Fancy Friday: Wall Lighting

While planning my ‘Hallway project’, I’ve considered many options for the walls. Besides deciding the right color, I looked at the options for wall decoration and came up to wall lighting! Although I visit lots of interiors, there’s one thing they all have in common: no wall lighting. In most cases you find wall lighting in the garden, aside the front door or in community hallways.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o I did some digging and found different styles of wall lighting that would enrich your walls! My personal favorite is the neon lighting by Seletti, which gives you the opportunity to create your own. Ever since I saw this neon light sign in the home of my friend Patrick a.k.a. the Interiorator, I got inspired to get a similar or get my own neon lights. Seletti’s collections covers the whole alphabet and some special characters like the ampersand I fancy!

A second favorite is the Sticky lamp by Droog, which is more flexible due to it’s ‘sticky’ ability.  Enjoy them all in this weeks Fancy Friday!


[ 1 ] HK Living // [ 2 ] & neon by Seletti // [ 3 ] Sticky by Droog // [ 4 ] Copper wall lightning by Bloomingville // [ 5 ] Industrial lamp by Bloomingville

Do you already own a wall lamp? And if you could choose, which of the above would be on your wish list?

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Fancy Friday: Caged Lightning

Monday I sold my bow lamp which took a lot space in the home and wasn’t flexible to move around with my drive to redecorate my home. Ever since I bought Fringe by Zuiver, I look out for different lamps than the standard shapes. In my search for a new lamp my eye dropped on a lot of beautiful ceiling lamps and pendants. These caged lightning objects are a work of art and mostly in brass, metal or copper. I really fancy the industrial diamond shaped ones – which you see a lot lately. In this Fancy Friday post I collected my favorites, including a table frame by House Doctor I adore. What I love most about these iron caged lightning is that they look ‘airy’. I fancy the Diamond Pendant by JSPR for Pols Potten the most – in black of course! What’s your personal favorite?


[ 1 ] Diamonds by JSPR for Pols Potten // [ 2 ] Work lamp by Design House Stockholm // [ 3 ] Living Lab by HK Living // [ 4 ] DecoHome by House Doctor // [ 5 ] Copper Pendant by Bloomingville

It’s a lot better than the old work lamp you see on construction sites. Can’t wait to see these on new building platforms in an industrial space with bricks and lots of concrete. Would be fun 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

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Fancy Friday: Triangle Cushions

It’s all about graphic prints nowadays. Geometric pointy shapes in soft colors decorate many couches and are featured in various look books of all the famous brands. On this Fancy Friday I highlight a selection of triangle cushions from brands like Bloomingville, Ferm Living and Snurk. As a designer I’m fond of geometric prints and this selection of cushions show a variety of different patterns – from subtle to fully covered cushions.  Fall in love with triangles and shop your personal favorite! Fancy Friday!

Triangles have never been as hot as they are now in interior design. Triangle cushions add new dimensions to your couch, bed or outside on your garden furniture. The combination of sharp edged triangles and the soft colors create an awesome contrast. My personal favorite is the minty cushion by Bloomingville, where triangles are arranged in a subtle path over the cushion. Dutch brand ‘Snurk’ even added a bevel of triangle shapes that give a 3D-effect. The twin sisters of Dutch brand LileSadi are so in love with triangles that they even covered their website with soft triangles.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!


1. Black mini triangle cushion by Ferm Living  | 2. Geogami cushion by Snurk  |  3. Minty triangle cushion by Bloomingville – personal fav! |  4. Farrow S by FEST via LevaLeva  |  5. Triangle cushion by House Doctor  |  6. Soft Triangles cushion by LileSadi

Head image: Sengeteppe Remix by Ferm Living.

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Fancy Friday: Extraordinary Vases

Flowers, each week new flowers. I just love flowers, mostly the different ‘tropical’ ones which don’t look that common. Or thistles, which are not that much of a flower – but I like them! I don’t like roses but I appreciate tulips. Besides the right flowers, I love extraordinary vases because together with the right flower it’s almost a piece of art. I recently bought a partly concrete partly ceramic vase of House Doctor for my new blue bedroom. I also own a vase in the shape of a cactus and one looking like a reversed lightbulb. On this Fancy Friday I selected a list of extraordinary vases I would love to add to my home for the perfect still life. I added one flower pot of Madam Stoltz from the Spring 2014 collection: Geometrics, in which I would love to add several flowers. My personal favorite: the paper vase by Pepe Heykoop.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]oday it’s time for flowers to celebrate LABEL1114′ 1st birthday! I selected the latest vases with extraordinary shapes, like the Golden Gun vase by Bloomingville and the Bestow vase by Areaware. Although I don’t like violence, this design vase gives guns a whole new dimension. SUCK UK surprised me earlier with their combined gun vase, which you can see in my post on The Black Apartment by Cindy Gallop. These selected vases are true eye catchers and in monochromic colors and different materials.

My own extraordinary vases are the House Doctor concrete vase and the cactus shaped vase – approach with caution! But I would love to add the Paper Vase by Pepe Heykoop to my collection.

Enjoy my top 5 of extraordinary vases and get inspired by a different approach on home decoration!


