Fancy Friday: Garden wanna-haves

Every garden needs some eye-catchers and these wanna-haves all got their own unique style. For this Fancy Friday I had this color combination in my mind, only instead of the color blue like I shared on Monday, I chose a concrete grey to accompany the ‘ginger’ copper. It was hard to find my own personal favorite of these 5 garden wanna-haves, but I found one that actually fits the image in my head. I’ve placed it on my wishlist “home with a garden”. In the meantime I would place it in my home as an art object or even in my bathroom – for a walk-in shower. Jup, I’m referring to the Seletti Aquart garden shower. With a concrete foot and copper on top this is exactly the combination I had in mind.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]aybe it’s the sun, an overdose vitamin D or just the positive vibe I’m in, but I’m enjoying being outside. Even the rainy days, which are great for the landscaped field in front of my home. Earlier this year I shared my summer vibes with some balcony inspiration and my own balcony. Together with friend and stylist Stefanie I teamed up for a garden mood board called “dazzling summer nights“. Anyways, you get the point: I love the outside and I’m happy with my small and cozy balcony (and huge garden imagination).

Enjoy this garden wanna-haves for todays Fancy Friday!


[ 1 ] Fire bowl “Rust” by Esschert // [ 2 ] Urban Garden by Larix // [ 3 ] Vimo lamps by Lucide  // [ 4 ] Aquart garden shower by Seletti // [ 5 ] Lounge chair 1956 by Mal

What’s your personal favorite?

Voor de Nederlandse lezers: Benieuwd waar je deze leuke Vaderdag cadeaus kan scoren? Ik heb alles gevonden op Fonq.nl.
Fijn weekend!! 🙂

All product photos via
Portrait photo via styling by David Harrison

Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Ginger & Blue

June is here! Time for yet a new theme on the blog and this time it’s *drums*… MONDAY MOOD! I kick off with something personal about the two colors that rule my life: ginger & blue. I’ve always been a natural ginger, a redhead. I got bullied for it because I was different and most of the boys and girls were brunettes or blondes. Yes, I was that little one with freckles and red colored hair. Luckily I’m beyond that and proud of being a redhead. With this sunny weather it is a blessing to see the color of my hair turn almost copper! And that matches so good with blue!

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]lue is a color that started as my favorite color when I first got the chance to choose the interior of my ‘little boy’s room’. Both the carpeting and wallpaper were blue. Blue is calming and all of the sudden I got back to it last year while painting my bedroom blue. This color combination connects the earth with the air, water with the decks and the pier. Not only in interior design the combination is energizing, nature was already enriched with it due to the kingfisher.

Let’s celebrate this Sunny Monday like* we are on our decks in the Caribbean!


Interior | Florence Welch | Kingfisher | Kitchen

*If you are enjoying Monday on your deck in the Caribbean… you are one lucky bastard! 😉


Copper & Greys

I love the industrial touch in this interior. The combination of copper and greys are vibrant yet warm.

Have a lovely and warm weekend!


Last weekend finds #2

Last weekend was full of relaxing, watching movies and meeting friends. I also kept on drawing, each day a new direction or with a special friend in mind. I love drawing and it keeps my creativity flowing. In this post I share my drawings of last week and the things that caught my eye. All drawings will be posted here and if you really like one, let me know! The one with the most ‘likes’ will be transformed into a poster you can download later on the blog. Enjoy my last weekend finds!


// Robin with what I value the most drawing


// The flight to infinite freedom drawing


// Friday Friends Fun drawing


// Iggy Azalea drawing


// Old school brass luggage car at the Hilton Hotel
Would love this for my bedroom. Nice details at the entrance with these copper mosaic tiles


// Moroccan table settings at Zenza


// New flowers for the dinner table in previous weekend wine bottles

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Happy Monday!