Moodboard, Wooninspiratie

Moodboard voor de study: Tailored Industrial

Gisteren was de sleuteloverdracht van mijn appartement waar ik 9,5 jaar met plezier heb gewoond. Inmiddels ben ik helemaal gevestigd in het appartement van Jeroen in Den Bosch en wonen we samen in het paleiskwartier. Ik ga van een straatnaam met een adelijke titel naar een compleet paleis, dus ga er in ieder geval op vooruit ­čśë

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Meet Hank a.k.a. ‘The Pocket’

With Hank you easily turn yourself into 007 at just any party… Exactly, this fashionable gadget gives your suit a big plus. Hank is the pocket square with a pocket! The pocket square, originally born in the USA got redeveloped to a modern ‘man’ in the United Kingdom. Masterfully tailored from silk and cotton with room for your essentials. The pocket got space for your glasses, cash, cards or your telephone – fashion meets function! I never had the ambition to be a true gentleman in a suit, but this fashion accessory is a game-changer! And coming from the UK… well that says enough, right!

It’s not the first innovation based on the pocket square, earlier I wrote on a different pocket square design. A whole different one, but it’s clear that the market needs more innovation for that good ‘old handkerchief. With different patterns, colours and textiles,┬áHank is there for the Outlaw, the Chief, The Weekender, the Havemeyer and the Selvager! Load up, put it in your pocket and look sharp!

Next time you receive an invitation with your name on it plus one, you should really consider one of these!


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Pocketmen: for the new dandy

Innovative, modern, brass, stainless steel and geometric shapes. The Pocketmen is a pure form of artistic jewelry. Juliette de Graaf created this high-tech pocket-square for the modern gentleman and new dandy. The contemporary alternative to the stylish pocket-square is available in many shapes, both stainless steel and brass. And to finish it all; it comes in a luxury gift box. So here’s a shout out to all the modern men which crave for something new to fit with their suit: Pocketmen, a high-tech pocket accessory to rock at special occasions or at work!

While visiting her stand on Swan Market, Juliette told me something I agree with: “For women there’s a lot on accessories, but for men it’s very limited”, and that’s the exact reason she decided to design the Pocketmen. In and around her family there are a lot men wearing suits, but besides cufflinks and different handkerchiefs matching with the tie, the options to accessorize are limited. She changed that and not only for the youngsters: ┬áJuliette’s 92-year old father in law is rocking it!

I surely can’t wait for summer to wear my jackets to work, combined with my favorite t-shirts and get myself a nice Pocketmen!



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