[ 1 ] Golden gun vase by Bloomingville // [ 2 ] Paper vase by Pepe Heykoop – my personal fav! // [ 3 ] Closely Seperated vase by Muuto  [ 4 ]  Hand Hooks Bestow vase by Areaware // [ 5 ] White Geometric pot by Madam Stoltz

More inspiration for vases, flowers and creating the right still life can be found on Impressive Flowers Still life by Chinnoe & Vlemmix.


Balcony inspiration: Dazzling midsummer nights by Johan

Last week Stefanie Broekers inspired you with her version of Dazzling Midsummer Nights – balcony inspiration. I promised you all to accept the challenge to create my own version of ‘Dazzling Midsummer Nights’, with some colours I had in mind for my own balcony. Well I finally exceeded to create a same-feeling-inspirational collage. Values I kept in mind were: relaxation, spend more time with friends and escaping the rush of the city. Stefanie created a soft coloured color scheme with some Moroccan details – and a slightly feminine touch. My scheme is the opposite but still relaxed (nice contrast though! ) Enjoy my version for some balcony inspiration!

It was hard to try to find something with the same ambiance in the whole picture but I think I succeeded. Well, Stefanie thought so and I always appreciate her opinion! My touch is not that masculine, but more industrial. I used the same brands with most of the accessories. Unfortunately the anti-mosquito scent weren’t available in any ‘male’ color… Also the brand ‘It’s all about Romi’ were to feminine for this collage, so I cheated with just one different brand: TULP. TULP got these great BBQ / Brazier barrels I had to add! Friends love BBQ’s 🙂

Well here’s some balcony inspiration with my interpretation of Dazzling Midsummer Nights!


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Balcony inspiration: Dazzling midsummer nights by Stefanie

Birds are singing and the sun shows herself more and more these days. Together with interior stylist and friend Stefanie Broekers I was brainstorming for some balcony and garden inspiration. We both picked the lovely garden with a cinema screen and relaxing cushions decorated with lanterns. The trends of last years outdoors where all about ‘the inside out’ – a way to extend your living room. We think that this year it’s more about escaping the city and relax and enjoy and spend more time with friends. A little more cozy and contact with Mother Earth. Natural materials, a little bit of Morocco and soft colors. A more feminine approach, but the one I like. With my new interest in yoga it’s all about taking more time to relax and escaping the rush. With this balcony & garden collage by Stefanie, she gives you some inspiration to create your own dazzling midsummer night!

It’s not fully summer, but with this balcony inspiration you’ll have some time gathering the right ingredients for the outdoors! Although soft colors are not my personal favorite, I got to say I love these products Stefanie pulled together! I still have some own favorites for my own balcony inspiration but I’m going to make it similar to the one below, just to try out different colors and make it more masculine. But the challenge is to create the same setting with different products. I’ll hope to show to you all soon. But first get inspired by Dazzling Midsummer Nights!! Take the ‘Citronella’ Incense to stay mosquito-free on a graceful way. How fun would it be to watch black and white movies on that huge screen – or on someones notebook 🙂

Enjoy a little midsummer breeze!


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Concrete inspiration

Be concrete! As a designer in my daily job it’s one of my most given criticism. But concrete is after all the material for the fundaments of most buildings and houses. This blog is build on a layer of concrete and the colors of my walls at home are inspired by concrete – one dark and one light shade. If you are a fan of product design like me, you also know that the amount of products with a concrete touch is growing! It’s not a surprise that I’m passionate about this material and that’s the reason for this blogpost!

Concrete has many shades and structure but most of all it’s pure. My dream is to one day own a loft with concrete walls and columns and mix it all together with lots of different materials. But for now I’ll stay with this concrete inspiration collage and lots of imagination 🙂

Enjoy the concrete inspiration on this Tuesday!


Let’s kick off with the man who makes it possible to own a concrete wall: Piet Boon.
His new concrete wallpaper collection shows different structures and shades.


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Moodboard: Natuurlijk Wonen

Afgelopen weekend bracht ik door in het bos. Mijn ouders hebben een chalet aan de rand van het bos. Een plek om even ‘eruit’ te zijn, je hoofd leeg te maken, rust te vinden maar ook een plek vol inspiratie. De interieurtrend ‘Into The Wild’ bewijst dat de natuur een steeds grotere rol krijgt in het interieur. Omgeven door tjilpende vogels en de wind door de takken van de bomen, genoot ik van de verschillende tinten van het bos en creëerde ik dit moodboard met de titel: ‘Natuurlijk Wonen’.

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]e Veluwe is altijd mijn tweede thuis geweest, ondanks mijn grote liefde voor Rotterdam. En sinds mijn ouders hun grote droom hebben verwezenlijkt, is het nog eenvoudiger om even te ontsnappen aan de drukte. Natuurlijk Wonen is een stijl die goed aansluit bij Scandinavisch wonen door de eenvoud en de tinten. Met dit moodboard ligt de nadruk op hout tinten met een grote bijdrage van het merk Bloomingville, die het uiterst goed doet als je op zoek bent naar natuurlijke elementen voor je interieur.

Laat je inspirerend door de natuur!



Wat is jouw favoriet?

Behang Mirage en Vitality van Graham & Brown – Hanglamp & Houten waxinelichthouders (set van 5) van Bloomingville – Vloerkleed Woody Wood van YL Design – Kussen My Dear van Moltex – Kussen Eekhoorn van By Nord – Dutch Design Chair Boomstam van Timon Enterprise

Headerfoto: Ferm-Living