Crystalline by Niche Modern

Niche Modern has proven themselves as glass creators. Besides lighting they create special shaped vases and accessories for table tops. They did a special project for charity called H2O – which is one of my favorites considering partly blue color in the glass. They intentionally do things the hard way, because each piece is made by human hands and hand blown. Their craftsmanship is amazing! In this new series of lighting called Crystalline, Niche was inspired by the idea of crystal structure and all the layers it got. Crystallines pendants are sharp, edgy and graphical, which are very hard to produce in glass – but not impossible…

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]or the release Niche added a new colors to the companies palette. So besides grey, amber and smoke, they now have chocolate, crimson, plum, sapphire (beautiful blue!) and crystal. “I think one of the most interesting things we can expect from architects, designers and homeowners is to mix-and-match pendants and combine them in ways we have never foreseen“, said by one of Niche’ designers. And I agree. All the pendants look great on their own, but they work well in clusters. Have a look for yourself below !








Where would you hang your Crystalline pendants?

Images and more via Nichemodern.com