Sound in a perfect shape, that’s Copenhagen by Danish speaker manufacturer Vifa! Vifa created a versatile, durable and iconic object for the home – connecting with its owner’s lifestyle. Authentic sound from the inside and a light Nordic design on the outside, where the matte polished aluminium frame is finished with a special-woven textile cover by Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles: Kvadrat. Even the intuitive user experience is simplified with a Scandinavian touch. I’m personally a huge fan of all Danish brands and music so looking at the Copenhagen is like love at first sight 🙂 Pure enjoyment in every detail and portable! Easy to replace and even hipster to carry on your shoulder!

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]openhagen is awesome and well designed! The design approach is based on years of research into user preferences, connecting to people’s values and creating everyday benefits. Vifa collaborated with Danish innovation and design consultancy ‘Design People’. Their team of researchers, psychologists and designers teamed up with the skilled Vifa team and have taken Copenhagen all the way through the music listener’s journey. They’ve putted dreams and desires into realization. Even the specific app and website got a Scandinavian touch, which finish the whole Vifa experience!

Copenhagen is only available for iOs (for now).

Cheers to Vifa, the Danish brand which pleases both ears and eyes!








 // Personalize your experience and chose one of the six selected colors. Each color has its own vibrant character, energetic, elegant or understated. Choose the one which you desire the most!


Enjoy your weekend!

Photos by Vifa

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