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Finally some unique art for the home!

New art for my home has finally arrived! Sunday I picked up the one-of-a-kind painting for my living room wall. The piece, created by Rick van den Berg, was planned for my new blue bedroom, but I couldn’t help myself to give it a more prominent place. This way I enrich my living room even more, especially because it’s an unique piece of art made for me.

If you are a regular visitor of my blog you’ve probably noticed I got a thing for birds… and this artwork adds three more to my home. The beautiful Blue Jay’s guard ‘Mother Earth’ in the middle. If you look close you can count all the feathers, it’s that detailed!! A signature of Rick, who’s not only great at painting nature, but also creates realistic portraits. The abstract way of ‘protected nature’ in the heart of the painting adds an interesting layer, one that intrigues me. All together a composition I couldn’t imagine but one that instantly caught me.

Have a look for yourself!



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Photography by Juliette Bates

I guess this week it’s ‘art week’ on the blog! Art always moves me and so does Juliette Bates with her ‘freaky’ photography. As I mentioned before, I love the dark, occults and the freaky side of nature. That’s why I enjoy visiting Bleaq – from friend and fellow blogger Jantine, and it might be the reason I’m a huge horror-fan! Anyways, I found these great photos by Parisian Juliette Bates I really had to share with you all. A different contrast between life and death. And a series of forgotten houses.

A different inspiration than I’m known for, but this is all part of the big journey on the blog. So enjoy ‘Histoires Naturelles’ & ‘Sleepy Houses’  by the amazing Juliette Bates!




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Inspired by street art #4

New month, new graffiti inspired by street art piece. This time one with my favorite colors: black, white and grey. This beautiful piece of artwork is situated near Rotterdam Central Station and just a 5 minute walk from my home. Like the previous ‘Inspired by’ post, this urban graffiti piece is also from a Brazilian street artist – they’ve got some great skills! Speto, a 40 years old graffiti pioneer, like to portray things in a simple and playful way – mostly in black and white. This – so far – untitled mural is also part of the Brazilian Urban Art festival in Rotterdam, 2009.

What I most like about Speto’s street art painting, are the modern abstract lines with an almost ‘Picasso’ drawn female figure. The dark strokes are a huge contrast with the white. The brown brick wall is part of the whole mural. Below the graffiti piece you’ll find some hip-hop inspired black and white photographs, which really fits the area because of the “Hip Hop House” near it. A playful picture perfect! All street art colors create a minimal and urban color scheme.

While searching for the right selection of interior accessories and furniture I immediately thought of the Cartoon Table by Seletti, the geometrical shaped Paper Vase by Pepe Heykoop and the playful porcelain ‘My Robot’ by Seletti. Seletti is known for his different look on interior design and ‘playful’ is the first thing that comes to mind.

Enjoy the minimal color palette and urban playful inspired by street art mood board selection!


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Amsterdam, Hotspots

Frame Store; where fashion meets design

Monumental residence Felix Mertis in Amsterdam is given a new life: Frame Store. Frame Magazine is translated in an actual retail store where fashion meets design. i29 Architects created a 3D-experience of Frame’s vision on interior, product design, fashion and architecture. The Frame Store’s space will host numerous events and even exhibitions organized by both Frame Publishers and FOAM Photography Museum Amsterdam.

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750 square meters bold design apartment

This 750m2 apartment in Sao Paulo by Studio Guilherme Torres is filled with bold objects, designer furniture and accessories, and books of great artists like Jeff Koons, Keith Haring and Taschen. Torres’ work is full of outspoken objects and designer chairs, lightning and wall objects. Daring is what I love and although I feature lots of minimal apartments, I adore the bold! The 750 square meters apartment offers space for bold and beautiful furniture and still looks clean. Dare to come in this bold design apartment and get inspired by great masters, contrasts and decoration.

The VM house done by Studio GT is like a monochrome museum full of eye catchers. Torres even used lightning by our great Dutch Designer Marcel Wanders (MOOOI). The Horse lamp in the dining room and the Rabbit lamp in the bathroom. Everywhere in the apartment you find a touch of radiant orchid, Pantone’s color of the year. Only one room is fully colored. Find out for yourself!




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Interiors in music videos

While I was searching for music videos from the 90’s last weekend I stumbled on some kind of pattern. You see, I was enjoying songs from the 90’s like Natalie Imbruglia with Torn where she is singing in her apartment which gets demounted during the music video. So I searched for all the music videos which I remembered featuring interiors.

Well here’s the pattern: all music videos which feature interiors by female singers are about love and relationships going wrong. Off course with some expectations. The only man who really loves his place – I guess to show all his ‘bling’ – is 50cent. Besides that it’s mostly women singing about hard relationships. Enjoy all different interior styles in the music videos which feature interiors I selected. And if you don’t like the song, just mute and watch. Let’s start with this ‘I’ve been wondering around the house all night’ by Bryan Adams and Melanie C.

Enjoy all my selected interiors in music videos!

When you’re gone by Bryan Adams & Melanie C – 1998
The house is connected with some kind of maze, but overall the home is very minimal, modern and white with some green accents and outspoken furniture and interior accessories.

