Many of you know that I’m a huge fan of British Design. I featured many great UK-based designers on the blog and one thing they all have in common is: daring design. They know that design is creating something different, something out of the ordinary, but they also believe that design can make you smile! And so does this great brand which designs the ‘Lovable Collection’: Mineheart.Their mission, caught in the name, is to express their passion to create freely, without restraint. All Mineheart products are produced in the UK by passionate and local designers. If you look closely to the whole collection you wouldn’t believe that this brand is less than 5 years on the market!

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ineheart was launched in 2010 by the designers Brendan Young & Vanessa Battaglia. They are known for their playful approach to design and innovative re-appropriation of materials and imagery. The brand stole my heart due to their lovable eye for design, daring approach and sense of humor! Get inspired and entertained with a selection of this great brand!


Romance meets simplicity. The ‘King Edison’ pendant lamp is a combination of simple Edison light bulb with on the inside a miniature brass chandelier. A lovely and out of the ordinary combination if you ask me!


Mineheart-Gold-Kind-Edison Mineheart-Palace-Wallpaper

Mineheart makes it possible for everyone to have luxury walls. Above you see the Palace wallpaper, below ‘White Bookshelf’ and the ‘White Panelling’. A clean and minimal illusion captured in a wallpaper – fabulous right?



Because Mineheart manufactures everything in the UK, it’s possible to alter accessories to match your home with little extra costs for the buyer. Like the Artistic Cushions below. The print is a classic wooded landscape but it has been altered in a ‘characteristically irreverent fashion’. You can make this cushion your own by choosing the colour of the drip. I would definitely go for Royal Blue or maybe just plain White 🙂


On the side of the Artistic Cushions you find the ‘vandalized’ portrait of Madame Blush. No it’s not the result of urban street girls, in fact this cheekily defaced French queen is on purpose. Mineheart is full of surprises! Like the detailed ornate frame which is not what it seems; it’s printed! The little ceramic bulldog below is ‘Delf’, a playful twist on classically patterned China. Completed with blue floral transfers and crisp gold details on ears and toes.



Meet General Mustard, Lady Peacock, Tom Green and Lord White… These cushions are made for Mineheart by Chad Wys. The ‘classic revisited’ unusual printed portraits are contemporary and traditional. Their names might ring a bell, they’re from Great Expectations, Dorian Grey, Wuthering Heights and even Cluedo!


Rembrandt with a twist
‘Air’ is part of a Renaissance Collection and features a reminiscent of classic Dutch (!) Old Master paintings. The woman is drinking from a large glass of purest swirling air. The gold plated detail on the ornate frame features the title ‘Air is not enough’. Funny wouldn’t you say. The image is is by Himitsuhana and created by the designers of Mineheart.


Last but not least my personal favourite piece done by Angela Rossi for Mineheart: “Cousin Parker”. An animal portrait series with military details. This quirky gentleman is made with love and a sense of humor. And like Madame Blush; the ornate frame is printed on the canvas. Gotta love what this brand is doing in the world of interior and product design! I’m glad they were brought to my attention!

I hope Mineheart made your day start with a smile too!

More info on Mineheart, go to their website or follow them on Facebook.

Stores in the Netherlands are very rare, only Archipelago in Amsterdam sells this great brand. Fingers-crossed more will follow soon! I’ve put the Archipelago store in Amsterdam on my list for the weekend, hopefully I can spot it myself !
Keep you all posted!

Images by Mineheart