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02 apr



Holiday cabin redecoration

2 april 2014 | By | 2 Comments

Last weekend I spent in a holiday log cabin in Drenthe, a region in The Netherlands. I got me a great deal so the decision was both easy and spontaneous! The outside of the cabin was awesome, almost like I’ve imagined (different color). But the inside was so disappointing! Poor, ‘cold’ and desolate. A log cabin for six persons, with an old leathered ‘modern’ couch, three not matching garden chairs and a not matching coffee table. Only the curtains were charming. So in a case like that, my mind takes over control. I’ve redecorated the cabin almost a thousand times, switching furniture and picking new ones. So I decided to create two different mood boards for a cabin redecoration, which I share in this post. Two different tones, one warm, one more clean but ‘airy’ to create the idea that the living is bigger. Enjoy!

There are a couple things to consider while redecoration a specific holiday cabin. First of all, it’s a cabin in the wood and surrounded by dirt which means no rug on the floor or furniture with textile to the floor. And second, the interior can not be to expensive because of the use by different visitors and because of the times the interior needs to be duplicated to all log cabins on the park. So to maintain a low budget I used furniture and decoration of IKEA and H&M Home. For the wall decoration I found some prints on Etsy, label them with the designers also honors the designer and gives the opportunity to collect the art for yourself 🙂

To give you an impression of the actual state of the living I took a photo with my phone.


So here are my 2 holiday cabin redecoration ideas…

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26 mrt



My brand new blue bedroom #2

26 maart 2014 | By | 12 Comments

Last week the Fringe lamp and the louvre doors finally arrived, so my bedroom is almost finished the way I imagined it. To finish it all I need some decoration pieces for the cupboard and an art piece for the wall. I never thought I would like it this much! The color blue makes me feel calm – which helps me get rest – and the new ceiling lamp adds a different layer and creates a contrast. And last but not least, the louvre doors to the bathroom are creating more space. Enjoy my master bedroom part 2!

In my previous post on my bedroom redecoration you see where it all started. From beige to blue is a huge difference but I never felt so calm and relaxed before hitting dreamland. And the start of the change: my Piet Hein Eek cupboard, is situated on the opposite of my bed so I see it every morning while I wake up. Almost 4 years I had a beige bedroom which looked like a hotel room on purpose, but now it looks more like a modern boudoir. Also on purpose, but I never thought I would ever buy a ceiling lamp like this. But it’s more ‘out there’, more daring!


Hard coal Fringe lamp by Zuiver above the bed adds a baroque and boudoir twist to the modern room


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Old pencil factory turns into stunning Vipp family home

24 maart 2014 | By | No Comments

Morten Bo Jensen is living in his own design. The Chief Designer of Vipp transformed an old pencil factory in a modern and stunning family home. The factory is located in central Copenhagen and not only renovated. Besides renovation, Jensen completely redesigned the factory but kept an industrial look-and-feel with lots of structured materials, dark colors and minimal furniture. Gotta love all the Vipp products! Even the black kitchen of the year is installed in his family home. Some eye-catchers in the home relate to the old factory’s history, like an art piece made of yellow pencils. Enjoy a view inside Morten Bo Jensen’s own showroom of design!











After seeing this home I’m even more greedy to get some Vipp!

Images via Homedit and Vipp

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Last weekend finds #2

24 maart 2014 | By | One Comment

Last weekend was full of relaxing, watching movies and meeting friends. I also kept on drawing, each day a new direction or with a special friend in mind. I love drawing and it keeps my creativity flowing. In this post I share my drawings of last week and the things that caught my eye. All drawings will be posted here and if you really like one, let me know! The one with the most ‘likes’ will be transformed into a poster you can download later on the blog. Enjoy my last weekend finds!


// Robin with what I value the most drawing


// The flight to infinite freedom drawing


// Friday Friends Fun drawing


// Iggy Azalea drawing


// Old school brass luggage car at the Hilton Hotel
Would love this for my bedroom. Nice details at the entrance with these copper mosaic tiles


// Moroccan table settings at Zenza


// New flowers for the dinner table in previous weekend wine bottles

Don’t miss anything, follow me on Instagram @ label1114 🙂

Happy Monday!

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Fancy Friday: Triangle Cushions

21 maart 2014 | By | No Comments

It’s all about graphic prints nowadays. Geometric pointy shapes in soft colors decorate many couches and are featured in various look books of all the famous brands. On this Fancy Friday I highlight a selection of triangle cushions from brands like Bloomingville, Ferm Living and Snurk. As a designer I’m fond of geometric prints and this selection of cushions show a variety of different patterns – from subtle to fully covered cushions.  Fall in love with triangles and shop your personal favorite! Fancy Friday!

