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24 feb



My brand new blue bedroom

24 februari 2014 | By | 7 Comments

Although my blue bedroom isn’t completely finished yet, I would like to share it with you! The blue-colored walls are now on it for a week and I love it! I feel more calm going to bed – it’s more peaceful now that I’m surrounded by the color of air and water. Off course I couldn’t resist to buy some new decoration with a touch of blue :). The partly blue concrete vase by House Doctor was on top of my list. Next to that I bought a ceiling lamp by Dutch Design studio Zuiver. Fringe is different and something you wouldn’t combine with the rest, but that’s why I had to have it. It’s neo baroque and the anthracite grey fits within the color scheme I had in mind. There are still some little todo’s on my list, like painting the doors and frames silk white, getting louvre doors towards my bathroom and some art for the wall above my Piet Hein Eek cupboard. But for now, here’s a first look into my new bedroom!

My blue bedroom wall is painted Histor ‘Eigen’ and ‘Saffier’. They are slightly different but enough to create a subtle contrast. Raoul Dufy, a French Fauvist painter (1877-1953) who’s paintings mostly consisted of the color blue once quoted “Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones… it will always stay blue”. I like it because it equals my characteristics. Although my goals, taste and behavior changes like the weather, I’m always that weird ‘oddly’ people person. I can’t to finish my todo list and share the whole picture with you!




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23 feb


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Meet Leti the 3D-printed Wood Pecker

23 februari 2014 | By | No Comments

Dutch Studio Macura printed a 3D-bird named ‘Leti’ to accompany pendant lights. Simple and sophisticated.

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21 feb


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Spotted: Copenhagen by Vifa

21 februari 2014 | By | One Comment

Sound in a perfect shape, that’s Copenhagen by Danish speaker manufacturer Vifa! Vifa created a versatile, durable and iconic object for the home – connecting with its owner’s lifestyle. Authentic sound from the inside and a light Nordic design on the outside, where the matte polished aluminium frame is finished with a special-woven textile cover by Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles: Kvadrat. Even the intuitive user experience is simplified with a Scandinavian touch. I’m personally a huge fan of all Danish brands and music so looking at the Copenhagen is like love at first sight 🙂 Pure enjoyment in every detail and portable! Easy to replace and even hipster to carry on your shoulder!

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]openhagen is awesome and well designed! The design approach is based on years of research into user preferences, connecting to people’s values and creating everyday benefits. Vifa collaborated with Danish innovation and design consultancy ‘Design People’. Their team of researchers, psychologists and designers teamed up with the skilled Vifa team and have taken Copenhagen all the way through the music listener’s journey. They’ve putted dreams and desires into realization. Even the specific app and website got a Scandinavian touch, which finish the whole Vifa experience!

Copenhagen is only available for iOs (for now).

Cheers to Vifa, the Danish brand which pleases both ears and eyes!








 // Personalize your experience and chose one of the six selected colors. Each color has its own vibrant character, energetic, elegant or understated. Choose the one which you desire the most!


Enjoy your weekend!

Photos by Vifa

More information and pictures on

20 feb


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Balcony inspiration: Dazzling midsummer nights by Stefanie

20 februari 2014 | By | One Comment

Birds are singing and the sun shows herself more and more these days. Together with interior stylist and friend Stefanie Broekers I was brainstorming for some balcony and garden inspiration. We both picked the lovely garden with a cinema screen and relaxing cushions decorated with lanterns. The trends of last years outdoors where all about ‘the inside out’ – a way to extend your living room. We think that this year it’s more about escaping the city and relax and enjoy and spend more time with friends. A little more cozy and contact with Mother Earth. Natural materials, a little bit of Morocco and soft colors. A more feminine approach, but the one I like. With my new interest in yoga it’s all about taking more time to relax and escaping the rush. With this balcony & garden collage by Stefanie, she gives you some inspiration to create your own dazzling midsummer night!

It’s not fully summer, but with this balcony inspiration you’ll have some time gathering the right ingredients for the outdoors! Although soft colors are not my personal favorite, I got to say I love these products Stefanie pulled together! I still have some own favorites for my own balcony inspiration but I’m going to make it similar to the one below, just to try out different colors and make it more masculine. But the challenge is to create the same setting with different products. I’ll hope to show to you all soon. But first get inspired by Dazzling Midsummer Nights!! Take the ‘Citronella’ Incense to stay mosquito-free on a graceful way. How fun would it be to watch black and white movies on that huge screen – or on someones notebook 🙂

Enjoy a little midsummer breeze!


