Ons huis

Onze slaapkamer

Het is bijna een jaar geleden dat we de slaapkamer ‘opleverden’. We slapen er inmiddels ruim een jaar en genieten er elke dag van. Om nog even te zwijgen over onze inloopkast. Van vloer tot wand: we realiseerden het allemaal samen met hulp van onze vaders. En het resultaat mag er zijn! 

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Mijn appartement in Rotterdam, Planten inspiratie

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Flowers

Voor ik verslaafd raakte aan planten in mijn huis, sierden bloemen mijn tafels, kasten en vloer. Tegenwoordig heb ik eigenlijk weinig bloemen in huis. Een bos bloemen op tafel is volledig verdwenen, wel koop ik af en toe enkele losse bloemen voor de diversiteit aan vazen in huis. Ik heb aardig wat bijzondere vazen verzameld door de jaren heen en vind ze zelfs zonder bloemen mooi ter decoratie.

Ik kon mijn geluk niet op toen Igor & Judith deze maand het nieuwe thema “Plants & Flowers” in mijn mailbox dropte. Een combinatie van de twee, een zonnige zaterdag en ruimte voor experimenteren leverden deze synergie van groen op!


De hoofdfoto nam ik in mijn woonkamer, maar daarna zocht ik het contrast op en fotografeerden de overige beelden in mijn slaapkamer tegen de diepblauwe muur. In de betonnen vaas van House Doctor word de Anthurium vergezeld door een stengel van mijn Zamioculcas plant.

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Mijn appartement in Rotterdam, Planten inspiratie

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Cosy and Green Bedroom

It’s been a while since I’ve joined my fellow Urban Jungle Bloggers, I’m sorry my green family! When I got the newsletter with this months theme, I got inspired to add some green to my bedroom. For months it felt like something was missing in my bedroom. After repainting my bedroom into a blue oasis, the real problem was decorating my cupboard. But now I found out what I was missing: some greens!

So today I took some time to photograph my surroundings. It’s getting much colder outside, so after a breakfast at Picknick (a great pure food spot in Rotterdam), I locked myself up in my bedroom. I love the new view from my bed. From now on the Singing Bird and the Tallow candle by Ontwerpduo are accompanied by Sansevieria and Ficus on my cupboard.




The Rhipsalis next to my bed was already part of the bedroom. Rhipsalis offers a calming effect, so a great succulent for the bedroom! It all started with some cuttings…


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Binnenkijkers, Mijn appartement in Rotterdam

My brand new blue bedroom #2

Last week the Fringe lamp and the louvre doors finally arrived, so my bedroom is almost finished the way I imagined it. To finish it all I need some decoration pieces for the cupboard and an art piece for the wall. I never thought I would like it this much! The color blue makes me feel calm – which helps me get rest – and the new ceiling lamp adds a different layer and creates a contrast. And last but not least, the louvre doors to the bathroom are creating more space. Enjoy my master bedroom part 2!

In my previous post on my bedroom redecoration you see where it all started. From beige to blue is a huge difference but I never felt so calm and relaxed before hitting dreamland. And the start of the change: my Piet Hein Eek cupboard, is situated on the opposite of my bed so I see it every morning while I wake up. Almost 4 years I had a beige bedroom which looked like a hotel room on purpose, but now it looks more like a modern boudoir. Also on purpose, but I never thought I would ever buy a ceiling lamp like this. But it’s more ‘out there’, more daring!


Hard coal Fringe lamp by Zuiver above the bed adds a baroque and boudoir twist to the modern room


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Mijn appartement in Rotterdam

My brand new blue bedroom

Although my blue bedroom isn’t completely finished yet, I would like to share it with you! The blue-colored walls are now on it for a week and I love it! I feel more calm going to bed – it’s more peaceful now that I’m surrounded by the color of air and water. Off course I couldn’t resist to buy some new decoration with a touch of blue :). The partly blue concrete vase by House Doctor was on top of my list. Next to that I bought a ceiling lamp by Dutch Design studio Zuiver. Fringe is different and something you wouldn’t combine with the rest, but that’s why I had to have it. It’s neo baroque and the anthracite grey fits within the color scheme I had in mind. There are still some little todo’s on my list, like painting the doors and frames silk white, getting louvre doors towards my bathroom and some art for the wall above my Piet Hein Eek cupboard. But for now, here’s a first look into my new bedroom!

My blue bedroom wall is painted Histor ‘Eigen’ and ‘Saffier’. They are slightly different but enough to create a subtle contrast. Raoul Dufy, a French Fauvist painter (1877-1953) who’s paintings mostly consisted of the color blue once quoted “Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones… it will always stay blue”. I like it because it equals my characteristics. Although my goals, taste and behavior changes like the weather, I’m always that weird ‘oddly’ people person. I can’t to finish my todo list and share the whole picture with you!




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A touch of calm… blue

While the idea for redecorating my bedroom started around November last year, this weekend I finally found the time to actually do it. I was tired of the retro wallpaper and the beige colors. The wallpaper flew right towards me every evening before hitting dreamland… so it was time for a change. Something new, something calm.. something blue! Blue is one of my favorite colors – and with me lots of others because blue is the number 1 favorite color of all people. Maybe it’s because I love swimming, water, my sign is water (scorpio) or maybe because I love the night…

Anyway, I wanted a calm color for more peace but not gray – like my living room. At the home depot store I bought Histor paint – a brand I came familiar with while winning the design competition by Histor and Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. I also already placed my cupboard in my new blue bedroom. Unfortunately I don’t have high res photos of my new bedroom color, because it’s not completely finished yet. I mis-measured my wall .. oops. So I hope to share it with you next week!

For now I’ll share some inspiration from my Pinterest “COLOR // BLUE” board I collected. For example I love the Japanese blue porcelain bowls, the porcelain plates you can mount to your wall (I would love that in my bedroom) and I recently spotted the Porcelain Wallpaper by Studio Ditte. During the Meet The Bloggers day Tricia Guild of Designers Guild, was there to talk about color and promote her new book “Colour Deconstructed”. I bought a copy and spotted the dip dye blue wallpaper. Her book features lots of blue tones. And last but not least, the famous Danish brand Ferm Living introduced inked blue accessories for their SS 14 collection.



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