The story of Royal Trunk started at the international Salone Del Mobile, where two friends showed some of their concepts. In just one week the now founders of Royal Trunk collected so many orders, they couldn’t keep up with, so it was time to turn their ideas into actions. With their passion for design and entrepreneurship, they created Royal Trunk, an Italian brand in the luxury field. I was surprised when I spotted their handcrafted trunk.

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen it comes to product design I’m always enthusiastic on the know-how behind it. Like these Trunks with a completely new purpose, strong details and luxury material use. After researching I found out that there are two young entrepreneurs behind this awesome concept and that made me even more eager to know more! Due to an earlier post on creative liquor storage, in which I mentioned Royal Trunk, I got in contact with CEO and head of design Mattia Scattarelli, who was so kind to answer some of my curious questions I would like to share with you !

Mattia Scattarelli and Guido Boem are two friends who’ve known each other for years. Their shared dream of starting up a new business in the luxury field finally came true when they founded Royal Trunk in 2009. Scattarelli and Beom studied in different fields, but their keen eye for design and luxury created the fundamentals of their brand. After graduation Boem worked as a marketing consultant for important design companies, and Scattarelli as a designer for a luxury interior firm.


The young entrepreneurs came up with the idea of creating something new in furnishing by reviving a really fascinating object. “That’s why we decided to turn steamer trunks into furnishing pieces”, Mattia Scattarelli explains. “Together with our customers we create something unique. In fact we give them the possibility to create the product with us”. The trunks are totally customizable by materials, finishing, claddings and structure. Which results in a unique trunk for every customer.

Royal Trunk

Royal Trunk produces both for private clients and retail groups, worldwide. All products are totally hand-made and produced by their best craftsmen in Italy. It takes up to 70 hours to create a trunk! Looking at all the different details inside like the iPad stand, speaker system and brass details on the outside.

Royal Trunk

Looking forward to what to come I end this article and mini interview with my final question: What’s the future mission for Royal Trunk?
“We would like to create a brand, connected to these values: craftsmanship, made in Italy and exclusivity. We turn to final customers (through retail with partner Lane Crawford), important brands (like Beretta Holding, Bentley Home and Fendi Group) and architectural firms (Celeste dell’anna)”, thus Mattia Scattarelli.

Many thanks for your time and inspiration, Mattia!

Royal Trunk

The Trunks are their core business, but the two creative founders are introducing a new section of accessories by using the same luxury materials such as leathers, fabrics and brass.

Can’t wait to see more of Royal Trunk an someday own my unique trunk !

I hope you enjoyed it!

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