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17 feb


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In the search for art

17 februari 2014 | By | One Comment

Today I visited the Witte de With in Rotterdam. The street where Marlies Dekkers owns a shop, worldly restaurant Bazar is suited, where cultural festivals meet and where lots of art galleries are listed. With my yet new bedroom I’m in the search of a lovely art piece, so with the sun in my back I enjoyed an inspirational trip. Two art galleries popped out: The House Of Ababa and art expo TENT – which was recently renewed. The House Of Ababa is brand new and a platform for both established artists and young talent to show and sell their work and to give art lovers the chance to collect art in an easy and accessible way. The art now established, is a combination of graffiti, photo manipulation and pop art. TENT exposed a complete different way of art by Anne Wenzel. The Opaque Palace are works produced over the past ten years and show a large monographic exhibition. Wenzels work is dark and shows lost causes with her post-romantic imagination and baroque.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o two completely different art genres, but in my eyes both inspirational and beautiful. What I like about Anne Wenzel in TENT is the dark imagination and material use, creating a haunted place laden with old and mostly forgotten stories. What I like about The House Of Ababa is the changing collection with young talent and the pop art signature. For example, the huge banana something ordinary which the great – yes I’m a huge fan – Andy Warhol turned into art. So here are my favorites, hope I can inspire you to visit both galleries 🙂

Enjoy !

// The House Of Ababa – A touch of pop art and young and established talents






// TENT – Anne Wenzel “The Opaque Palace”








Photos by Johan Hazenbroek

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11 feb


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A touch of calm… blue

11 februari 2014 | By | One Comment

While the idea for redecorating my bedroom started around November last year, this weekend I finally found the time to actually do it. I was tired of the retro wallpaper and the beige colors. The wallpaper flew right towards me every evening before hitting dreamland… so it was time for a change. Something new, something calm.. something blue! Blue is one of my favorite colors – and with me lots of others because blue is the number 1 favorite color of all people. Maybe it’s because I love swimming, water, my sign is water (scorpio) or maybe because I love the night…

Anyway, I wanted a calm color for more peace but not gray – like my living room. At the home depot store I bought Histor paint – a brand I came familiar with while winning the design competition by Histor and Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. I also already placed my cupboard in my new blue bedroom. Unfortunately I don’t have high res photos of my new bedroom color, because it’s not completely finished yet. I mis-measured my wall .. oops. So I hope to share it with you next week!

For now I’ll share some inspiration from my Pinterest “COLOR // BLUE” board I collected. For example I love the Japanese blue porcelain bowls, the porcelain plates you can mount to your wall (I would love that in my bedroom) and I recently spotted the Porcelain Wallpaper by Studio Ditte. During the Meet The Bloggers day Tricia Guild of Designers Guild, was there to talk about color and promote her new book “Colour Deconstructed”. I bought a copy and spotted the dip dye blue wallpaper. Her book features lots of blue tones. And last but not least, the famous Danish brand Ferm Living introduced inked blue accessories for their SS 14 collection.



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06 feb



Pocketmen: for the new dandy

6 februari 2014 | By | 2 Comments

Innovative, modern, brass, stainless steel and geometric shapes. The Pocketmen is a pure form of artistic jewelry. Juliette de Graaf created this high-tech pocket-square for the modern gentleman and new dandy. The contemporary alternative to the stylish pocket-square is available in many shapes, both stainless steel and brass. And to finish it all; it comes in a luxury gift box. So here’s a shout out to all the modern men which crave for something new to fit with their suit: Pocketmen, a high-tech pocket accessory to rock at special occasions or at work!

While visiting her stand on Swan Market, Juliette told me something I agree with: “For women there’s a lot on accessories, but for men it’s very limited”, and that’s the exact reason she decided to design the Pocketmen. In and around her family there are a lot men wearing suits, but besides cufflinks and different handkerchiefs matching with the tie, the options to accessorize are limited. She changed that and not only for the youngsters:  Juliette’s 92-year old father in law is rocking it!

I surely can’t wait for summer to wear my jackets to work, combined with my favorite t-shirts and get myself a nice Pocketmen!



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29 jan


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Spotted: Material Lust

29 januari 2014 | By | One Comment

Material Lust is formed by a duo which define themselves as artists masquerading as designers. Lauren Larson and Christian Lopez Swafford – both raised as artists by their mother – met each other on Parsons School of Design. Working from New York City, they create conversations around their admittedly ominous aesthetic and identity in a movement they have coined ‘Oppressionism’. They combine heavy-handed theatrics, high design and its exploitation of uncomfortable and often pornographic imagery. An extraordinary vision if you ask me, but I really like their designs which are made of black, brass and metal. Also quite trending because of the play with geometrics. Enjoy this slightly different designer duo!

