA?








Behold,  these photos are 3D-rendered. Can you imagine how The Line Hotel would look for real? I would!  Imagine these concrete walls mixed with the Latin American textiles and that lovely Leaf Table by Knibb Design – urban enough for you?

Photos by Knibb Design / Cykora

21 mei


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Archipelago: more than a store

21 mei 2014 | By | One Comment

Besides visiting Stedelijk last weekend, I planned a visit to the store I mentioned earlier on the blog. Although I love Rotterdam and can’t imagine myself living somewhere else, I enjoy walking along the canals in Amsterdam – especially with the sunny weather! Happy people everywhere, from sitting on the stairs in front of their homes to enjoying drinks on boats. I followed the canal on the side of Prinsengracht, where the only store is located which sells the lovely brand Mineheart, in The Netherlands – I featured last week. But after a quick look at the website, the store surprised me! I’m known for my many adorations and even Swedish antiques and post war vintage furniture intrigues me.

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19 mei


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For the love of design: Pinned Up by Marcel Wanders

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I finally found some time to visit the exhibition of Marcel Wanders at Stedelijk Amsterdam. I planned a trip before, but it was driven by a lot of enthusiasm in the openings weekend… which was a very very long row of people. I’m glad I visited ‘Pinned Up’ near the end of the expo, because it was really quite (maybe because of the lovely weather). Anyways, I loved the expo! I’ve always been a fan of Wanders’ magical designs. The exhibition space is well decorated with a black and white theme. My favorite theme – no doubt – was the dark with its extraordinary and daring designs.

If you’re in for a trip and you like wandering through a magically designed world, guided by inspiring quotes and decorated with eye-catchers for home and living, then you should definitely visit Pinned Up !





[quote]If poetry is about love and art is about love and theatre is about love and if opera is about love…Why do we think design is about…functionality?[/quote]



Pinned Up will end on the 15th of June 2014, so be quick if you love design!