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Guest post: the home of Freelennse

Op het werk leerde ik Lenneke kennen. Het klikte eigenlijk meteen en waarom? Omdat we beiden in beelden denken, elkaar in onze functie aanvullen en een handjevol humor delen. Lenneke (Lenn) is Content & Social Marketeer en samen vullen we de social media kanalen in, delen we inspiratie en informatie met onze doelgroep middels nieuwsbrieven en zijn we op de marketingafdeling elkaars ‘evil twin’. We versterken elkaar intens en door het gedeelde enthousiasme pakken we met een energieke drive projecten op.

We hebben inmiddels één idee uit die miljoenen-massa omgezet in actie! Door:denkertjes it is. Een lekker dubbelzinnige (en ook onzinnige) samenwerking waarin onze passie voor woord en beeld samenkomt. En de samenwerking is een sport op zich: de lachspieren worden intens getraind 😉


“Wat is het toch fijn, zo samen op één lijn.”

Blogger met een ongezouten mening
Lenn is naast ‘Dictee-ambassadrice’, ‘Restaurantmenu- en Supermarktcorrigeur’ en ‘Beroepsgek’ ook blogger. Met Freelennse deelt ze haar dagelijkse gedachten, ervaringen maar ook serieuze boekrecensies. Sinds kort is ze ook mijn bibliotheek 🙂

Ik kan boeken vullen over deze niet-gediagnostiseerde ADHD’er, altijd ‘hoi’ zeggende vriendin en collega, maar dit moest enkel een korte (!) introductie blijven…

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Shoppen, Wooninspiratie

Guest post: Ten artists who will give your interior a natural vibe

The first guest post goes to friend, fellow blogger and THE one who ‘seduced’ me to start my own blog: Jantine of Bleaq.com. In 2012 she founded Bleaq and I follow her ever since. Bleaq – I quote – ‘collects visual inspiration focussing on the melancholic, bleak side of traditional art, illustration, design and photography’. Besides blogging we have a lot in common. During our study some called her ‘my evil twin’, because of her love for the art she now shares on her blog. So let’s kick off  with the first guest post. Again thanks Jantine for inspiring me and my readers!

When Johan asked me if I wanted to write a guest-post for Label 1114 I was a bit scared: I don’t know a lot about interior. But when he explained that he was interested in art that could add a little something to a modern-black-and-white-Label-1114-approved interior (he didn’t say it like that of course, but you’ll get my point) I was immediately excited! I really like what art can do with your home, for me art makes a house a home.

Next to my work as a designer I have an art blog called ‘Bleaq’. Three times a week I share the work of artists I love, hopefully getting their work known and loved by my readers. The style and techniques of the featured artists is quite varied – from sculptures to illustration, and from paintings to photography – but the art usually has a dark, melancholic side. Since the beginning of Bleaq to today I featured hundreds of artists, which I had to shrink down to just a few to share with you today.

To shrink the pool of artists a bit I decided to have some rules for this list. One: you should be able to purchase the works displayed immediately. All the works are available at Society6, a great webshop where you can buy prints, apparel and gadgets from thousands of artists from all over the world. The second rule is more a theme than a rule: nature. Lately I’ve been very inspired by several ‘Cabin in the woods’-boards on Pinterest: images from beautiful homes situated in dense pine forests. Living in Rotterdam the fresh air of nature seems a bit far away sometimes, that’s why I decided on a natural theme.

So let’s get going: ten artists who will give your interior a natural vibe, without having to water any plants 😉 Enjoy!



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