Designer Spotlight: Ilse Crawford

Brits design met een Scandinavische grondslag, dat is Ilse Crawford. De designer en creative director Ilse Crawford werkt vanuit één gedachte: waar heeft de mens behoefte aan en waar liggen de verlangens? Samen met haar multidisciplinaire team in London brengt ze haar filosofie tot leven via Studioilse. Crawford intrigeert me door haar duidelijke signatuur en gebruik van materialen.

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Dark luxury with black and brass

If there’s one color combination I never thought I would love, it’s the combination of black and gold (brass). My kitchen is partly black and gold and I ‘hated’ it when I moved in, but now I even decorated it with a golden Singing Bird by Pols Potten. So today I share my love for this color combination which I define as ‘Dark Luxury’. This color combination is something I relate to the old Pharaohs and Cleopatra. Recently examples are found by great creators like Daft Punk in the music world and Studio Job in interior design.

Enjoy black and brass in style, fashion, music videos, interior and exterior.




















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Last weekend finds #2

Last weekend was full of relaxing, watching movies and meeting friends. I also kept on drawing, each day a new direction or with a special friend in mind. I love drawing and it keeps my creativity flowing. In this post I share my drawings of last week and the things that caught my eye. All drawings will be posted here and if you really like one, let me know! The one with the most ‘likes’ will be transformed into a poster you can download later on the blog. Enjoy my last weekend finds!


// Robin with what I value the most drawing


// The flight to infinite freedom drawing


// Friday Friends Fun drawing


// Iggy Azalea drawing


// Old school brass luggage car at the Hilton Hotel
Would love this for my bedroom. Nice details at the entrance with these copper mosaic tiles


// Moroccan table settings at Zenza


// New flowers for the dinner table in previous weekend wine bottles

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Pocketmen: for the new dandy

Innovative, modern, brass, stainless steel and geometric shapes. The Pocketmen is a pure form of artistic jewelry. Juliette de Graaf created this high-tech pocket-square for the modern gentleman and new dandy. The contemporary alternative to the stylish pocket-square is available in many shapes, both stainless steel and brass. And to finish it all; it comes in a luxury gift box. So here’s a shout out to all the modern men which crave for something new to fit with their suit: Pocketmen, a high-tech pocket accessory to rock at special occasions or at work!

While visiting her stand on Swan Market, Juliette told me something I agree with: “For women there’s a lot on accessories, but for men it’s very limited”, and that’s the exact reason she decided to design the Pocketmen. In and around her family there are a lot men wearing suits, but besides cufflinks and different handkerchiefs matching with the tie, the options to accessorize are limited. She changed that and not only for the youngsters:  Juliette’s 92-year old father in law is rocking it!

I surely can’t wait for summer to wear my jackets to work, combined with my favorite t-shirts and get myself a nice Pocketmen!



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Spotted: Material Lust

Material Lust is formed by a duo which define themselves as artists masquerading as designers. Lauren Larson and Christian Lopez Swafford – both raised as artists by their mother – met each other on Parsons School of Design. Working from New York City, they create conversations around their admittedly ominous aesthetic and identity in a movement they have coined ‘Oppressionism’. They combine heavy-handed theatrics, high design and its exploitation of uncomfortable and often pornographic imagery. An extraordinary vision if you ask me, but I really like their designs which are made of black, brass and metal. Also quite trending because of the play with geometrics. Enjoy this slightly different designer duo!

Larson earned the award for Outstanding Design Achievement during her stay at Parsons School of Design. She got featured in The New York Times and Elledecor.com and is Creative Director of Material Lust. Swafford is the founder of Material Lust and his current work reconciles the lyricism of European and Amerindian traditional cultures with the pragmatism of the Information Age – which he got from his fathers background as an American Software Engineer. Both designers are artistically defined at an early age and use both of their experiences in the field of design for Material Lust. Awesome skill set, wouldn’t you say!  Enjoy their work which kinda sparks my dark side 😉



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