Triangles have never been as hot as they are now in interior design. Triangle cushions add new dimensions to your couch, bed or outside on your garden furniture. The combination of sharp edged triangles and the soft colors create an awesome contrast. My personal favorite is the minty cushion by Bloomingville, where triangles are arranged in a subtle path over the cushion. Dutch brand ‘Snurk’ even added a bevel of triangle shapes that give a 3D-effect. The twin sisters of Dutch brand LileSadi are so in love with triangles that they even covered their website with soft triangles.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!


1. Black mini triangle cushion by Ferm Living  | 2. Geogami cushion by Snurk  |  3. Minty triangle cushion by Bloomingville – personal fav! |  4. Farrow S by FEST via LevaLeva  |  5. Triangle cushion by House Doctor  |  6. Soft Triangles cushion by LileSadi

Head image: Sengeteppe Remix by Ferm Living.

Did you miss the previous Fancy Friday posts? Find them here 🙂

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Rainbow Shades Cloudy Grey No.2 by Julien Renault

21 maart 2014 | By | No Comments

The Rainbow Shades lamps are created after a research with kids during a workshop at la Villa Noailles, the Rainbow Shades are unique and made in a limited production in Julien Renault’s workshop. Characterized by a material experience, the chromatics possibilities are endless. Through the production method each shade is unique in color composition. As soft as marble, the Rainbow Shades are made with reinforced synthetic plaster.

Choose your favorite on

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Last weekend finds #1

19 maart 2014 | By | No Comments

Last weekend I spent some time in my parents cabin in the woods. A lovely place to get lost and get some rest. I’ve always enjoyed nature and it’s not weird that all materials of nature are so trending in interiors lately. I think we all need some time off when it comes to screaming (social) media advertising. I’m going to force myself to visit that lovely spot in nature more often. Nature is inspiring in all her ways. The different shades, the fallen trees, singing birds… I see more of it appearing in my interior, especially wood. Before visiting the little cabin, I visited Amsterdam for a TV program event of Toren C. The event was staged in an industrial barn with an even more industrial decorated bar next to it. Bar “Roest” is decorated with a mix of eclectic and industrial, which fits the laid back attitude of their visitors and employees. And last but not least I started drawing again, day by day I want to challenge myself to draw something. Enjoy my weekend finds!

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]esides drawing for fun I want to give you the opportunity to select your favourite. The drawing with the most ‘likes’ will be turned into a poster and digitalised so you can download it! Drawing triggers my creativity and I’m happy to found that part of me back 🙂

Behind the ‘scenes’ I’m working hard on my new bedroom from which I will share part 2 very soon!  Also I’m working on some more home tours to share with you. For now here’s a little selection of my Instagram life last weekend. I tried to keep my phone of, but my surrounding begged me to get captured 🙂



// Butterfly “E”* trip
E stands for Emma, a friend which inspired me for this drawing


// Sleeping under my new Zuiver Fringe lamp


// Inside Bar “Roest” in Amsterdam


// Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Times quote drawing


// My parents cabin in the woods


// Ziva (parents cat) sleeping drawing


And of course a #selfie with the ladies from Toren C 😉

Comment your favourite!

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Fancy Friday: Extraordinary Vases

14 maart 2014 | By | One Comment

Flowers, each week new flowers. I just love flowers, mostly the different ‘tropical’ ones which don’t look that common. Or thistles, which are not that much of a flower – but I like them! I don’t like roses but I appreciate tulips. Besides the right flowers, I love extraordinary vases because together with the right flower it’s almost a piece of art. I recently bought a partly concrete partly ceramic vase of House Doctor for my new blue bedroom. I also own a vase in the shape of a cactus and one looking like a reversed lightbulb. On this Fancy Friday I selected a list of extraordinary vases I would love to add to my home for the perfect still life. I added one flower pot of Madam Stoltz from the Spring 2014 collection: Geometrics, in which I would love to add several flowers. My personal favorite: the paper vase by Pepe Heykoop.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday it’s time for flowers to celebrate LABEL1114′ 1st birthday! I selected the latest vases with extraordinary shapes, like the Golden Gun vase by Bloomingville and the Bestow vase by Areaware. Although I don’t like violence, this design vase gives guns a whole new dimension. SUCK UK surprised me earlier with their combined gun vase, which you can see in my post on The Black Apartment by Cindy Gallop. These selected vases are true eye catchers and in monochromic colors and different materials.

My own extraordinary vases are the House Doctor concrete vase and the cactus shaped vase – approach with caution! But I would love to add the Paper Vase by Pepe Heykoop to my collection.

Enjoy my top 5 of extraordinary vases and get inspired by a different approach on home decoration!


[ 1 ] Golden gun vase by Bloomingville // [ 2 ] Paper vase by Pepe Heykoop – my personal fav! // [ 3 ] Closely Seperated vase by Muuto  [ 4 ]  Hand Hooks Bestow vase by Areaware // [ 5 ] White Geometric pot by Madam Stoltz

More inspiration for vases, flowers and creating the right still life can be found on Impressive Flowers Still life by Chinnoe & Vlemmix.

