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Urban Jungle Bloggers: Green balcony

It’s getting more sunny by the day – well at least it does in Rotterdam. I reprogrammed my biorhythm to get home earlier in the evening to enjoy the last sunlight and have diner on my balcony. Just the motivation I needed to start and create my own little urban jungle. Earlier I shared my new balcony ideas, but for now I just added some more green to create a more colorful balcony. While visiting Igor’s blog (Happy Interior blog) I saw this awesome monthly Urban Jungle Bloggers theme from happy bloggers all around the world. This month I join the fun with the theme  “Show your green balcony” . Enjoy the first look of my Urban Jungle in progress with bright yellows, fresh greens and warm wood.

Living in the centre of Rotterdam automatically creates an urban vibe when it comes to creating your own little garden with the space you’ve got. Although I love the color of concrete, the wooden flooring by IKEA creates a more warm look. The little bistro set is cozy but not enough for having more than just one friend over. That’s the reason I made new plans for my green balcony. The bright yellow cushion by H&M Home adds a little Caribbean touch and inspired me for a healthy snack from yoghurt and pineapple. Birds in the city are rare, besides pigeons and seagulls, so I adopted another Pols Potten singing bird :). All together I really love my urban green balcony. I just can’t wait to realize my ideas and finish it all together for summer. Hope you like it to!


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NS Upcycle voor unieke designs

Materialen die een tweede leven krijgen, daar word ik nou blij van! En dan doel ik niet op de antieke meubels van je (groot) ouders of van de kringloop, of de vele vintage stromingen die momenteel meer dan hip zijn. Nee ik doel op de transformaties van NS Upcycle waarbij treinbekleding en gele reisinformatieborden een compleet nieuwe functie en een tweede leven krijgen in jouw leven. Ben je net zoals ik een forens en reis je dagelijks met de trein, dan is deze samenwerking tussen NS en vernieuwende ontwerpers zeker iets voor jou!

Mijn persoonlijke favorieten van de ‘Upcycle’ zijn de tassen, kussens (2NDARE) en hockers (Meubelspuiterij Elburg) die van oude treinstoelbekleding zijn gemaakt! Sommige schitteren zelfs extra door willekeurige graffiti tags die de NS liever niet in de trein ziet, maar een tas en kussen uniek maken. Herinner je nog die groene skai treinbekleding van misschien zelfs je eerste treinreis? Die skai siert nu op een hippe hocker. Hieronder enkele favorieten – waarvan enkele helaas al verkocht zijn…


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Fancy Friday: Caged Lightning

Monday I sold my bow lamp which took a lot space in the home and wasn’t flexible to move around with my drive to redecorate my home. Ever since I bought Fringe by Zuiver, I look out for different lamps than the standard shapes. In my search for a new lamp my eye dropped on a lot of beautiful ceiling lamps and pendants. These caged lightning objects are a work of art and mostly in brass, metal or copper. I really fancy the industrial diamond shaped ones – which you see a lot lately. In this Fancy Friday post I collected my favorites, including a table frame by House Doctor I adore. What I love most about these iron caged lightning is that they look ‘airy’. I fancy the Diamond Pendant by JSPR for Pols Potten the most – in black of course! What’s your personal favorite?


[ 1 ] Diamonds by JSPR for Pols Potten // [ 2 ] Work lamp by Design House Stockholm // [ 3 ] Living Lab by HK Living // [ 4 ] DecoHome by House Doctor // [ 5 ] Copper Pendant by Bloomingville

It’s a lot better than the old work lamp you see on construction sites. Can’t wait to see these on new building platforms in an industrial space with bricks and lots of concrete. Would be fun 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!


Easter decoration inspiration with a twist

Easter is coming up. Coming weekend lots of kids will explore parks, gardens or homes in the search for Easter eggs. Twigs are getting sold out on the flower stand around the corner, bunnies will pop up decorated with hay and we will all (yes even I) express our art on some hard boiled eggs before breakfast. Decorating the home asks for some creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to fit your own style in Easter decorating. So while  surfing the internet I found this lovely Easter decoration inspiration which fits my style and acts a bit ‘off road’. And with off road I mean no purple, pink or yellow. Enjoy this different approach on Easter decoration, which in my eyes is even a little masculine 😉

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ina Holst of Stylizimo is a stylist I adore. Her eye for detail and love for minimal, white and soft contrast is what inspires me. Although her Easter decoration is a bit soft she did inspire me to chose for natural instead of pastel colors. I love the dip dyed easter eggs and the dotted bronze ones. The cut out Easter bunnies for napkin decoration finished with a stroke of hay – all together a maximal effect. Ferm Living is one of the first brands I got to know. Their collection is awesome, but their creative team even more! The painted Easter eggs black with a matching pattern to their latest collection. Same with cut-out marble eggs to decorate the twigs – it all fit the Ferm Living signature… I’m getting happier by the minute because of all the creativity! Well that said, scroll and see for yourself!