Larson earned the award for Outstanding Design Achievement during her stay at Parsons School of Design. She got featured in The New York Times and and is Creative Director of Material Lust. Swafford is the founder of Material Lust and his current work reconciles the lyricism of European and Amerindian traditional cultures with the pragmatism of the Information Age – which he got from his fathers background as an American Software Engineer. Both designers are artistically defined at an early age and use both of their experiences in the field of design for Material Lust. Awesome skill set, wouldn’t you say!  Enjoy their work which kinda sparks my dark side 😉



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27 jan


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Layered contrasts in a contemporary pied-à-terre

27 januari 2014 | By | No Comments

Ramy Fischler transformed an art deco apartment into a contemporary pied-à-terre with his experimental and creative nature. When I first saw this project I knew I had to share it with you! Fischler adds another dimension to gradients in the living, lacquered plaster and Baroque-era paintings. He printed several mirrors and other surfaces and created spectacular curtains made of lacquered plaster in the hall and walk-in-closet. He also designed a whole line of bespoke furniture, including living room sofas and table, sleeping beds and a foldable secretary desk and closet from framed Dutch silk-screens on wood. This extreme creative designer knows how to transform the right materials to make it look unique and personal. Enjoy his work!

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]esigners like Ramy Fischler are inspirational to me. He shows the possibilities in interior design. In his vision interior design should promote concepts such as creativity, experimentation and craftsmanship which is the reason why he likes to treat each and every project he undertakes as an opportunity to collaborate with other experts and try out new things. That vision inspires me and hopefully it inspires you to. So today a shout out to the amazing designer Ramy Fischler. Get inspired by the layered contrasts in a contemporary pied-à-terre!



// Smokey bronzed mirrors in the dining room


// The curtains were hand-drawn by Fischler and molded by a team of artisans


// Look how two different floor finishes create layered contrasts


// The folding secretary desk is one of my favorite creative designs. But yeah, I got a thing for secret hidings 😉





Happy Monday!

Photos via Yatzer


24 jan


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Modern man cave

24 januari 2014 | By | No Comments

It’s almost weekend which means time to celebrate and go out. Or on the other hand, stay at home in your man cave. In America and Australia the man cave is very popular, but in The Netherlands you see it more often. A space where the man of the house can enjoy his hobbies or alcoholic beverages. Whether it’s in a basement, shed or spare room, as long as it’s equipped with a television, comfortable seating and a mini bar it’s good enough. So while the woman is baking cupcakes, the man can enjoy his beverages with his friends (stereotypical speaking…). So here’s my interpretation of the modern man cave where not only comfortable seating is equipped, but also modern lightning, rock and roll and an industrial touch.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n my eyes most of the man caves come very ‘old English pub’ or very industrial. When it comes to the single man it mostly is called a bachelor pad – which I personally adore! More luxury and less clutter. Most of the Dutch homes that I visited contained a computer room and a hobby room (mostly for women). So let’s get masculine and give the man more space than just a little shed filled with tools, and get inspired by the following interior decoration specially for men, to decorate your own modern man cave!




// Classified Moto Café Table & Original lamp with spring coverClassified Moto
The guys behind Classified Moto started with custom made motorcycles and toyed around with some custom made lamps.
What started with a whim in their garage, turned in a worldwide hit. The lamp is made of vintage parts of 70’s and 80’s Japanese motorcycles.


Shell-Stool-bronze-JakePhipps// Wall lamp Jeeves & Shell Stool by Jake PhippsJake Phipps

My personal fav is Jeeves because of it’s authentic bowler hat. Jake Phipps add that little British design which I adore: a different angle on furniture designs. Phipps works for huge clients like Google, Tommy Hilfiger, Harvey Nichols and Philippe Starck. An eye-catcher for the true gentleman!


// Cars filmography by Calm The Ham –  Calm The Ham
A little bit more vintage with this awesome print of all different movie cars from 1929 to the modern day!
Iconic cars like the “1963 Cadillac series 62 Convertible” from Scarface, “1955 Ford Lincoln Futura Concept Car” from Batman and my personal favourite: “1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500” from Gone In 60 Seconds.


// The Rockstar whisky bar by Buster + PunchBuster and Punch
Again an UK-based brand – gotta love it! Buster + Punch are for those who want to live with conviction.
I’ll write more on these fellows later! This Rockstar whisky and cocktail bar is finished in American Black walnut and covered with Rockstar Black Leather.


// Keats sofa by Jimmie Martin –  Jimmie Martin
When it comes to Jimmie Martin I’m always in. These guys know how to turn furniture into unique pieces, sometimes even with graffiti.
For every modern man cave owner, a lovely refurnished Chesterfield

Hope you got inspired for a man cave. I don’t want to exclude women, I guess if you are into industrial design and home interiors you would love some of the products above.

Enjoy your weekend!!