Torn by Natalie Imbruglia – 1997
The set is decorated as a little industrial and basic cabin with some primary colored furniture and natural floors and walls.

Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson – 2004
This house is personally my favorite! An industrial loft with masculine decoration and a lot of blue. I would definitely move in – after a clean up off course! 🙂

4 In The Morning by Gwen Stefani – 2007
What else could you expect from Gwen Stefani besides some gold and glam. This house looks comfortable, yet natural, glamorous and luxurious.

Please Don’t Leave Me by P!nk – 2009
I’m a huge fan of P!nk so I had to share this one. I like the little Stephen King (golf club, clown (IT), axe) scenes in it. It could truly be her house with modern and classical accents. And off course the little eye catchers like the hand cuffs on the wall in the bedroom and the painted dog portraits. Her bedroom even got a little boudoir look-and-feel.

I end this little collection with a music video from a while a go in which colors are styled to match outfits. A music video where retro meets modern, minimal meets clean, futuristic meets moving furniture. It’s Say My Name by Destiny’s Child from the year 2000. A music video that start all orange and ends orange in a  mix with red, white and blue – exactly the Dutch flag. A little out-of-the-box ode to our King Willem Alexander.

Have a great week!

PS: If you want to add some music videos to the list with lovely interiors featured in music videos, feel free to comment below 😉


Copper & Greys

I love the industrial touch in this interior. The combination of copper and greys are vibrant yet warm.

Have a lovely and warm weekend!

Mijn appartement in Rotterdam, Planten inspiratie

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Green balcony

It’s getting more sunny by the day – well at least it does in Rotterdam. I reprogrammed my biorhythm to get home earlier in the evening to enjoy the last sunlight and have diner on my balcony. Just the motivation I needed to start and create my own little urban jungle. Earlier I shared my new balcony ideas, but for now I just added some more green to create a more colorful balcony. While visiting Igor’s blog (Happy Interior blog) I saw this awesome monthly Urban Jungle Bloggers theme from happy bloggers all around the world. This month I join the fun with the theme  “Show your green balcony” . Enjoy the first look of my Urban Jungle in progress with bright yellows, fresh greens and warm wood.

Living in the centre of Rotterdam automatically creates an urban vibe when it comes to creating your own little garden with the space you’ve got. Although I love the color of concrete, the wooden flooring by IKEA creates a more warm look. The little bistro set is cozy but not enough for having more than just one friend over. That’s the reason I made new plans for my green balcony. The bright yellow cushion by H&M Home adds a little Caribbean touch and inspired me for a healthy snack from yoghurt and pineapple. Birds in the city are rare, besides pigeons and seagulls, so I adopted another Pols Potten singing bird :). All together I really love my urban green balcony. I just can’t wait to realize my ideas and finish it all together for summer. Hope you like it to!


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NS Upcycle voor unieke designs

Materialen die een tweede leven krijgen, daar word ik nou blij van! En dan doel ik niet op de antieke meubels van je (groot) ouders of van de kringloop, of de vele vintage stromingen die momenteel meer dan hip zijn. Nee ik doel op de transformaties van NS Upcycle waarbij treinbekleding en gele reisinformatieborden een compleet nieuwe functie en een tweede leven krijgen in jouw leven. Ben je net zoals ik een forens en reis je dagelijks met de trein, dan is deze samenwerking tussen NS en vernieuwende ontwerpers zeker iets voor jou!

Mijn persoonlijke favorieten van de ‘Upcycle’ zijn de tassen, kussens (2NDARE) en hockers (Meubelspuiterij Elburg) die van oude treinstoelbekleding zijn gemaakt! Sommige schitteren zelfs extra door willekeurige graffiti tags die de NS liever niet in de trein ziet, maar een tas en kussen uniek maken. Herinner je nog die groene skai treinbekleding van misschien zelfs je eerste treinreis? Die skai siert nu op een hippe hocker. Hieronder enkele favorieten – waarvan enkele helaas al verkocht zijn…


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Fancy Friday: Caged Lightning

Monday I sold my bow lamp which took a lot space in the home and wasn’t flexible to move around with my drive to redecorate my home. Ever since I bought Fringe by Zuiver, I look out for different lamps than the standard shapes. In my search for a new lamp my eye dropped on a lot of beautiful ceiling lamps and pendants. These caged lightning objects are a work of art and mostly in brass, metal or copper. I really fancy the industrial diamond shaped ones – which you see a lot lately. In this Fancy Friday post I collected my favorites, including a table frame by House Doctor I adore. What I love most about these iron caged lightning is that they look ‘airy’. I fancy the Diamond Pendant by JSPR for Pols Potten the most – in black of course! What’s your personal favorite?


[ 1 ] Diamonds by JSPR for Pols Potten // [ 2 ] Work lamp by Design House Stockholm // [ 3 ] Living Lab by HK Living // [ 4 ] DecoHome by House Doctor // [ 5 ] Copper Pendant by Bloomingville

It’s a lot better than the old work lamp you see on construction sites. Can’t wait to see these on new building platforms in an industrial space with bricks and lots of concrete. Would be fun 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!