14 mrt



Celebrating one year of LABEL1114

14 maart 2014 | By | 3 Comments

Wow the year passed so fast and here we are at week 11, 14th of March: Label1114 is officially 1 year rocking it online! Blogging is fun, creative and educational. After a year of blogging I can recommend it to everyone with the idea of starting a blog: Do it! Last year I’ve learned a lot and got a better feeling with the direction of my blog, but also with defining my own interior style. During some Designer spotlights I got a lot gratefulness and lovely reactions, I got inspired by some young designers and met inspirational fellow bloggers. I met lovely people, enjoyed the newest collections of my favorite brands – and also discovered some new interesting brands. Time for a recap of the last year with some fun, facts and goals.

LABEL1114 has to be inspiring and fun. I like eye-catching and daring design but also high quality and ‘personal’. LABEL1114 is my personal brand and I want it to act just like me. When I started blogging I had to find a way to write it the right way. I can drown in design: I want to know the idea and vision behind it, what materials, the story of the designer, and during the little research my creative mind starts to work and pops ideas which need to be structured. Being creative feels gifted, but it’s also very exhausting. Research on one subject can lead to 4 different blog posts – and narrowing things down is always a challenge! And as a signature I like to share my thoughts on a design or an association, because LABEL1114 is a personal journey written from my vision on the interior design world. And I’m so glad that I started this journey because it brings me lots of joy 🙂


I started blogging in Dutch but the facts showed me visitors from all over the world, which didn’t ‘stay’ that long. That was some positive feedback, so after discussions with fellow bloggers I started to write in English to reach even more readers. Besides comments and reactions, facts give me the feedback I need to sometimes change course. So here are some facts from the last year*.

11.225 visitors
8.687 unique visitors
21.593 page views

1) The Netherlands 78%
2) Belgium 8%
3) United States 4%

Top read posts

[ 1 ] DIY kattenbak kast (Dutch) (translate to: cat litter box closet)
I wrote this one out of curiosity after my parents adopted a cat. Where to put that ugly and smelly cat litter box? I found the solution and so do others now on label1114 through their Google search 😉

[ 2 ] IKEA limited chalet collection
I love IKEA and their chalet collection opened my eyes to a style I didn’t related to IKEA – but these guys keep surprising me!

[ 3 ] Category page of home tours
Hopefully I can show some more soon. I like finding the identity of the owners back in interior items.


What to expect next year? With a background in graphic design and passion for creating, one of my dreams is to create a small collection of interior accessories. Also I want to explore more interior. So ideas are always welcome and last but not least I force myself to share more of my home and ideas.


Guest bloggers wanted
Last year friend, motivator and fellow blogger Jantine of Bleaq wrote the first guest post which I truly loved! I’m still making up my mind choosing the right art for my bedroom. But if you own a blog and want a guest post on label1114 I encourage you to contact me – I won’t bite and I’m open to all suggestions.

I’m off to celebrate this first year with my best friend which helps me a lot in and around my home. I’m gifted with a creative mind and 2 left hands, so when it comes to electricity works and other technical tricks he’s my hero.

Cheers to this 1st birthday of LABEL1114. Thank you for reading and enjoy your weekend!

XO Johan


*[ Based on Google Analytics from 14-03-2013 / 13-03-2014 ]

Header image “The Rocking Chicken Ride, Fantasy Collection Lladró” by Jaime Hayon

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Chocolate Wonderland: Cafe Wedel

12 maart 2014 | By | No Comments

Willy Wonka would be jealous on the interior of Cafe Wedel by Polish design studio ‘Lesinka Concept’. Bold pieces of furniture, gold finishes, lamps and glittering surfaces decorated with pastel colored furniture. The natural accents of wood, stone and brass were added for their durability and timelessness. A treat to the eye for both chocolate lovers and interior fans. Although these images are rendered by Lesinka Concept, it looks like a cafe I would visit. I can’t imagine people who dislike chocolate, although I have met a few *in shock*. The materials which are trending now, like marble is perfectly shaped in a bench top frame which looks expensive, but in a modern way And, literally, on top of it all a chocolate ‘dripping’ ceiling. I just had to share this awesome concept store of the famous Polish confectionary company ‘E. Wedel’. Enjoy and let this morning feel like you’ve won the golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory!

Cafe Wedel is the first store I ‘know’ which totally fits the image of a full experience store! What I most like is the huge contrast and the eye for detail. Although ‘Jeeves’ by Jake Philipps don’t relate to chocolate when it comes to lamps, it fits the contrast of brass with dark fine colors. Also a lovely detail in the restroom with the chocolate bucket. A store I would definitely visit if I get the chance!

Enjoy some chocolate wonderland with Cafe Wedel by Lesinka Concept!



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