Mijn appartement in Rotterdam

Caribisch balkon [ in progress ]

Even een kleine balkon update! Het zonnetje moet je er voor vandaag maar even bij denken, maar ik ben druk bezig met mijn balkon opknappen! Ik wist eigenlijk al lange tijd niet meer wat ik ermee aan moest en had duizend ideeën, maar te weinig budget en ruimte… dus heb ik het klein aangepakt.

Ik heb slechts 1 doel: een eenvoudig balkon waar ik een drankje met vrienden kan doen en makkelijk te onderhouden is!

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Fresh new blues by H&M Home

Naast olijfgroen en bruintinten voegt H&M Home blauwen toe aan de Mediterraanse collectie! Met deze nieuwe ‘midseason’ producten haal je invloeden van rondom de Middellandse Zee naar binnen – en naar buiten! Toen ik deze collectie spotte dacht ik meteen aan de nieuwe inrichten van mijn balkon. Ik ben al druk met inspiratie verzamelen voor de invulling van mijn balkon en pin er heftig op los 😉

De blauwe producten zijn inmiddels al verkrijgbaar en schitteren in een highlight van H&M Home, genaamd “Blue Desires“. Ik kan niet wachten om aan de slag te gaan met deze collectie op het balkon, al moet ik nog wel het weer afwachten. Maar deze Marokkaanse invloeden en de Griekse kleurencombinatie geven mij wel het gevoel van ultiem relaxen en wegdromen.



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Mijn appartement in Rotterdam, Planten inspiratie

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Green balcony

It’s getting more sunny by the day – well at least it does in Rotterdam. I reprogrammed my biorhythm to get home earlier in the evening to enjoy the last sunlight and have diner on my balcony. Just the motivation I needed to start and create my own little urban jungle. Earlier I shared my new balcony ideas, but for now I just added some more green to create a more colorful balcony. While visiting Igor’s blog (Happy Interior blog) I saw this awesome monthly Urban Jungle Bloggers theme from happy bloggers all around the world. This month I join the fun with the theme  “Show your green balcony” . Enjoy the first look of my Urban Jungle in progress with bright yellows, fresh greens and warm wood.

Living in the centre of Rotterdam automatically creates an urban vibe when it comes to creating your own little garden with the space you’ve got. Although I love the color of concrete, the wooden flooring by IKEA creates a more warm look. The little bistro set is cozy but not enough for having more than just one friend over. That’s the reason I made new plans for my green balcony. The bright yellow cushion by H&M Home adds a little Caribbean touch and inspired me for a healthy snack from yoghurt and pineapple. Birds in the city are rare, besides pigeons and seagulls, so I adopted another Pols Potten singing bird :). All together I really love my urban green balcony. I just can’t wait to realize my ideas and finish it all together for summer. Hope you like it to!


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Mijn appartement in Rotterdam

Sharing my balcony ideas

I enjoyed the sun this weekend. Having breakfast on my balcony was just one of the lovely offers! That made me think to redecorate my balcony. With my previous post ‘balcony inspiration: Dazzling Midsummer Nights’ I already picked up some ideas for the theme, but during a cup of coffee I made a sketch of the new arrangement. Because I’m saving money for something I really do need… (flooring), my budget is a bit tight- but nothing IKEA can’t handle 😉 Yesterday I invited some friends over for a little BBQ and that helped me with finishing the plan. Like adding some lightning and flexible furniture. Subtle, easy and green energy in which the sun will help me out when it’s getting dark.

With a sunny spot on my balcony all day, it’s a very popular spot for inviting friends over. There’s nothing as lovely as having friends over on your own little terrace 🙂 Although my balcony space is around 6m2, there’s room for 4 friends. I now have 2 folding chairs and a table which is a bit limited, so I had to rethink about the flexibility of moving furniture. So here are my balcony ideas and the products ‘shopped’ on IKEA.


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Balcony inspiration: Dazzling midsummer nights by Johan

Last week Stefanie Broekers inspired you with her version of Dazzling Midsummer Nights – balcony inspiration. I promised you all to accept the challenge to create my own version of ‘Dazzling Midsummer Nights’, with some colours I had in mind for my own balcony. Well I finally exceeded to create a same-feeling-inspirational collage. Values I kept in mind were: relaxation, spend more time with friends and escaping the rush of the city. Stefanie created a soft coloured color scheme with some Moroccan details – and a slightly feminine touch. My scheme is the opposite but still relaxed (nice contrast though! ) Enjoy my version for some balcony inspiration!

It was hard to try to find something with the same ambiance in the whole picture but I think I succeeded. Well, Stefanie thought so and I always appreciate her opinion! My touch is not that masculine, but more industrial. I used the same brands with most of the accessories. Unfortunately the anti-mosquito scent weren’t available in any ‘male’ color… Also the brand ‘It’s all about Romi’ were to feminine for this collage, so I cheated with just one different brand: TULP. TULP got these great BBQ / Brazier barrels I had to add! Friends love BBQ’s 🙂

Well here’s some balcony inspiration with my interpretation of Dazzling Midsummer Nights!


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Balcony inspiration: Dazzling midsummer nights by Stefanie

Birds are singing and the sun shows herself more and more these days. Together with interior stylist and friend Stefanie Broekers I was brainstorming for some balcony and garden inspiration. We both picked the lovely garden with a cinema screen and relaxing cushions decorated with lanterns. The trends of last years outdoors where all about ‘the inside out’ – a way to extend your living room. We think that this year it’s more about escaping the city and relax and enjoy and spend more time with friends. A little more cozy and contact with Mother Earth. Natural materials, a little bit of Morocco and soft colors. A more feminine approach, but the one I like. With my new interest in yoga it’s all about taking more time to relax and escaping the rush. With this balcony & garden collage by Stefanie, she gives you some inspiration to create your own dazzling midsummer night!

It’s not fully summer, but with this balcony inspiration you’ll have some time gathering the right ingredients for the outdoors! Although soft colors are not my personal favorite, I got to say I love these products Stefanie pulled together! I still have some own favorites for my own balcony inspiration but I’m going to make it similar to the one below, just to try out different colors and make it more masculine. But the challenge is to create the same setting with different products. I’ll hope to show to you all soon. But first get inspired by Dazzling Midsummer Nights!! Take the ‘Citronella’ Incense to stay mosquito-free on a graceful way. How fun would it be to watch black and white movies on that huge screen – or on someones notebook 🙂

Enjoy a little midsummer breeze!


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