Enjoy this Easter decoration inspiration with a twist and ‘hop’ on!


// Easy DIY idea to cut out bunnies from brass colored paper




All above photos by the wonderful Nina Holst





Photography by Ferm Living


And in case you really want to shine with your art skills, and you have a steady hand, take egg painting to a next level like the example above! (photo via)

Happy Easter all!


37 square meters light and minimal apartment

When it comes to small spaces and interior I’m always interested to see how the owner decorated the place. My own apartment is a bit bigger with it’s 55 square meters, still small but I respect those with less space! For instance this 37 square meters studio apartment from Sweden, which looks a lot bigger due to the colors, interior decoration and the floor plan. What I like most about this apartment is the mix of styles. Overall it’s minimalistic with lots of black and white (love!), but there’s also an industrial and Nordic vibe. Although the interior looks a bit cold, the rooms feel cozy and playful.

In my opinion the warmest spot in the apartment is the kitchen because of the wooden cabinets, but also because of the brick wall which shows it’s character. I hope you like this small spaced apartment as much as I do. Welcome inside a 37 square meter minimal apartment filled with natural light and a mix of different styles!


I fell in love with this apartment due to this single photo. All the black-and-white decoration, what’s not the love right? The neon light bar with ‘Bonjour’, the different patterns and graphics on the cushions, the wooden stick which is there for no reason 😉



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Inspired by street art #3

While walking home I pass by this beautiful piece of street art almost every day. A praying woman with an alter ego… a dark image but a bit playful due to the chicken on top. The colors urban, bohemian, natural and african. I selected some color matching interior decoration pieces from great brands like Piet Hein Eek, HK Living and SNURK. The street art is by Brazilian artist Dante Horoiwa. For the very first time I found a matching fashion brand which I added to the small selection. Get inspired by street art from Rotterdam and add some natural tones to your living and closet!

Cryptic Duality is the name of this beautiful piece of street art, which reflects the buildings goal: provide special education for children often with an autistic spectrum. The mural was part of a Brazilian festival in Rotterdam, 2009. If you wanna visit the mural by Horoiwa, it’s 20 meters by 14 meters so you can’t miss it if you walk between the David Lloyd gym and the ‘Hofplein’ fountain. Three of the selected decoration accessories are by Dutch brands which I personally admire. Their focus on structure and material use are knowable signatures. Combining materials with an ‘earthy’ tone is both luxury as modern – a combination very popular in homes right now!

Enjoy this third edition of “inspired by street art”!


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Robin print by LABEL1114

In maart pakte ik het tekenen weer op. Niks fijner dan je nog creatiever voelen en je gedachten op papier te schetsen – tenminste zo werkt het bij mij 🙂 Ook had ik beloofd dat de tekening met de meeste likes (op Instagram) omgezet werd in een print… en dat is dit Roodborstje geworden! Drie versies: een natuurlijke met waarden (in het Engels), één zonder de waarden en een minimale versie. Omdat ik iedereen de vrijheid wil geven om een eigen persoonlijke ‘touch’ toe te voegen, heb ik ook versies gemaakt waarbij je zelf de woorden kan toevoegen die voor jou belangrijk zijn. Lijst de print in, gebruik ‘m als achtergrond van je mobiel of pin de print op jouw Pinterest board! Geniet van deze eerste print van LABEL1114.


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Inspiration for your home: Moroccan and industrial mix

One person who always inspires me is Nina Holst of Stylizimo. Her basement is decorated with a Moroccan and industrial vibe. Exactly the one I would love to create for my balcony.
Her whole home is a huge inspiration, like her low-budget walk in closet. Unfortunately I don’t have the space for that now, but she inspires me for creative thinking in the home! Her eye for detail and creativity… what’s not to love! Also great photography!

More of her on stylizimoblog.com

Binnenkijkers, Mijn appartement in Rotterdam

Life at home

Having breakfast at Saturday feels like luxury. On the weekdays it’s always in a hurry, without enjoying my home as much as I do now. I love it when the first real sun rays light up my home. I’m in love with my new side table by Leitmotiv, which creates more room for glasses and snacks while having friends over – and off course for decorating 🙂

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y day went a bit different. I was supposed to attend the Villa ArenA bloggers day by BlogToday. Meeting some of my favorite fellow bloggers, but sometimes you have to take a step back and listen to your body. So instead I took some more hours of sleep and recharged.

Now it’s time to enjoy the sun! Enjoy your weekend







Dark luxury with black and brass

If there’s one color combination I never thought I would love, it’s the combination of black and gold (brass). My kitchen is partly black and gold and I ‘hated’ it when I moved in, but now I even decorated it with a golden Singing Bird by Pols Potten. So today I share my love for this color combination which I define as ‘Dark Luxury’. This color combination is something I relate to the old Pharaohs and Cleopatra. Recently examples are found by great creators like Daft Punk in the music world and Studio Job in interior design.

Enjoy black and brass in style, fashion, music videos, interior and exterior.




















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Happy Thursday !

All images via Pinterest